Create an Authentic and Empowering Life by Exploring Your Shadow


Many would like to understand how to work with their shadow but are unsure where or how to start. Opening a dialogue with your Shadow allows a deeper understanding that leads you to more creativity, empowerment, authenticity, and your soul purpose. Shadow is anything that you have stuffed into a corner and not allowed yourself to look at. It is like a splinter in your foot that won’t go away or prevents you from doing something you love. Here are questions you can journal with to begin a dialogue with your shadow for a better understanding.

1. What triggers you? Sally (fictional character) went to work and became very angry at the sight of the new woman working the register. — When you become angry or even happy just by looking at someone, you are reflecting a shadow aspect of yourself onto the other person.

What is actually causing the anger; why are you really angry?

What memory from your past feels like this situation?

Who do they remind you of, you or someone else?

What small grain of truth about yourself is being reflected back from this person?

2. What thoughts do you shoo away? Sally began worrying about her taxes, and immediately shooed the thought away. — If there is something we don’t want to look at and refuse to think about, there is a good possibility it is a shadow aspect.

What is the first memory you have around responsibility and/or money (or your worry that you shoo away)?

What were you told about money or responsibility?

What belief isn’t really yours that you are ready to let go of?

What is your inner truth around responsibility and money?

3. What is stopping you from doing what you want? Sally always wanted to be an actor but every time she thought about it she heard a little voice that said, “That’s silly, acting is pretending and it isn’t a serious profession you can’t make a good life with acting!” Or how about, “It is impossible to (insert yours here) because you aren’t smart enough, strong enough, good enough, pretty enough, etc.

Whose voice did you hear say those words when you were younger?

Can you see their insecurities or fears and realize they are not yours?

What loving words can you replace them with?

Your soul, your higher self want you to succeed and have your heart’s desire. What loving message would your soul or higher self say to you?

When you have worked through any of these steps in your journal, allow love to pour through you (from your higher source) for the work that you did and radiate it out to any and all that may have been involved in the situation.

Forgiveness is an important key to integrating your shadow, both forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Integrating your shadow is very important to living an authentic life.

Source by Morgan Dragonwillow

Seven Empowering Success Beliefs


I call the following seven belief lies of success, taking Anthony Robbins concept, because it helps us to remind what beliefs really are. Concepts about how things are we have adapted and are certain of.

A belief is not a truth. Truth, right and wrong are moral concepts we have chosen to belief. This is not to say I do not have ethical and moral beliefs that guide me. In fact I have them and I am very clear about them. It is to acknowledge that we have built those beliefs rather than they came out of nowhere.

People that are trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) call opinions, beliefs and convictions lies to show that they are not facts rather they are interpretations about the reality as we choose to perceive. That perspective opens the door for a totally new way to look at beliefs.

Opinions, beliefs and convictions can be changed, and replaced by ones that serve us and our goals better.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that stop us from taking action, prevent us to grow or lead us into a state of depression and the feel of being unworthy and useless.

Empowering beliefs are the ones that drive us to action, support growth and well-being. The belief that you can not fail is empowering, the belief that you are not in control of your destiny is limiting.

Benjamin Franklin had the belief he could not fail. He abandoned the concept of failing and replaced it with the concept of learning. ” I have learned hundreds of ways to not invent the light bulb before I learned the one way to do it”.

Such a belief is powerful. It drives us forward instead of leaving us in inactivity.

Using the word lie for beliefs is meant as a reminder that we never know for sure how things are. It reminds us to be open for other concepts and to evaluate their usefulness instead of abandoning them right away.

So here are the seven beliefs that empower you to success.

Belief # 1

“Everything happens for a purpose and a reason and it serves us”

This belief shifts our focus to the positive things that happen. Most of us focus on the negative side of events and on the roadblocks in an event rather than on opportunities. Being certain that whatever happens has a purpose and a reason that is benevolent, serves us, empowers us to look for the good and positive, the pleasurable in every event and takes us toward action by increasing the curiosity to find out what is good about what happens rather than what is negative.

Having such a belief helps tremendous to follow through over long time periods, month, years even a lifetime.

Belief # 2

“There is no such thing as a failure. There are only results.”

We always succeed in whatever we do. We always get a result out of every action. If something doesn’t work the way we expect it to work, this is a learning experience. If we take our learning experiences to change the approach, our small successes, we used to call failures, eventually will bring the us the big success.

Think about it, one of the most complex skills possible is walking upright. It is a constant balance between failures and success. In fact by having learned to walk we actually have learned to fall down without falling down. Every step we do is an attempt to fall to the ground and this attempt is only stopped by our skill to put the next foot into a position to prevent us from falling.

Yet, every human being has learned to walk. Even better we learn to walk without lots of experience, we just try something new constantly unless we got it. If we had stopped trying to walk after some attempts (“I can’t do it. It doesn’t work”) we never would have got this basic skill.

Belief # 3

“Whatever happens, take responsibility”

This is the belief that ensures you about the fact that you have control over your life. Whatever it is, good or bad, you created it.

