Short Quotes With Explanation for Motivation and Success


Quotations inspire us for taking good decisions. They boost our inner spirit. Life without motivation is like we are sitting in a dark room with lots of fear inside. People often work like a robot and afraid to dream big. God has given us this life to achieve extraordinary things. We all have all the qualities and capabilities to get anything. The only thing which we need is right guidance.

So here are some of my favorite short quotes to realize you the magic of motivation in life.

“For every dark night there is a brighter day.” -Tupac Shakur

This beautiful quote describes how to start your day. Good times and bad times both keep on coming and going. So always remember that there is a bright day after a dark night. You should be optimistic enough to think on the positive side. After your hard work, success is bound to come. So never give-up and keep on putting your best. Always love your work.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” -Budha

Whatever we receive, is the result of our thoughts. All the achievements are the result of our attitude and power of thinking. Miracles take place in our mind, so think high and work hard. Do not take rest until you achieve your goals.

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” -Henry David Thoreau

Dreams give us a vision to work on. A person without dreams is as good as an animal. So the best in life comes when you watch big dreams with open eyes. Dreams keep us inspired. All the big achievers of world were big dreamer. They dreamed of impossible things and worked hard to convert them into reality.

“Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” -Unknown

Nothing is impossible. Every task needs passion, positive energy and will power. Long time ago, journey in air was impossible but today we can do it. We can fly in air. So impossible is nothing. We have reached to moon. We all have all the powers of doing anything we wish for. We just need to wake up and motivate ourselves to realize our hidden talent.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time you fall.” -Anonymous

Failure and success are the part of life. Many people give up after facing failure. But they should not do that. They must get up and try again with double level of their energy, because now they have gained more experience. Never forget that the failures are the pillar of success.

So do your best to achieve the best with motivational quotes and proverbs. Life is great teacher. Learn from it and be a real winner.

Source by Bhawna K Kapoor

Life’s Revolving Doors Lead a Man – And a Dog – To Happiness


Vince Mastroianni’s new book, Revolving Doors: A Man and His Dog’s Search for the Perfect Housemate, is a humorous, yet inspirational account of one man’s – and one dog’s – attempts to begin a new life and find the “perfect housemate.” Mastroianni peppers his book with real-life experiences that are so bizarre, you know they can’t be made up.

Readers – especially baby boomers — who have gone through a divorce or have begun a new life in another place – either in life or geographically – can relate to Mastroianni’s struggle to begin again and to find someone to share life with. Sandy, Mastroianni’s golden retriever, brings humor and understanding to the real situations that we must face when slashing through the brambles of one life while searching for another.

Some of Mastroianni’s experiences are hilarious, like his forays to the beach house, shared with a few zany others who were also looking to escape reality. Through the good times and bad, crazy and sad, Sandy stuck by his side and was the rock he leaned on during his failing ‘training’ marriage and his subsequent attempt to find the “perfect housemate.”

You’ll laugh at the uproarious account of Mastroianni’s 1998 search for a buried case of 1982 Chateau Latour during an FYI treasure hunt contest conducted by Forbes Magazine. He won the contest and celebrated the victory with the staff of Forbes in their New York City corporate headquarters wine cellar.

There are touching stories about Vince and his dog, Sandy, and the traumas of letting go of a loved one, material things and of having to share some things when you just want to move on with your own life. You’ll experiencing Vince and Sandy bonding in a way that benefits them both – Sandy, having lost his mistress meets new and interesting human friends and Vince, leaning on Sandy for companionship and even wisdom.

Mastroianni’s book, Revolving Doors, is filled with humorous, yet problematical stories and people who eventually grow up – but getting there is a journey that most of us can relate to. Mastroianni’s book is like having a great conversation with a good friend that you’ve known all your life and that you’ve both had experiences you can relate to.

Revolving Doors: A Man and His Dog’s Search for the Perfect Housemate, is a light and short read – but will make you laugh and give you hope and inspiration (if needed) that you can begin life over again, no matter how deep the hurt and how far your search takes you. Vince Mastroianni and Sandy finally find their ‘perfect housemate’ in the form of Maria (a.k.a. “The Contessa”) and now lives happily in Arlington, Virginia, where he’s avidly pursuing his new hobby – writing.

