Ewen Chia’s Success Switch Review: Revealing The Secrets of Mind Power


One of the internet business pioneers, Ewen has been marketing on the internet since 1997. Today, a world-famous and highly respected marketer, he is a consultant in online branding, business integration, product creation and so on. He hosts sold-out $5000-a-seat seminars, lives a life most can only dream of and he attributes it all to the power of the mind.

In his unique style of simplifying complex subjects, the best-selling author of “How I made my first million on the internet,” brings a fresh perspective into books on mind power. What he set out to achieve is a practical step by step blueprint, devoid of weird hypnosis and junk science, that will help readers identify and flip on the success switch within them.

In this self-improvement program, Ewen reiterates the fact that we all have everything we need for success at our disposal and the faculties which are hidden within us will begin to function for our success as we put into practice the simple steps highlighted in his book.

Like all good mind power books, Success Switch explains the workings and dynamics of the mind. A good understanding of the functions of the mind will reveal the secrets of mind power and empower the individual to take control of their mind.

Napoleon Hill describes coming into financial success as a time people are so overwhelmed by abundance they wonder where the money had been hiding in all the lean years they have lived. What these people succeeded in doing was to flip on the success switch within them, thereby enjoying success in every area of their lives with minimal effort.

To the uninitiated, these people are just lucky but in Success Switch, Ewen Chia disagrees and refers to this phenomenon as making a contract with the mind. It is this contract that gives the mind the go ahead to create excellent circumstances of wealth, happiness, success and improvement in all areas of life for everyone who discovers how to command it.

As Ewen’s own life illustrates, it is easy to have exceptional education and still be broke while a person who has very little education is swimming in effortless success. The key is internal and the truly successful have learnt first to understand it and then to flip the switch for ever-increasing success.

Since all men have minds, all that is left is for the individual to make a commitment to enter into the process of learning to control his or her mind and once that is done, a success story like Ewen Chia’s will become the norm and not the exception.

Source by Muyiwa Ayorinde

Increase Your Chances For Personal Success


Success, as most other things in the world, is a subjective thing. Two people may be in the exact same situation, say financially, but one of them may deem themselves successful while the other one may think of themselves as a financial failure. In fact, you may not consider someone to be financially successful and yet that person may think they are super successful. Likewise if someone does seem to you financially successful, it doesn’t mean that this person has the same experience of themselves. And as we all know, how you feel about your life is what matters, not how other people think you should feel.

So now the question is: What do people who think of themselves as successful have that sets them apart from the ones that see themselves as a failure? Is it self-esteem? Is it confidence? Or could it be perhaps optimism? Are they sometimes delusional? Or do they simply have low expectations of themselves?

In my view, the perception of personal success is neither an expression of stupidity nor of some kind of limitless self-belief. Rather, personal success is a product of self-love.

Practicing deep self-love works on several fronts to guarantee your personal success. Firstly, it transforms your experience of who you actually are. And who you are is a divine being, perfection in all sorts of imperfect forms and shapes. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem go up, you become more optimistic and you start celebrating not only the big achievements but life in general. You see yourself as a success. Secondly, practicing self-love sends out a constant message to the universe: “I am worth it, please award me”. And the Universe responds accordingly. You start attracting experiences and manifest achievements that reflect your worthiness.

Now, is the road to self-love a difficult one? It is, if you say so. But it doesn’t have to be. Start small by saying “I love myself”. No matter how fake it sounds, be consistent with it and the message will eventually get through to your core. If you want to take the short-cut, choose a therapy that works directly on the subconscious. And get this: experiencing self-love is not only going to help you feel successful; it will also help you experience true love for another human being. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself first. Likewise, you can’t be loved by other people until you can love yourself. So don’t think that self-love is a selfish thing. Quite the contrary – learning to love yourself is actually the most altruistic act you could perform. If we all cultivate self-love, we will all be capable of loving others and feeling successful in life at the same time.

Source by Vyara Bridgeman

Success Versus Failure in the Exercise Department


Success is what you are prepared to make of yourself every single day. That one cold morning when you want to roll over but instead get up and go to workout, is a defining moment. Success boosts self-confidence and is self perpetuating. We all know it, thrive on it and love it.