Again the question is not if this is true or not the question is does such a belief empower us to take focused action. And it certainly does. If you don’t belief that you create the world, your failures and your successes, you are under the mercy of circumstances. And being under the mercy of any external power is always limiting.

Belief # 4

“It is not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything”

This is one of my favorite beliefs. Why? Because it empowers you to aim and go for the top. Many of us believe that to be the CEO of a multi billion dollar company, like General Electrics for example, requires huge amounts of detailed knowledge. Yet, that is not true.

You do not have to be a CPA, MBA, scientist and business analyst or whatever function is required in a business to be a successful CEO. In fact, most CEOs, especially the successful ones, have not climbed to the top through the specialists path. They reached this point by internalizing this belief. If you need to get something done you don’t know how to do, call in specialists and let them handle it. After all you use your TV, toaster, stove and a lot of other things without understanding how they work. All you know is how to use them.

Talking about specialists, here is another favorite quote of mine.

” Specialists now more and more about less and less, unless they know everything about nothing.”

If your goal is to become an entrepreneur, this is the belief you can’t do without.

Belief # 5

“People are the greatest resource”

If you want to make a difference you need to interact with others. To gain power you need to share yours. If you don’t share your power no one will share their power with you.

Without respect and appreciation for people, all people, you will not be able to build the network of dependencies that you need to become successful. Business is about people and relationships not about functions and organization charts.

If you look at people as mere functions, replaceable at your mood you eventually will fail. To succeed you need others that support you and that are willing to go the extra mile with you to succeed. You only will find those people if you are willing to give more than they expect. More respect, more appreciation, more love and more accessibility.

Belief # 6

“Work is play”

If you belief that work is pain, a must, something unavoidable you have all ingredients for disaster.

If you do not love what you do, find something you love and do it. Being in pain 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, is a sure way to become depressive.

Unless you do what you love, unless your work becomes a game as attractive as the games you used to play as a child, the ones you forgot about time and everything around you, unless you have such a work you won’t be successful in business.

Mark Twain once said ” The secret of success is to make your vocation your vacation’.

Love what you do and if you don’t, do something else.

Belief # 7

“There is no abiding success without commitment”

In any field you look at you will find that not the brightest and smartest, the fastest and strongest are the most successful but the committed.

Commitment is what leads you to success because it focuses you on your goal and ensures you follow through. It is the tool that helps you to overcome the obstacles under way, obstacles that are much to high for the not committed.

Commitment is just another word for the only success strategy that exist. Now your outcome, model what works, take action, evaluate the result, adjust your action and keep going, evaluating and refining until you get where you want to be.

The only failure ever possible is not to follow through. If you stop going for your goal you never can reach it.

© 2005 by Norbert Haag

Source by Norbert Haag

The Power of Limiting or Empowering Beliefs


Beliefs are at the very heart of us. They shape our world as we know it and who we are within the world.

Beliefs are creeds and doctrines you hold about life, yourself and others. They are responsible for who you are, how you behave and who you will become. Your beliefs are your guiding principles, your faith or passion and provide meaning and direction in life for you.

In essence, what you believe whether true or false, is your reality and you behave accordingly. Beliefs can if worked well, be a formidable force for good in your life. They can also limit your thoughts and actions and have devastating consequences.

Anthony Robbins in his book “Unlimited Power”, gives an example of a two groups of unfortunate people with bleeding ulcers. With the first group, they were told they were receiving medication that would provide complete relief. The people in the second group were informed that their medication was experimental and little was known about it`s efficiency. As you might guess, 70% of the people in the first group experienced a major improvement with their ulcers. Sadly, only 25% of people in the second group reported the same relief.

In fact, both groups received a placebo.

What made the difference here was the belief systems of members in each group. Years ago, it was said that no human being could run more than a mile in 4 minutes. This was blown out of the water with Sir Roger Bannister aged 25 years at the time, running the first mile in less than 4 minutes. This historic event took place on 6 May 1954 during a meet at Iffley Road Track at Oxford University. It was watched by about 3,000 spectators. The claim that a 4-minute mile was once thought to be impossible by informed observers was and is a widely propagated myth created by sportswriters and debunked by Bannister himself in his memoir, The Four Minute Mile (1955).

In a UK poll conducted by Channel 4 in 2002, the British public voted Roger Bannister’s historic sub-4-minute mile Number 13 in the list of the 100 Greatest Sporting Moments.

Incredibly, just 46 days later on 21 June in Turku, Finland, Roger’s record was broken by Australian runner, Michael Landy. Michael was the second man to break the four-minute mile barrier in the mile run. And two months after that, during the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games hosted in Vancouver in Canada, Michael Landy and Roger Bannister competed against each other in a race billed as “The Miracle Mile”. They both achieved it again with Roger winning and Michael Landy 0.8 s behind him.

On February 20, 1994, forty years after Roger Bannister’s breaking of the barrier, the Irish runner Eamonn Coghlan became the first man over the age of 40 to run a sub-four-minute mile. He was in fact 41 years old at the time. He ran more than a second faster than Roger. It was a different kind of mile of course – less significant perhaps. However, it was still the culmination of a near-impossible quest. And, beyond that, a race that will stand in the history books forever.