Source by Lauren S. Smith

The Deliverer by Linda Rios Brook


Another Winner – Book Two in the Reluctant Demon Diaries

“The Deliverer” follows “Lucifer’s Flood” in the “Reluctant Demon Diaries” series. Linda Rios Brook’s approach in the series reminds me of the C. S. Lewis classic “Screw-tape Letters.” Linda has created a fresh look into the Biblical account of Israel’s history from the time of Moses through to the days of Joshua’s leadership, relating these familiar Biblical stories from the Bible to spiritual warfare as being experienced today.

The story is told by a narrator who was as an eyewitness reporter to the events related throughout this fictional account of Biblical history. The story revolves around Ancient-Language expert Samantha Yale who been entrusted with a set of ancient scrolls. Samantha translates the scrolls, which contain a behind the scenes account of the life of Moses. The author of the scrolls is a fallen angel who expresses grief over the day he first listened to Lucifer.

Brook has created unique, extraordinary word pictures and mental images which become embedded on the reader’s mind, providing a whole panorama of new insights into the spirit world, demonic stratagem, and the consequences of pursuing evil. Brook communicates her understanding and personal experience of the depths of God’s love, forgiveness, and compassion.

“The Deliverer” is written especially for young adult readers who are attracted to the recent popular trend of books which deal with the themes of heaven and hell and spiritual warfare. Readers of Brook’s earlier book “Lucifer’s Flood” will also enjoy this creative, highly imaginative, entertaining, and inspiring novel. An extraordinary read.

Realms A Strang Company, 978-1599794761

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review

Source by Richard R Blake

How To Be An Inspired Speaker


So you want to be an inspirational speaker, a motivational speaker that helps others to help themselves. The secret is, you won’t inspire others unless you are inspired yourself.

Here are some tips to keep in mind about either becoming a motivational speaker, or knowing one when you hear one.

First thing is to understand that being passionate won’t necessarily inspire your audience. You need to be on a mission. When you are on a mission, nothing gets in your way. You become inspired from within and you have a knowing inside that keeps you on your path and you don’t let people sway you.

Getting up in the morning is a joy to you because you can’t wait to face the day, regardless of what it might bring. Challenges are just objects to work around as you stay resolutely on your purpose.

Secondly, if you don’t know what your mission is, you need to find out. We all know our mission deep down inside. Sometimes it takes a bit of quiet self reflection to work it out, especially if you haven’t been very good at listening to yourself.

If you are finding it difficult, have a think and make a list if necessary, about all the things you love to do, the things you love to speak to others about, the things that motivate and inspire you.

You might love being an inspirational speaker for small businesses to help them grow and become more motivated themselves, you might be a mom that loves to speak to other moms and provide ideas to help them with raising their children, you might love reading and sharing with others on the topics you learn about.

The list is endless. Spend some quiet time and you’ll know when you have it. Knowing your mission will allow you to speak with certainty and knowing, and people will know when they listen to you that you are speaking from inspiration. They will be richer for the experience of having heard you speak.

Once you start giving motivational speeches to groups, you can gradually grow to becoming a public speaker or a keynote speaker if that is what inspires you. Truly inspirational speakers are always in demand because audiences can’t get enough of them. You know yourself, when you listen to such a person, you don’t get tired from listening, you become energized.

If you are inspired by what you speak about, you will speak with a clarity and certainty that people will recognize. You will speak in the moment and from the heart and people will understand this and identify with you.

Some so called motivational speakers see their speaking as work. It is a job that brings them a good income. Being truly inspired is a gift that not all public speakers share. When you do come across an inspired speaker though, you’ll know. You’ll sit there fully attentive, waiting to hear more. When the talk is finished, you will be ready to take action in whatever area it is you are wanting to move forward in.

Motivational movies, inspirational DVDs, motivational quotes and motivational books all have their place. They come in all different styles and packages, but different formats appeal to different people.

When you are reading a book of inspirational quotes, occasionally you will come across one that really resonates with you and it sticks in your mind and helps motivate you.

Same with motivational movies. They make you feel invincible, you become the underdog that you are watching in the movie and you can be moved to tears by the greatness that ensues.

Find your mission, then inspire others to grow in their walk through life through listening to you speaking on the subject in question.

Source by Donna Chisholm

Feel Good Stories


Everyone reads them at some stage and many are so influenced by a good story that they adopt life changes to match. True stories are obviously the most inspirational and biographies of people like leaders and do goods are among the best. But there are also fictional stories that can be just as inspiring. Some by renown authors such as Dickens or Mark Twain live on within your psyche forever.