Failure on the other hand is perceived as a stressful, negative experience. It means challenge, difficulties, not knowing or worst of all defeat. It affects our self-esteem negatively, builds upon itself and could become a pattern. It could mean a threat to our survival. So we have an aversion to it. We dislike failure.

Well, did you know that failure like stress is actually good for you?

Out of the trial and error, the grueling and rigorous demands of trying and failing we humans learned what worked to survive.

Failure is something we as humans need to encounter for new growth and creative changes – uprisings. Failure causes us to reassess, reevaluate, and start again. Out of necessity we learn to take risks, and think “outside the box”. Failure is the fertile soil from which seeds burst and blossom. Failure challenges our will to survive.

Did you know that no stress is absolutely the worst of all stressors. Stress is like body temperature: if it’s too low or too high, you can’t survive, but the right balance can keep you going strong. It makes sense to use stress energy positively, to meet life’s challenges. Stress is not all bad. Yes, you may fail. This is life. Life’s winners accept that in trying they may have to adjust and even start again and again. The difference between successful people and others is not whether you make mistakes or even temporarily fail, but how you respond.

So how does this apply to your workouts? Expect more of yourself. Set higher standards! This sets you up for failure. Of course you can’t reach that next higher level immediately. You’ll keep trying and failing until you do. In the meantime when you don’t meet them, ask yourself did I try my best? Did I give it my all? If your answer is yes then, yes you failed and you yes you failed successfully! Now you’ll be a step closer to that new fitness level. You’ll get healthier and fitter and at the same time toughen yourself psychologically and emotionally to handle the dreaded Failure.

Source by Deborah Caruana

How to Have More Success in Daily Fantasy Baseball


When choosing to play daily fantasy sports, you are choosing to commit time and money towards, what is essentially, a hobby. You have to spend money to enter fantasy sports contest in order to win money from them; it is considered gambling in most states. It is up to you to decide how much time you want to commit to playing fantasy sports.

Spending a few minutes everyday may not be enough. Quickly glancing through the slate and just throwing a lineup together will most likely not result in consistent success. Here are some ways to improve your success when playing Daily fantasy baseball.

First, choose hot players for your lineup and avoid cold ones. In sports, momentum is a very real thing and players that are playing well tend to build off each good game they have. Players that perform well for multiple games will often be riding a “hot” streak, you want to target these players. If a player has scored 30 fantasy sports in his 3 of his last 5 games there is a pretty good chance he will play well in the 6th. Likewise, if a player is not performing well game after game, or is “cold”, avoid using this player. In baseball, hot and cold streaks are very prevalent. If a hitter is hitting well consistently, he is probably seeing the baseball really well and are picking it up quickly. The opposite would be if a player is striking out a lot or mis-hitting a lot of balls, he is probably not seeing the ball very well. Always try to find the hitter who are hot for your lineup.

Next, always take advantage of match ups. Taking advantage of good match ups is the most important thing you can do to consistently have success in daily fantasy sports. Having a “good match up” means that a player is projected to have a higher chance of success against an opposing pitcher or vice versa. Your pitcher(s) will always make or break your lineup. If you lock in a pitcher that gets shelled you will have a very small chance of earning any cash in your contests. When considering a pitcher for your lineup always consider the matchup. Target pitchers who are facing a weak offensive team or a team that has been struggling hitting. Even if the pitcher is one of the top pitchers in the league, avoid them if they are facing a good hitting team. A good rule of thumb is to avoid pitchers who are facing the top 5-10 offensive teams in the league. If you come across a good pitcher facing a team who is 20th or worse in hitting they are usually a solid pick. Using both hot players and ones with good match ups will increase your chances of having success in daily fantasy baseball.

Source by Jace Fletcher

Is There a Difference Between Life Coaching and Success Coaching?


Can one be a life coach and also be a success? Are there different strategies and skills that success the coaches use that are not employed in a life coaching practice?

Life Coaching and Success Coaching Differ Because of Emphasis

Life and success coaches certainly experience much overlap in the skills, knowledge, and tools they use with their clients. The differences between them are few. However, their focus and emphasis may be different with respect to some of their work.

What do Goals Mean for a Life Coach and a Success Coach?

Coaches usually have clients that seek specific, external goals. For example, an academic success coach might be helping a student learn better study and time management habits that will directly result in a better grade point average, higher SAT scores, or increased graduate school admittance test scores.