Here’s how Sir Roger Bannister himself described one of the greatest moments in sports history:

“I had a moment of mixed joy and anguish, when my mind took over. It raced well ahead of my body and drew my body compellingly forward. I felt that the moment of a lifetime had come. There was no pain, only a great unity of movement and aim. The world seemed to stand still, or did not exist. The only reality was the next two hundred yards of track under my feet. The tape meant finality – extinction perhaps.”

When he crossed the finish line with a time of 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds, he broke through a psychological barrier as well.

The belief that they could do it became true because they acted on their beliefs, and their actions shaped the world.

If you believe in success, you make your own values which construct the framework that your life is built around. You know what your goals are, and you know what you want to achieve. You put your mind in the right place in order to make it happen! You set out to do something and to succeed in doing it. It really doesn’t matter what, or how humble the undertaking is. If you believe you can succeed, you will. Achieving success in whatever endeavour you choose may be the goal of life.

If you believe that you will fail, chances are – you are setting yourself up for failure. Success is based on a mindset that starts with believing in yourself. If you believe in your potential to make yourself the best YOU that you can be, then the options are limitless. That is when things will start to happen.

As Henry Ford said: “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

We create our experiences. Very often, when it comes to success, we are our own worst enemy and we don’t even know it. Through worry and fear, we create all the failures. Because we become what we think about most. Our thoughts create our next experience, our next moment.

And our beliefs create our thoughts.

The core beliefs or rules of life that you live by today are not merely those your parents, schools and society taught you. They also come from your culture, friends, television, music, books, politics, as well as assumptions and misunderstandings.

Take a few moments to think about beliefs you hold that might be holding you back.

It can be in the form “I am…” or just about the world in general.

There is no true or false with beliefs. Only disempowering and empowering ones. Don’t worry about “truth”, and instead decide if it’s useful to you, or if a different belief would be more useful.

Once you have identified a limiting belief, know that this belief can be changed and overcome. Choose a belief you would like to have instead of the limiting belief. Better still, a belief that you previously thought impossible, that you could never do or be. Once you’ve identified your limiting belief, think about the emotional payoff it gives you which is personal and unique to you.

Then ask yourself: “Is the emotional payoff I am getting worth holding on to this belief”? Working with your limiting beliefs and changing them will have bigger and positive consequences as you go through life! And that is something you can really start to believe in – now!

One way to you remove these obstacles and realise your potential by changing your limiting beliefs is through NLP, advanced patterns of EFT and through hypnosis where you can change beliefs quickly and permanently to something you do want to believe, a more productive belief in the conscious and unconscious mind. With an experienced and competent facilitator, the process is subtle and often in-direct through stories, metaphors and life examples to elevate awareness and provoke a sense of curiosity, levity and ability to change by changing your internal thoughts. Furthermore, EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy processes can help you overcome nearly any aspect of life through the power of changing limiting beliefs to more empowering ones and to subjectively experience your new reality.

Personal history is only a record of the past and your future is filled with limitless possibilities.

Source by Michael G Millett

Self Help Groups – a Road to Women Empowerment


“There is a silent economic revolution that’s taking place in Kumbalgodu and its vicinity,” says I.V. Lakshmikant, manager of Kalpatharu Grameena Bank in the Kumbalgodu village on the Mysore Road, connecting the cities of Mysore and Bangalore in the Southern State of Karnataka in India.

Lakshmikant is talking about the revolution that has brought several thousands of rural, uneducated women out of the confines of their homes and enabled them to gain considerable economic independence. What began as self-help groups in the area, has given the women an identity and a collective voice. Lakshmikant has additional reason to be happy about: the bank has 100 per cent recovery rate of the loans it has given these groups since it initiated the micro-credit finance program four years ago.

Here’s how the program works: before the bank gives them credit, it would like to ensure that the women have the means and the discipline to repay the loans, and more importantly, they can conduct the transactions independently. So it encourages them to form groups, elect their representatives and build common group savings for a few months. The group members meet on a weekly basis at a local community hall or anganwadi. The group leader, who is educated enough to read and write, collects the members’ savings and records it in registers. The members are told to borrow from the pool and pay back through regular, periodic payments, all the while keeping a record of the transactions. In about six months, when they have collected a sizable amount of cash, they approach the bank to open a group account.

The area supervisor of the self-help groups for the Kumbalgodu area, Mangala Gowri, attends the meetings every two months. This helps her to assess the members’ commitment. Once this fund grows and the supervisor has endorsed the group’s credit worthiness, the bank grants them loans.

Besides empowering the women by providing them the finances to start their own business, the movement has brought about perceptible social awareness in these once-meek-women, not used to being assertive.

Take Lakhmidevi, 25, the leader of Maramma Swa-Sahaya-Gumpu, (self-help groups), for example. She has been instrumental in the closing of arrack shops in Kanminike village on the Mysore Road, where she lives.

“The entire group of 15 members and our children protested before the arrack shops to put an end to the intoxicated men beating their wives and children. We refused to budge till they agreed finally,” says Lakshmidevi proudly.