The question is how much of their stories are made up or simply adapted from life? In the case of Samuel Clemens, who adopted the pen name of Twain, he lived the life he wrote about. His two classic novels ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn‘ are ones that live in the heart of those who relate to them.

In my case the novels by John Steinbeck did that for me. One book in particular stands out ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ as his finest piece. Here was a family struggling with life’s worst challenges following the Great Depression and then the horrible drought and wind-storm that swept through the Midwest of the USA. Their journey led to homelessness, starvation, and the death of family members.

Perhaps the attraction for me in this story was the constant struggle that had been so impressed upon me as a child. In order for me and those of my generation to understand what depression, homelessness, riots, and other things mean one needs to read this book.

In my young years we would pass ‘humpies’ or ‘swaggies’ on the road with their bundles slung over their backs while a billy was always fixed to the end of it.

Still marching from place to place looking for hand-outs this was going on years after the depression ended but not so long after the Second World War. It taught me respect for what we termed the down-and-outs and some stories written of the times reinforced it.

Feel good stories are those that teach a lesson as well as warm the heart with something spiritual. As one with memory of reincarnation and a link to the Spirit fiction is something I try to avoid now but when growing up there were many things brought to the fore through such stories that would not be known otherwise.

Twain and Dickens both produced such stories that touched on history while launching you into the mood of the times. The colour, even the smells, come alive as one rides through the pages of their books with excitement and a drive to finish it and leading you to the ultimate conclusion. Sometimes the end is happy but even when it is tragic you know you have been affected by it.

Source by Norma Holt

Book Review – A Walk To Remember


Romantic works that touches the heart are worth reading. They make you look at your own relationships (or relationships to be). Nicholas Sparks is the best popular romantic writer out there. He has been rather prolific in the last few years in writing various books including, “The Last Song”, “Dear John”, “Nights at Rodanthe”, etc. Two of my favorite works of his are: “The Notebook” and “A Walk To Remember”. These books are well-written and have translated well into the movie screen. They are truly inspirational and memorable.

If you enjoyed reading “The Notebook”, you should enjoy reading “A Walk To Remember”. Normally, I read the book first before watching the film. But, I did not do that with this book. Initially, I thought (and, even assumed) that the film would go down the familiar path of most teen-age dramas but that was not the case. The film took the high road and made the characters likable and the story sweet. Also, it was good to see the transformation of both characters to the better especially the character of Landon Carter. He was able to upgrade his life to the better because of the unlikely relationship with the minister’s daughter.

Not everyone likes romantic works or books. If that is the case, then this book is not for you. It is difficult to imagine that there is someone (e.g. a reader) out there who does not have a romantic bone in their body.

There is something about stories where transformation takes place especially when it is to the better. Stories such as “The Christmas Carol” and “A Walk To Remember” have transformations that make the characters better people. Any relationship especially with your spouse or significant other will make your life better or worse. In this story, it makes them better. There is a synergy and energy that encapsulates the reader to reflect on their own lives. Do they want to become better because of a new found love or rediscovered love? Do they want to make the other person’s life better? Those questions occurred to me upon reading and even watching the movie,” A Walk to Remember”.

Love changes everything. Loyalty is the bond that makes their lover enduring and endearing. These two qualities make the book a good and worthwhile one to read. It made this book a hidden treasure to dig up and read every now and then.

Source by Pascasio JR Felisilda

Book Review of the Five People You Meet in Heaven


Mitch Albom is a gifted writer manages to bring people together through their commonalities and put aside differences. The book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” in an inspirational story for anyone from any background. It’s the kind of story you wish you had written yourself.

In the story, the main character is a man who was a maintenance worker at an amusement park. He had been bitter toward his alcoholic father as a young man. He felt that he had missed opportunity because he never went to college. His wife had died of cancer and he was alone.

One day, one of the rides malfunctioned and he saw a little girl in harm’s way. He ran and pulled her from harm, just in time. The little girl was saved, but he died.

When he got to Heaven, he wondered why he was there, because he felt that he didn’t make a difference in anyone’s life. His angel told him to watch as he introduced him to five people. The man was confused, because he didn’t think he had made a difference in anyone’s life. However, in the end, all the stories did connect.