Though the life of coaches also seek to help clients reach their goals, people often come to them without any idea of what goals they have. They can certainly help client identify goals, but that is one of the most prevalent and important tasks.

Both life coaching and success coaching focus on goals, but in general, life coaches tend to identify and work with broader goals, while coaches tend to emphasize specific, measurable and previously identified goals.

There are more often work within the emotional sphere while success coaches more often work within an academic context.

Life Coaches and Success Coaches Overlap in Many Way

Though there are differences between them. There are so many similarities that many call themselves to more narrowly define their niche.

Both of them can help with goals that don’t appear as career accomplishments or monetary profits. Both types can help with slightly more intangible results (be a better person, have more success in dating, etc.). They can help their clients develop more self-discipline, which usually leads to more success or the attainment of goals.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Labels

Our society seems obsessed with labels. Are you Republican or Democrat? Are you liberal or conservative? Do you believe in this or that? What is your title? Do you support this or do you support that?

The differences between them almost doesn’t matter. Would there be a better for this or that client? Does the name truly matter?

Both types of coaches can help clients identify, clarify, and achieve their goals. One may have a different focus or emphasis, but both can help clients find the outcomes they seek and assist them with reaching their goals.

Source by Jeffrey T. Sooey

Secrets of Trade Show Success


The ropers at Annie Oakley’s Real Western Dudette Ranch were all riding high in the saddle. It was just before their first travel trade show in Chicago, and they just knew they would rope in big sales.

Annie and her all-woman cowpoke staff were confident thousands of American working women were just itchin to pay $1995 or more to learn the fine art of cattle roping and bronco busting. Annie sent her two best cowgirls; figurin’ if they could handle cattle, they could sure rustle up some sales. The cowgirls brought to the show a couple of hay bales, a big sign with genuine spurs dangling from it, a table clear across the front of their booth loaded with hundreds of small snapshots of the cowpokes in action, a four-page story Annie had hand wrote to give out. They wore their most trail-worn chaps and their fanciest boots.

Dang! Three days later, Annie’s seasoned cowgirls left the show more tired then after three-week cattle drive, ornery with their throats as dry as dust. They had only four leads, and had made no sales. Annie was as irritated as a stepped-on rattler; she had spent over $5,000. and was sure it was the show promoter’s fault her cowgirls were not more successful.

Proper Trade show Strategies Yield More Leads & Sales

Annie is fictional, but the way she fell out of the saddle is not much different than dozens of businesses I observe, and even some I have consulted to. I don’t let the ones under my reins keep going down the desert trail that Annie followed. You can end up more like this fictional company…

Tropical Bill’s Eco-Amazon Windsurfing tours had not lost any clients to Piranha during the first months of operation, and they were ready to expand his small tour business through travel trade shows. Bill and his staff’s goals at their first show were to raise broad awareness for their unique trips to consumers as well as secure travel agent representation.

An expert windsurfer, Tropical Bill had little experience with promotion, sales and trade shows and knew that, like windsurfing, it was a learned experience. He admitted his ignorance and assumed what I call “beginner’s mind.”

Here’s what Bill and his team did to improve their trade show results:

  • He sought out as much advice and information as he could.
  • Visited other tourism trade shows.
  • Took a workshop on trade show marketing and read all he could on the subject.
  • His team created a solid plan on how to achieve their specific goals.
  • They called and sent out several mailings of personalized cards and letters to key prospects before the show offering a show special.
  • They invested in a quality exhibit with easy-to-read graphics and bold benefit-oriented marketing communications.
  • Learned how-to create a powerful travel trade show booth that grabbed prospects attention and sell more by reading “Tourism Marketing Success” See link below in Authors Resource Box:
  • Bill role-played and practiced boothmanship with his most knowledgeable and motivated team of four that were staffing the booth at scheduled intervals.
  • Show management was excited about Tropical Bill’s Windsurfing Simulator and gave them excellent floor placement. A follow-up sales letter was pre-printed and sent from the office to key prospects immediately with several new color brochures. The preparation, booth, staff activities, offers and prospect follow-up were all well executed.

    Tropical Bill implemented many other strategies all covered in this article, raised the flag to their existence, made numerous bookings, established promising relationships with many travel agents, signed up for representation by two large adventure travel wholesalers, and even generated interest for a editorial story Outside Magazine.