The training the group has received from various government and non-government organizations on leadership and bookkeeping has boosted their confidence and self-worth, says another member of the group, Hanumakka.

Often, the women who manage the groups are anganwadi workers. Anganwadi, or the community crèche, is the fulcrum on which most of the government’s welfare programmes for women, like Sthree Shakti (‘women power’) and the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), run. Anganwadis not only serve as playhouses for children aged six months to three years, they also double as health care centres for the local folk.

Being the hub of so many activities helps, says Mangala Gowri. “We know each of the families personally, their problems, background, everything. It helps us to identify the cohesiveness of a group, which is essential in forming a well-knit self-help group.”

The members have used the loan to start such new ventures as vegetable vending, tailoring, beedi rolling and agarbatti making, or merely to clear old loans, or buy consumer products.

Pillamma, 25, an anganwadi worker and the leader of the 17-member Lakshmi Swa-Sahaya-Gumpu in the Devagere colony in Kumbalgodu, says that the Rs.50, 000 loan they got from the Kalpatharu Grameena Bank came in handy for the members, some of whom were earlier borrowing money at the exorbitant rates of four to 10 percent monthly interest, compared to the two percent the SHGs charge. The new-found independence has earned them respect at home. “My husband doesn’t beat me any longer,” she says and “he listens to me these days!”

Kalpatharu Grameena Bank, as well as other regional rural banks avail 100 percent refinance from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development at 6.5 per cent per annum and lend to self-help groups at about 12.5 per cent. The SHGs are free to charge their members any amount of interest acceptable to everyone.

Several NGOs provide the self-help groups with vocational training.

YMCA at Kumbalgodu provided training on silkworm rearing to some of the SHGs two years ago, said its secretary, John Kennedy. The “Navodaya Self Help Group” in Tagachaguppe village was able to get a loan of Rs.50,000. Some of its members utilised it to rear silkworms and send it to the neighbouring Ramanagaram, one of the well-known silk industry centres in the state.

When I tell the women that elsewhere in the country women SHG members have contested and won the “gram panchayat” (village-level local self government) elections, they brighten up. “Why not?” they say, “after all we have the support of our groups.”

Source by Uma Shankari

Micro Enterprises and Women Entrepreneurship – A Way for Economic Empowerment


Women constitute half of the total population of the country so the economic as well as social empowerment of the nation is not possible with out adequate development of women. When India is taken into consideration the rural urban disparity is an important reason of the lack of balanced economic development of the nation. Micro-enterprise and small business development programme has an important role in the economic development of women in the country. According to the MSME Act 2006,Micro enterprises in the manufacturing sector are those whose investments does not exceed twenty five lakh rupees and in the service sector, the investment does not exceed ten lakh rupees.

And entrepreneurship is critical to the maintenance of a healthy economy as it contains innovations and creativity that may leads to the new inventions as well as economic development. There are various Supportive Measures for Women’s Economic Activities and Entrepreneurship they are Direct & Indirect Financial Support by Nationalized banks, State finance corporation, State industrial development corporation,District industries centers, Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), State Small Industrial Development Corporations (SSIDCs) etc. Yojna Schemes and Programmes like Nehru Rojgar Yojna, Jacamar Rojgar Yojna, TRYSEM (Training for Rural Youth for Self Employment), DWACRA (Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas) etc. and Priority Sector Schemes especially for women development like Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana(PMRY), Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY), Swarnjayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY), Micro Credit to Self-Help Groups (SHGs) etc.

Among the above measures providing for the development of women, the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) can play a greater role in the economic as well as social development of women by a mutual support between persons. The people who share common experiences, situations or problems can offer each other a unique perspective that is not available from those who have not shared these experiences. This will motivate the women to develop there own micro enterprises in rural areas and SHGs will really help the entrepreneurs to improve the skills and awareness about the new possibilities and it can provide adequate funds for the development of micro enterprises in rural areas in each stages of their development.

Source by Deepa TS

Empowering Yourself: What You Can Do About Mass Shootings


The San Bernardino killings occurred on December 9th, just 9 weeks after the Oregon student shootings. Will I be surprised if another mass shooting erupts between my writing this article and its publication? Not at all. For mass shootings have now become part of the American landscape.

We feel not only horrified but helpless too. What can we do to prevent these kinds of tragedies? We keep calling for better mental health services and, at least, a modicum of gun control. Such actions would help. But they are political issues that won’t change overnight. They require altering attitudes, spending mucho money and creating nationwide systems to implement the changes.

So, is there anything that can be done right now to help prevent, or, at least, lower the frequency of, mass shootings?

Yes, there is. And the answer is solidly backed by psychological research. We need to demand that the media report these types of shootings in a non-sensational way. When they don’t, they make the shooter a media star. This is what many of these disturbed minds want.

Perhaps the most poignant example of this is the shooting at Roseburg, Oregon. When Sheriff John Hanlin announced the details of the shooting, he said “I will not name the shooter… I will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act.”