One of the people he met a man who was in the freak show at the amusement park. The maintenance man was only a boy when they crossed paths. One lady he met was the wife of the park’s owner. The park had been named after her. He saw his military officer and relived a war scene. He saw his father and what drove him to drink. He met a little girl who had been in the village during the war.

He learned that he did make a difference. Because he made sure the rides were safe and the park was cleaned, thousands of families made wonderful memories at the park. He learned that there was healing, even in family trials and war.

The moral of the story is that we are all connected to each other. Every person matters and makes a difference in someone’s life. There is forgiveness and healing for all. There are reasons behind someone’s anger, fear or frustration that we don’t know the story behind.

In our every day life, there are people in our path who need a smile, a handshake or a hug. When it seems they are distant, reach out. Do the best in your task, no matter how trivial it seems. It makes a difference to someone.

Source by Laura M Schroeder

2 Killer Strategies Inspiring Sports Coaches Use to Deliver Pep Talks and Inspirational Speeches


A coach plays an important role in the development of the players and the team. Not only must a coach demonstrate competence in the game, he must also have a thorough understanding about his players and the opponents. But more importantly, what separates a good coach from a great coach is the ability to deliver the much-needed inspiration to keep his team going.

Here are two strategies I used to inspire my players when I was a basketball coach.

Strategy #1: To inspire confidence, remind your players about obstacles they have overcome in the past

Not all games will turn out perfectly well. Some games can turn out to be a disaster even though your team and you have been preparing for it all season. Some opponents might be stronger than your team has expected. As a coach, how do you inspire rapid confidence in your team to overcome these challenges?

One effective strategy I discovered is to remind your players about the past achievements they have accomplished, or the past obstacles they have overcome. For example, if your team is trailing the opponent by 15 points over the last quarter, inspire your team by reminding them about a previous game when they have turned a 17-point deficit within a quarter to win the game against a seemingly stronger opponent. The more relevant the past accomplishment is to the current obstacle, the more effective the example will be.

Therefore, part of your duty as a coach is to take note of these accomplishments, whether they were achieved individually or as a group, or whether they were achieved during practice sessions or during competitive matches.

Strategy #2: Allow your players to visualize the desired outcome

Finally, allow your players to clearly visualize the desired outcome of the game. Your main role as a coach is to take your players from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’; from a losing team to a winning team, from inexperienced players to players with robust experience, and so on.

But before your players can reach ‘Point B’ (whichever goals you have set for ‘Point B’), you have to constantly allow them to visualize how it will be like if they have achieved it. What does it feel like to win that championship? How does it look like to master that complex maneuver? How does it feel like to have accomplished the goals they have set for the season?

Keep them focused through visualizations. If your inspirational speech does not allow your players to visualize where they want to be, your speech has failed.


These two strategies have worked wonders for me when I was a coach, and I am sure they can work very well for you, if deployed in the right manner. Go out and employ these strategies for your next coaching session, and enjoy the great results in can potentially bring to your team!

About The Author

Source by Dr. Tan Kwan Hong

The Top 10 Inspirational Songs


Any list of this sort has to be personal, and so what I am offering is a list of songs, some of which you may readily recall, some of which may just be on the edge of your recollection… but songs that have a lyric which will promoted reflection and possibly inspire action.

Of course it would be easy to go for the obvious “You Lift Me Up” in its various incarnations or “I believe I can fly” which is rather obvious in its imagery, but I have decided to take this top ten list in a less obvious direction.

So without further ado

At number…

10: The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics

Written by Mike Rutherford and B.A. Robertson

This bitter-sweet song about a young man reflecting on the loss of his father and how he wished he had said more is really about the way we take for granted the people around us; never saying what we mean to or want to when we could or should.

The refrain “I wish I could have told him, in the living years” is a call to action for all those of us who need to tell those we care about how much we care. It is about doing that NOW. Inspiring ACTION.

9: If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks

Written by Garth Brooks and Kent Blazey

I wasn’t going to include this as it’s very similar in theme to the song at number 10. Actually I think the Mike and The Mechanics song is a better song, but as this is supposed to be about inspiration and not loss, the sentiment of telling someone you love them when you want to tell them sits more comfortably in this list.

“if tomorrow never comes, would she know how much I love her”

The Garth Brooks version is superior to the Ronan Keeting version in my opinion.

8: You’re the Voice: John Farnham

Written by Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder and Chris Thompson

This anthem for self-actualisation is not only about recognising your own power and responsibility but a call for a generation to get involved.