    Unlike Annie Oakleys’ Dudette Ranch, Tropical Bill’s Windsurfing company was now on the map, generating some cash flow and filling its sails with some powerful promotional winds. Bill could hardly wait for their next show opportunity. Annie was last seen commiserating around the campfire with her cowpokes.

    Both outfitters knew that attendees at travel trade shows were their best markets. Both hoped to have some sales during the show and create awareness for future bookings. Clearly different attitudes and strategies yield different returns on investment. “Beginners mind,” planning, research, goals, and specific strategies make for happy trails and high wind days. Don’t reinvent the wheel. The resources you need, like the Texas Rangers, are awaiting your request for assistance.

    Show management and trade organizations are there to help with your success. This show, like many others, will be both an industry trade show filled with travel agents and media as well as motivated consumers of travel related products and services. Trade shows are abundant fishing grounds; you just need the right equipment, training and bait.

    4 Strategies for Maximizing Trade Show Exhibiting Results

    1. Have a team-created plan. Unity provides more sales. Incorporate your most knowledgeable and motivated staff from start to finish. When the staff and owners share the same vision and agenda, achieving your goals will be far easier.

    2. Do pre-show mailings and phone invitations can triple attendance. David Garfinkel and Jay Conrad Levinson in the soon to be released book, “Guerrilla Direct-Mail Marketing” suggest to use multiple personalized invitations promoting special offers redeemable only at your booth.

    3. Arrive a couple days before show. Tap into guaranteed opportunity. There are unmatched opportunities to meet with media, establish sales representation, and network with fellow travel business people. Share what has worked for you and help others. When the show starts you’ll be better prepared and rested then most.

    4. Taking care of yourself will yield better results. Schedule your staff so that everyone is smiling and well rested. Drink plenty of water. Eat well- balanced meals for higher energy. Avoid alcohol at all times during show. Wear comfortable shoes. Stretch your muscles while checking out other exhibits.

    In 2005, U.S. consumers spent more then $486 billion dollars for travel related equipment, travel, lodging, and meals – and with hundreds of outfitters like Annie Oakley and Amazon Bill’s. All this just to have fun! Proper trade show marketing can be a magical and fun part of your total marketing plan.

    Source by Tim Warren

    Success Habits And Secrets Of Successful People: How They Achieve A Prosperous Life


    It takes guts, insight and decision to choose to become a business owner and to help you might want to consider some ideas from the secrets of truly successful people.

    Running a one-person organization is an imaginative, difficult and flexible way to become your own employer and chart your success in life, to be and prosper in good health with vibrant over-all well-being.

    It is about developing a life, as it is about making a living.

    From the relatively safe cocoon of the corporate world, where paychecks get here regularly, you might otherwise be thinking about venturing into the unchartered territories of an entrepreneurial service.

    Is there a method to figure out whether you can adopt the success habits and be an effective business owner, or you are better off to work for someone else?

    Most effective business owners share this bundle of qualities I will mention today.

    To attain the kind of success and a prosperous life that you want, you need to dream big.

    I mean, you need to have big dreams for yourself – which you desire to be someone rich, satisfied or popular deep within to your inner-most-core.

    You need to have a clear vision of exactly what you want to accomplish.

    As you read along and absorb what this article offers you, keep in mind this principle from the text of the Course in Miracles stating, “When you have accepted your mission to extend peace you will find peace, for by making it manifest you will see it.”

    Effective business owners who have the secrets of successful people possess an attitude of openness and spiritual growth.

    Yes, it takes tons of faith that you can have what you want if you can merely imagine it as the primary step on the path of action to acquiring it.

    Management gurus have taught us the power of visualization – seeing yourself in your mind as having accomplished your dreams.

    Visualize yourself signing books for a crowd of people who have actually lined up to have your autograph, if you desire to be an effective writer and author of helpful books and more.

    If you want to be rich, see yourself in glamorous surroundings holding a fat savings account, and the procedure of picturing success for you should be a consistent activity!

    True Belief

    You have to believe that you will be prosperous in life every waking hour.

    An individual self-improvement coach shared her little secret to help her constantly picture her objectives and goals for the moment: when opting for climbing up the stairs instead of an elevator, recite your objectives with every foot step upward you take.

    If you desire more money, say within yourself, “I will have the resources I need,” in every action of the stairs.