It wasn’t long, however, before a CNN anchor took a different approach, bragging, “We do know his name and we are reporting it. His name is (xxxx)… He listed himself as (xxxx blog name). In his blog, he wrote, ‘When they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who they are… Seems the more people you kill, the more you’re in the limelight.'”

The Oregon shooter was right about being in the limelight. The names of the killers of JFK, RFK, and Lennon now live in infamy. By committing a heinous act, they raised their status from “nobody” to “somebody.” Recent killings have gravitated from assassinating high-level people to committing mass murder. Fashion is fickle… even when it’s deciding your style of murder.

These new killings are generally perpetrated by a person who is alienated, angry, and feels like a “nobody.” What does he do with those powerful feelings? He sits on them – for a period of time. Then, he takes action. The form of the action is shaped more by what’s outside of him then what’s inside. That is, he decides what action to take by copy-catting others. As he watches the media sensationalize shootings, he discovers his path to fame. Simply pull the trigger and be “somebody.”

So what should the media do? Stop reporting these shootings? Of course not. The media needs to do its job. It needs to cover the news but it doesn’t need to sensationalize the event. News media can practice, as we all must, restraint.

But these are sensational stories. What’s the press doing wrong?

They are hyping the story, not reporting it. What’s the difference? Let me paraphrase Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart who when describing his threshold test for pornography said, “I know it when I see it.”

Hyped reporting is when the story is repeated ad nauseum, spiced up with interviews from grieving relatives, shocked bystanders, even children on site.

Hyped reporting is when dramatic footage is shown over and over again, along with grisly photos and any other tidbits of information that stir our emotions.

Hyped reporting is when the goal is to hook the audience by revving up their emotions so that the buzz does not quickly die down.

But aren’t we, the listener, to blame too? After all, we are the end consumer, gobbling up these news stories, pictures and videos like juicy junk food? Of course, we have a role in this. Though we are not creating the hype, we are consuming it. But if we are smart, we will demand that reporting on this epidemic of mass murders be done in a completely different way.

What if the media set a policy of strict blackouts on publicity for these killers? No names, no photos, no identifying information, no interviews with family members, neighbors, teachers etc. Do you think this would diminish the frequency of such attacks? I do. And my opinion is backed by psychological science, which has documented that media coverage is contagious. This is true for mass shootings and for suicides.

If you agree with me, get active. An immediate step you could take is to contact media sources you watch, listen to or read. Ask them to go along with this blackout. Tell them not to wait till the next mass murder. Do it now. Then ask your social media friends to do the same.

Then, an additional step you can take is to contact your legislators. Ask them to create laws which make such blackouts mandatory. Is this squashing freedom of the press? No, it is squashing freedom of the mass murderers. Anybody against that?

© 2016

Source by Dr. Linda Sapadin

Unsticking Your Network Marketing Business – Empowerment in Action


There are periods that our business can seem to come to a grinding halt. This is a vulnerable time because we feel a sense of helpless frustration that affects us as entrepreneurs deeply because we are natural leaders. During these times we can entertain thoughts of quitting.We want immediate change, but we feel powerless to do anything about it. The key is making plans in advance to take action necessary to withstand the sticking period. If we fail to do this our business can become emotionally draining.

Stick with the fundamentals there are certain actions that have brought you certain levels of success. These area s should be the focus and the things that are not working need to be eliminated. In order to unstick your network marketing business it is important to remember :Prior Planning Prevent Poor Performance.

This approach will work in any business including your network marketing business. If your business is not growing and moving  it is stuck. Taking action can intimidate and frighten you but it can also empower you to take charge in difficult times. Effective action lifts your business out of the rut while ineffective action pushes your business further down in a rut. If you commit to take action, it can provide the fuel to keep you moving  your business forward . As you develop this mindset you realize that complacency causes businesses to become stuck in the first place. By realizing that planning and action will prevent failure when the business begins to move into sticky periods.

Below are three simple steps that show you how to get unstuck in your business and move it forward:

Be sure to understand your business and the way you envision it succeeding.This is important, because understanding the importance of moving forward no matter how good or bad conditions may be for your business.

Decide on  how to move forward and  getting things started. Think about your business right now, and ask yourself what can we do better and what is not working. Then think about one massive action you can take to inspire growth. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge action but huge action builds excitement and stretches vision. However small action can start building positive momentum. A little action is better than no action.

Motivate yourself to take action no matter what external challenges your business faces. This may seem difficult when your business is stuck or even scary, but remember that most often the things you fear uncover courage needed to go to the next level. Even if you have a clear reason for feeling fearful the truth is your in a comfort zone. In reality a comfort zone is a cause of business sticking. Think about success to combat the fear of failure. Give your business the opportunity to succeed and move forward. As you take that first steps don’t allow negative expectations to get you stuck.

Once you plan and act keep pushing forward even small steps create an unsticking factor. In network marketing it is important to put forth positive effort to make changes in your  business. There is a lot of negativity and rejection in network marketing which can cause your business to get stuck quicker than most businesses. The good news is that taking action quickly begins to build momentum but beware non-action can reinforce negativity and stagnation, being proactive can create a positive cycle that continues to grow your business. The business gets stronger, more profitable and it gets easier to get unstuck during times that others quit and businesses fold.