“We have a chance to turn the pages over – to write what we want to write!!

It’s a call not simply to action, but a call to arms.

7: Be: Niel Diamond

Written by Neil Diamond

Jammed packed with underlying spiritual themes this song written for the film adaptation of Jonathan Livingston Seagull touches the heart. A call for us to BE…

“:Like a page that aches for a word, that speaks on a theme that is silent”

6: If Everyone Cared: Nickleback

Written by Danie Adair, Michael Kroeger, Chad Kroeger

A contemporary rock song which starts of as a declaration of love for another person and then moves beyond the feelings they have for each other and considering what the world could be like if we put some of the petty jealousy and ego behind us.

“if everyone cared and nobody cried, if everyone loved and nobody lied!

5: So Small: Carrie Underwood

Another country song, country artists can do this stuff so well. Here Carrie is asking us to step back and get some perspective on our problems and challenges. Good advice.

Carrie Underwood, Luke Laird, Hilllary Lindsey

“Cause sometimes the mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand!

4: In the Arms of an Angel: Sarah Mclachan

Written by Sarah Mclachlan

Adopted by so many of the New Age folk as a hymn to ‘the angels’ this song is far more than that. It is a song of longing, of being able to trust, to let go and take yourself away from the mundane. The angel can be a member of the heavenly hoard. it can be a lover or it can be the dream of someone who can be there for you.

“You’re in the arms of an angel, may you find some comfort here”

3: Holy Ground: Traffic

Written by Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Davey Spillane

The sound of the illean pipes open this song with so much longing, so much heart. It’s time we started to think about the land upon which we stand, the land upon which we build… the land that sustains, There is more, it is about the relationship we have with the land and how it is a mirror of the way we regard and respect ourselves and each other, We are our own holy ground.

“What are we doing to this sacred heart, the heart that beats for us all?”

2: Don’t Give Up: Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

A song that is as relevant today as when it was written. A song of economic turmoil, loss of dreams, aspirations and careers. This song would be about depression if it were not for the refrain sang by Kate Bush. We are reminded not to ‘give up’. For me this song is about hope, inner strength and the strength we can give each other, the help and the support. The image in the video of Kate and Petter holding each other, signing this song is a simple, yet pwerful image of ‘togetherness’ and perhaps, the kind of relationship the romantic in me desires. Saying and meaning the words of support to each other – from the heart.

“Don’t give up because somewhere there is a place where we belong’

1. Kualan Kawaihae: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Sometimes words are not important, it is the heart in the music that transcends language. Israel Kamaakawiwo’ole (IZ) had that something that moves you inside. It would have been far too easy to put his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Beautiful World here, I just wanted to make you think beyond what may already know

So inspirational songs – songs that inspire feelings, provoke and promote positive affirmative action. That has been my approach to this list and I hope some of the choices will have promoted thoughts in you.

Source by Alan B Jones

An Inspirational Poem for Mother’s Day


If you are looking for an inspirational poem that shows an understanding of what a mom has to deal with, this is the one. Every mom, young or old, knows this by heart and can only hope that her children will understand when they grow up.

“You don’t love me!” How many times have your kids laid that one on you? And how many times have you, as a parent, resisted the urge to tell them how much? Someday, when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a mother, I will tell them.


I loved you enough to insist you buy a bike with your own money that we could afford and you couldn’t.

I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover your handpicked friend was a creep;

I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your bedroom, a job that would have taken me fifteen minutes.

I loved you enough to say, “Yes, you may go to Disney World on Mother’s Day.”

I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, mistrust and tears in my eyes.

I loved you enough not to make excuses for your lack of respect or you bad manners.

I loved you enough to admit that I was wrong and ask your forgiveness.

I loved you enough to ignore “what every other mother” did or said.

I loved you enough to let you stumble, fall, hurt and fail.

I loved you enough to let you assume the responsibility for your own actions, at 6, 10, and 16.

I loved you enough to figure you would lie about the party being chaperoned but forgave you for it after discovering I was right.

I loved you enough to shove you off my lap, let go of your hand, be mute to your pleas and insensitive to your demands…so that you had to stand alone.

I loved you enough to accept you for what you are, not what I wanted you to be.

But most of all, I loved you enough to say “no” when you hated me for it.


Source by Nicola Kennedy