    This technique will strengthen your objective and keep it fresh in your consciousness.

    Be passionate and enthusiastic about the process with exactly what you do. You begin a business to change any or all part of your life.

    To achieve this personal transformation, you have to establish or reveal an extreme, individual enthusiasm to the secrets of successful people and change the things that are holding you back so you may live life at your full potential.

    Real Passion

    Previously I discussed wonderful free information online in the form of e-books and videos about manifesting the life you truly want.

    Success in life comes easily if you love exactly what you do.

    Why is this?

    It’s due to the fact that we are more unrelenting in our pursuit of objectives and goals about things that we like and adore.

    If you dislike your job today, do you believe you will ever be successful at it? Not in a million years!

    You may plod along, even end up being skilled at the jobs, but you will never be a terrific success at it.

    You will achieve peak efficiency and do what you have to do to prosper just if you are doing something that interests you, or something that you want and appreciate to extend, to where it helps others in some manner.

    Business owners who practice the secrets of successful people do not mind that they are putting in 80-90 hours a week to their company due to the fact that they absolutely like what they do.

    Success in life is all about persistence and diligent work, which can just be attained if you are incredibly passionate with your activities, and even with the not-so-fun little details we must address.

    Focus on your Strengths

    Let’s face it; you can not be everything ALL THE TIME to everybody. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses.

    To be reliable, you need to determine your strengths and focus on it. You will end up being more effective if you are able to transport your efforts to areas that you do best.

    In business, for example, if you know you have excellent marketing instincts, then harness this strength and make complete usage of it.

    Look for assistance or support in areas that you might be horrible at, such as accounting or bookkeeping.

    To change your weakness to strength, think about taking hands-on learning more about your inner Self, perhaps begin a collection or library at home or office with personal transformation videos, books, CD’s, and so much more.

    You will need to learn to be ALL YOU CAN BE!

    Never dwell on Failure

    The late Wayne W. Dyer, said something like, “It is not in the nature of your inner real Spirit to begin by quitting.”

    By the way it was Wayne Dyer who inspired me on my own writing career, and I tell that story in my books.

    As an entrepreneur, you need to completely be occupied on your goals and objectives, and of the secrets of successful people is in ‘knowing’ you can do it.

    Believe that exactly what you are doing will contribute to the improvement of your environment and your personal self.

    You should have a strong faith in your concept, your capabilities and yourself. You need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the ability to acknowledge and fulfill them.

    The more you can develop faith in your capability to attain your objectives, the more rapidly you can obtain it.

    Your confidence needs to be stabilized from the pitfalls of calculated threats that you need to take to achieve higher rewards.

    Effective entrepreneurs that own the secrets of successful people are those who evaluate and minimize lacking thoughts and fear of failure in the pursuit of revenue.

    Plan Accordingly

    You have a vision, and you have enough faith and love in yourself to think that you can attain your vision.

    The Course in Miracles teaches, “Only love is strong because it is undivided.”

    Do you know ways to get your vision to become a reality in the material world by using the power of manifestation and reflection principles?

    To accomplish your vision, you need to have concrete objectives that will provide the stepping-stone to your ultimate vision.

    Put your goals in writing; not doing so just makes them as intangible fantasies.

    You have to prepare every day in such a way that your every action contributes to the achievement of your vision.

    (Please note I suggest searching the web for further helpful material on topics like, a deep exploration of the millionaire habits and how successful people grow.)

    To happiness and success in your life!

    Source by James Nussbaumer

    Success Comes From The Inside


    Success is something we feel on the inside when we think about our contributions to society. Success does not come from other people, titles, or a reputation. We can have all of these things and still feel like something is missing. In short, sometimes we feel unhappy regardless of what we have accomplished.

    I think that this is what Jesus meant when he said in the Gospel of Thomas, “The Kingdom is inside of you… And when you come to know yourself, then you will become known… But, if you will not come to know yourself, you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty.” Regardless of how big of a house, or how many cars we own, we may still be living in a poverty state of mind and in need of something else. If we don’t find a way to learn that success comes from the inside then we will surely project our own poverty state of mind upon others.

    The beautiful thing about inside-out success is that we can all do it. Although we all have different starting and finishing points, we can all create success and happiness in our lives. So, regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we can all break that poverty mindset that robs us of our happiness and success despite our accomplishments by simply acknowledging that success comes from the inside.