Source by Harold Tee

Privileged to Be Empowered


We live in a world that demands our best everyday. To ensure that we embrace the spirit that makes it all possible requires focus refocus and refinement. Drive is necessary and should have direction. Drive without direction will keep you going nowhere. The advantages that come along with privilege come with a price. The price of privilege is measured by the intensity of your efforts. Effort equating to result is not a physics or math problem. There are those that will equate privilege with having all of the finest things that life has to offer. I would not disagree. Having substance is not a bad thing. Substance does not guarantee the life that was intended for you though. Perception is a key. How you see things determines your faith. When your substance is the byproduct of your efforts it defines who you are and what you are made of. When you believe it’s possible you are on the right track. Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you whatever you ask in prayer believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” The price of empowerment is worth the investment.

When you believe in you, achievements are the natural procession. Every plant started with a seed. Nurturing that seed guarantees it will grow. Mathew 13:8 states “Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” The next verse is, “he with ears let him hear.” You are as important as you want to be. Your efforts should be intense and true. To be convicted in what you believe and that belief is based on what’s inside you and what life has taught you, is strength attained through faith and effort. Faith without effort is not faith and effort without faith will keep you spinning your wheels. Universal law teaches just as good as it can be it can be just that bad. Intellect and freewill allows us to choose. Situations or circumstances do not define you. It’s what you choose to do about those situations and circumstances that define you. Life has offered more gifts than we realize we have. The road to realizing and acknowledging these gifts is our opportunity to forward these gifts. The more we believe the more we open ourselves to receive. The more we receive the more privileged we become by continuing to pass that gift on.

The reason the seed that fell on good soil produced more than was expected was the nurturing and attention to detail. Focus and faith dictated the situation. They are key ingredients to an empowered life. Life is not discriminatory it offers the same for all. The day you were born and day you pass. It’s what we do between these lines that will determine the effect of our privilege. Life has always offered more than we take advantage of. The opportunities to achieve are only as relevant as we choose to make them. No man, who continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives, is left long without proper reward. Enjoy and respect the privilege of empowerment.

Source by LaMont Campbell

The Seven Veils of the Goddess – From Illusion to Empowerment


What are the veils that keep a woman from being the Goddess that she is?

Discover seven veils that can block the way to your own personal magic, the empowered, confident woman and Goddess that you are. Let’s journey together, through the veils of illusion to the great Goddess of womanhood within you.

Veil #1 You do not know that you are the Goddess.

As women we are all the living embodiment of the Goddess on earth. We are born female and by that nature, we are alive as the sacred, divine, feminine essence in body, mind, and spirit.

The Goddess is the feminine aspect of God, an opposite but equal kind of power. This essential power of the Goddess is embedded within our feminine psyche. Our range of emotions, our nurturing love, our intuitive sense, and our gentle power symbolize the divine nature of women. In every woman there is a spectrum of emotions so powerful, they are impossible to ignore. The woman is the bringer of life, the divine creatrix lives within her. She experiences the pain of childbirth and all the emotions that bring her through this life and death experience. This is the domain of the Goddess – tears, laughter, rage, sexuality, sensuality, wisdom, pain, grief, joy, nurturing and knowing her purpose. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know this little secret. To know these aspects of being a woman, and to truly honor them as our treasure and our gifts is a powerful key to our happiness. The Goddess lives within all women and men too, she is the embodiment of all we are. The creator of our lives, the spark that ignites us. You are the Goddess, dearest one, now you know.

Veil #2 You are disconnected from your authentic self.

Do you know who your authentic self is? Do you talk to her or do you keep her locked in the basement of your mind, not letting her see the light of day? Does she show up in your dreams, does she nag at you to notice her at the most in-opportune times? Does she unconsciously beg others to notice her with martyr like actions, because you refuse to give her space?

Your authentic self is the inherent truth of who you are within you. She is strong and she is wise, she is passionate and she is potent, she is gentle and she is kind, she is loving and she is sensitive, she is creative and she is courageous, she is so many things, but most importantly she is the truth of who you are within you. Who are you truly in your heart? This is your authentic self. Many women live their lives in accordance to some rules they were taught as children, often through family, school, friends and society at large. Their authentic Goddess self is pushed aside and the good girl emerges. This usually means she has learned to be what others want her to be in order to be accepted for who she is. The good girl, who is as perfect as she can be for everyone else, is the woman who has disconnected herself from her authentic self, her Goddess. Being a good girl is no crime by any means, we are all good girls. We are all innocent and hopeful. We want to show up to life with our hearts open to love and be loved. We are all good at heart, even when it doesn’t seem that way, goodness lies within everybody on earth. The authentic self exists for all of us, you can look for her under one of your veils. Find her, beckon her, discover her, engage her and honor her. Express your true self, it is a gift you share with the world. She is your deepest truth, Love and accept her with all of your heart.

Veil #3 You are disconnected from your Wild Nature.