    Let’s figure out where we are right now and where we want to go next without ever losing hold of that good inner feeling of our contribution and successes, regardless of how tiny they may be. Let’s do this and I know that we will genuinely happy and successful. Furthermore, we will no longer have to live with that poverty mindset of lacking something or being in need of something outside of ourselves.

    Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Always remember that success comes from the inside. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

    Source by Daniel Blanchard

    Rhinoceros Success


    In this world, there are cows and then there are rhinos. The cows graze in the pasture with the other cows, unwilling to take a chance at success, thinking that success only comes to those who are lucky, or that they just aren’t cut out to be successful. Many live out their lives in fear: they are the “lives of quiet desperation” that Emerson so famously observed.

    The rhinos, on the other hand, take charge. Focused and unafraid, thick-skinned and unstoppable, they take massive action toward accomplishing their dreams and goals. They understand that success is there for the taking, if only one brings to bear the right training, mindset and work ethic.

    If you are just starting out on your road to self-improvement or you need a little laugh or pick-me-up, Rhinoceros Success is a great book that will enable you to develop the mindset of a thick-skinned 2000-pound charging rhino!

    According to Scott Alexander, Rhinoceros Success has sold over 1.5 million copies over the last 20 years. Not too bad, with no advertising and no mainstream bookstore circulation–and Scott was only 23 years old when he wrote it.

    I was first exposed to this book in 1998 when I was given a copy by a very successful businessman. At first glance, I thought the man had given me a children’s book! I had no idea of the impact this book would have on my life.

    When you first sift through the pages, you would never guess that you were holding a book that would teach you the basic principals you need for success–but that is exactly what you’ll find in Rhinoceros Success. For the younger generation in network marketing, Scott covers many of the areas in which you can improve yourself, provides examples on how to do so, and plants the seeds you’ll need for success in the future.

    Rhinoceros Success is packed with insightful tips on how to improve in all the key areas of your life: social, spiritual, work, financial, family and physical. Imagine having two-inch-thick skin, charging at every opportunity with the unstoppable belief that you will become successful! With that mindset, what would your business look like in six months?

    If you are brand new to network marketing, becoming a rhino early in the game will save you months or even years of frustration, get you on the right track and give you the foundation you need to continue your journey on self-improvement and belief. Once you have mastered these techniques and you’re charging through each day tearing down all obstacles in your way, you may also want to consider Scott’s advanced Rhino books: Rhinocerotic Relativity and Advanced Rhinocerology. Good luck and keep charging!

    Rhinos Press, 1980; out of print, but over 100 copies available on Amazon.

    About the Author:

    Rob Hawthorne is a full-time Network Marketer based in Houston, Texas. For more information on Rob and to get a free copy of his latest e-book, “”How To Save Years Of Headaches and Frustrations: What you need to know before joining ANY Network Marketing Company!” go to: http://www.robert-hawthorne.com. Rob is a VM Direct Affiliate and a Copywriter: http://www.rhinocopywriting.com.

    Source by Robert Hawthorne

    The Difference Between Success and Luck


    All too often we hear someone wish us luck and some folks really wish they wouldn’t; but do you know why? Well, it is simple really, someone who refuses to lose or take second place is a real winner. They will not accept defeat nor will they imagine anything but first place. Wishing them luck is silly, because although luck is always nice to have, well they rely on their instincts, training, talents and abilities, not luck.

    Luck is indeed a wonderful thing and anyone would be wise to take all they can get. But when you wish someone good luck who is really working hard to make it happen, it is almost as if you are saying that any success they may have had is luck. I always wish those who blaze the field with past, present and obvious future success in their endeavors; I wish them: Continued Success!

    When you wish someone continued success you are acknowledging these things. When you wish them luck it is like saying any success they may have achieved is simply due to luck? But is that really fair; are they simply lucky? In wishing them luck you are indeed implying that they are just lucky and that they need luck to be successful.

    Now, I certainly know an awfully lot of successful people, perhaps it is the circles I travel, but I do not believe a single one of them needs luck in their past, present or future. Be a wiser person, wish them; Continued Success next time because wishing someone luck is a little bit offensive quite frankly. Consider all this in 2006.

    Source by Lance Winslow