The wild nature of a woman is the spark that feeds the fire of her life. The wild woman is instinctual, playful, vibrant and alive in every aspect of her life. This wild nature is expressed in so many exquisite ways, most often it is expressed in the manifestation of her creativity, the way a woman sculpts her life. From the clothes she chooses, to the friends she keeps, to the ideas that stimulate her inquisitive mind or her art, to the orgasmic, organic, sensual aspects of her deepest desires. There is no one way of doing this, the domain of the wild woman is ever changing and unique to each woman. As is the world itself is ever changing, so too is the wildish nature. Our wild nature is constantly adapting to these continual changes, looking for ways to emerge out of the depths.

The presence of a woman’s wildish nature is always within her, she is stirring under the veils of everyday life. When we are in tune with our wildish nature, we have the power to create our lives brighter, richer and deeper. We choose our creations from our core, our power, our heart, our instincts. When it is time to break out and break free we know where to go inside of us. Like the Lioness whose instincts are powerful, protective, liberating and in touch with the natural forces of life, the creative wild woman too finds her power from the depths of her wild nature.

Feeding our own wild nature is essential, we need to stay connected to this energy throughout our lifetime, we need to watch out for complacency and stir the pot every so often, this is the nature is that protects and nurtures us. When we can do this for ourselves, then we really have what it takes to care for the world, for all are one, all are our sacred children.

We are all artists in this life, we create the tapestry of our world. The wild instinctual nature is within us, it is our birthright. Nurture your wild nature!

Veil #4 We don’t feel worthy of calling ourselves Goddess.

Something that I learned many years ago which opened my eyes wide, was in remembering my self worth. Each soul that comes to the planet is of equal value to every other soul on this planet. Period. We are all born with the same worth, and every living, breathing second of our lives we continue to be of this great and precious worth forever more, it never goes away.

Each soul embodies a divine spark within it, each of us comes to life with certain gifts to share that are uniquely our own. This is true of each of us, without exception. There is no one greater or less than you – EVER!!! The combination of egg and sperm that made you, the position of the constellations in the sky at the time you were born, the location on the planet where you were born, the cellular memories of your ancestors, the timing of your conception, these are some of the unique factors that come into play in the creation of you. Everything about you is uniquely yours, no one else in the world is the combination of life energy that you are.

You are UNIQUE in every way, it is in your DNA. And you are here to share your valued, priceless and precious gift of life with the world around you. You are a microcosm within the macrocosm that is life on earth, each being is an essential part of the whole. Like the cells that make up our bodies, they all have different qualities and jobs to do, but each is essential to the existence of our lives, each has it’s own unique cell/f worth.

Your self worth can never be taken away from you, it is yours always and it is precious and priceless. Remember that!

Veil #5 We have forgotten our Purpose

Does this sound familiar? Purpose is a funny thing, it can be so elusive and hard to find. We can spend our lives looking for purpose without ever finding it, and then just at the end of life, we may discover we have lived in our purpose the whole time.

Often times we are living our purpose without ever even knowing it. So many of us wonder what our purpose is, we are looking for meaning in our lives and questioning what we are here to do. For many women who are mothers of small children, they know their purpose, it is to raise these little beings into wonderful adults. There is great purpose in this, one of the greatest of all purposes in the world. For those of us who do not have this purpose, or who feel that this is not their only purpose, we can sometimes wander for years and years looking for our purpose everywhere. This is painful and leaves us feeling bereft, and lacking somehow, as if we are missing out on a crucial aspect of our lives.

Here are some things I have been discovering about Purpose:

1) Purpose is within the things you love. Whatever is in your heart is also in your purpose. For some people the expression “doing what you love, and loving what you do” is a part of living your purpose.

2) If some dream or desire that connects to your heart comes back to you over and over again, then take a closer look at the information it is holding for you. Decode it, your purpose may be living under the veils of this dream or desire. It may not be the actual picture that you see in your minds eye, but the essence and feeling you get when you think of it may be. How do you create more of these great feelings in your life? As you follow this path you may find some purposeful living in there.

3) The simplest things that you do and enjoy are a part of your purpose. The smile you share, a small act of kindness, an important message you share. These small and simple things can sometimes have huge impacts that resound around the world. Everything affects everything. If you feel you aren’t making a difference in the world, let me assure you, you are!

4) Your purpose is within you, look for it on the inside. Noone else knows your purpose but you.

Find your purpose, it is calling you.

Veil #6 We do not feel Beautiful enough to be called a Goddess

All women are beautiful!!! Yes we are, we are beautiful in every shape and size we come in, ALL women are beautiful. We have beauty in every cell of our bodies. We have beauty in every truth we speak. We have beauty in every powerful choice we make. We have beauty in our sadness, our anger, our rage and our joy. Our beauty is the light we express from the inside. It is beyond external looks, it is beyond the clothes we wear, the hair styles we have, the height, weight, skin tone we bear. Feminine beauty is lit from within. It is the spark within, the authentic self, the wildish nature, the truth of a woman who knows herself and radiates this truth out of her being. The ‘good girl’ woman may think this sounds egotistical, that it may be improper to think of herself as beautiful. Let that go Goddess, this type of belief could not be more untrue or disempowering. We must nurture and celebrate our beauty everyday, we must learn to infuse ourselves with our own inherent beauty, our authentic lives depend on it. Choose beauty as a daily practice. Beauty is found in the little acts of self love and self care we give to ourselves. An aromatic bath, a good body oil, a walk in nature, eating nutritious foods, these are ways of honoring our beauty. Being in our truth is being in our beauty. There is a famous expression that goes like this: ‘Truth is beauty, beauty truth’.

If you have trouble finding the beauty within you than look for it around you, it is everywhere. Look outside of yourself and see it in the moon, the stars, the sky, the trees, the ocean, mountains, birds, flowers etc. See it and know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means if you can see beauty, then you are that beauty. A wonderful exercise you can do to enhance your beauty, is to see beauty around you and then breathe that beauty deeply into your body. Breathe it in and connect it to your head, heart, belly, genitals, legs and feet. Stand in your beauty dear Goddess and beauty will bless you from every direction.

Veil #7 We are afraid to Change what we know, even when it no longer serves us.

Change is the only constant we can depend upon, it is an imitable law of the Universe. Consciously effecting change is a powerful and transformational choice. As we consciously choose to change and grow out of our old habits, we connect to our sense of worth and feminine empowerment. Women can spend years of their lives stuck in old habits, patterns and situations that are no longer serving their growth, beauty and authentic existence. This feeling of stuckness becomes debilitating over time, it hacks away at our self-esteem, self-love and self-actualization. On many levels we are denying our true selves when we stay stuck in old patterns, supporting old belief systems that bear no fruit. This can leave us feeling sad and despairing and Stuck in the muck of our lives. We can always choose differently, that is the power of consciousness.

There is a juicy-ness to life when a woman chooses to pursue her power, when a woman honors the Goddess that she is. Everyone woman has the right to know herself as the Goddess, deeply and profoundly. She is the source of magical light within us all, she is the wise inner voice, she is the self-protective shield, she is the essential breath of our lives.

Walk in Beauty, Walk in Balance, Stand in your Power, Follow your Light. You are a Goddess!

Source by Elizabeth Stahl

Self Empowerment: The Essence Of All Ethical Teachings


Maybe I am not religious enough, barely meeting the requirement to even understand why, as Catholics, we had to believe in some supreme being who is beyond human comprehension. I was very young when I was told not to question God’s existence or his teachings. And, if I got into a debate with a believer who is so convinced that there is something beyond his comprehension, he’d always tell me to have faith when my reason fails to understand.

Sorry, I just can’t understand that. In fact, I refuse to give in to an argument that demands that I give up my human experience and understanding, and to take a leap of faith. Leap to what? It’s not that I don’t take risks or don’t understand what it means to take risks. When there are no more option; or that other options are just as bad as not doing anything, then risk maybe the only choice. However, in the case of leap of faith, there are options: one of which is I choose not to give my thinking.

I also don’t understand what it means to worship. But, if worshiping demands that I give up my thinking, then I don’t want to have anything to do with worshiping. I refuse to give up my individuality. I could be dead wrong about the true meaning of worship. But, for many years, I see people give up their individuality when they worship some being that escapes comprehension.

But, really, that’s all we know: what we experience, what can be experienced, thinking, feeling – that is, all we know is what humans are capable of; and they can be understood even if ‘mathematical’ or ‘logical’ reasoning alone cannot comprehend. We have that human capacity to understand the universal human conditions.

Yet, I have great respect Jesus, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, Confucius and other great moral teachers, for their teachings on how to live and how to treat other human beings. In fact, I came to understand them more deeply through the lessons I have learned from other human beings like my father, my teachers, sometimes from complete strangers like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and the people in the streets who performed great service to their fellow human beings. From them, I learned:

To think on my own

To be brave

To be responsibility for one’s actions

To respect the others and their opinions.

To believe that others have their own ways of thinking and expressing themselves.

To let go of your loved ones for their sakes even though it pains to do so.

As I spend more time reflecting on the teachings of these religious figures, the more these teachings become familiar. I soon realized that they were once taught to me: my father and other great human beings, through their actions and words, lived by them. They had shown me that these moral teachings found in religious texts were humanly attainable. But, for what purpose? To serve the High Almighty? The God or some supreme being that is unattainable and completely incomprehensible? No, It was the teaching of self empowerment.

Self empowerment is not and cannot be an act of a selfish ego that craves everything for himself. He cares for no one but himself. The selfish has not yet freed itself from the dictates of his basic instincts, from greed. On the contrary, Self empowerment is about empowering the individual so he may free himself from the outer and inner oppression that so weakens him that he would easily surrender his self to an abstraction, an ideology, be it religious or political.

The self empowered individual, through his words and actions, teaches the others self empowerment. The self empowered individual has a heightened his sense of individuality, not individualism. And, with a heightened sense of individuality, he recognizes the importance of a community, not anarchism or authoritarianism that demands blind faith, blind allegiance.

This teaching of self empowerment is, I believe, the true teaching of the great religious figures.

Source by Jimmy Guevara