Alpha Point – The Truth About The Law Of Attraction and Manifestation


In 2016, the famous if not infamous little book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with, of course, a 10th anniversary special edition. It’s mostly the same stuff as the 2006 edition but with a bit of updating and a new testimonial or two. This book follows on another one she compiled called How The Secret Changed My Life. Fun reads, all of them.


Is it all a bunch of woo-woo hokum, or is there something to this thing called The Law of Attraction? Well, I can only boast by personal experience and I can say with certainty. Yes.

Yes? To which description?


First, there is a lot of hokum in books like The Secret. And many others I’ve read down through the decades, including such classics as Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, many books by Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Marianne Williamson, and a host (read slew) of others.

There’s also a lot of powerful information in all those ditties.

The so-called Law of Attraction is, to my mind, more about being in the right place at the right time. Cliché? Sure, but wait.

Someone once said that luck was the intersection of opportunity and hard work. Well, the Law of Attraction is similar. The LOA works when you put your mind and your actions together and that intersection seems to be the Alpha Point, as I call it. It’s where the manifestation* takes place. (Alpha Point isn’t original, by the way, but if you’re the one who used it first, let me know, prove it, and I may or may not change it. (Smiley face here, if this was Facebook.)

So, then, how do you get the mind and the action to create a manifestation? And not just any manifestation; the one you say you want. (That is, if you really know what you want. It helps to know it. Most folks, when questioned, realize they don’t really know.)

Here’s the proverbial and expected list of how to’s, with explanations:

  • You need to envision, to get a picture of, or a feeling for, what it is you say you want. And don’t let me or anyone try to determine that for you. Sometimes gurus or well intended teachers/writers will say something like, “Don’t just go for the material stuff. Deep down, that’s not what you really want.” How the hell do they know, eh? If you want money or the condo in the islands, who are they to say otherwise? So, if it’s material, go for it.
  • You have to consider that it may be more complicated or complex than meets the eye. Say what? Yeah. Sometimes what we want involves all kinds of twists and turns in the material and/or spiritual realms to bring about your aim. Oh, and if it could hurt others in the process somehow, expect major delays. I’m not saying the LOA won’t allow you to hurt someone; that’s a judgment call. But it WILL make it extremely difficult. Just saying.
  • You need to think both long- and short-term. It can take a while for elements within your desires to arrange themselves. Patience is a definite virtue. People often give up when manifestation doesn’t happen in a heart beat. Hold tight.
  • Be persistent in your thoughts and actions. There will be obstacles, with you being the major obstacle. You have mental and physical traits and habits that have a way of blocking the manifestation process. That may well be the biggest reason you seem to have trouble manifesting your desires and goals. As you put all this into practice, those blocks will begin to show themselves and you can decide how to deal with them.
  • Develop a thick skin. Not everyone in your circle of relationships is going to like your realities, your dreams, your outcomes. If you have a spouse, or niggling parent, or nagging boss, colleague, pastor, banker, chances are your dreams may cross paths with theirs in antagonistic ways. You may have to deal with some disappointment and rejection. If what you want is really what you want, you’ll face it all. But if you waver even a little, that may be the sign that you don’t really want it. Perhaps it’s more important to please someone else. That’s OK, as long as you get straight about it.

Finally, remember this:

Belief often comes in dribbles and droplets. It may take a while for you to come to terms with your own doubts about all this. And that’s a good thing. We don’t always know what we want, not really. As you practice this manifestation process consciously, your current creations, habits, relationships, doubts, hidden resentments and bitterness, anger, or fears may come to your attention. Maybe you didn’t want to deal with them. But some of them stand in the way of your desires, your dreams, and to get around them, you must deal with them. (There’s a price for everything. Even the free stuff.)

Ultimately, the journey to your manifestation is worth all the chaos it can create. After all, you are shaking things up. Changing. You may even realize you didn’t want what you think you did. And in the process, discover what you REALLY do want. That’s the real prize: To know what you really want and to stop wasting time on pipe dreams.

It’s work, it’s play, it’s joy, some pain (even good change can be stressful, right?), but ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat.

You can have whatever you want, truly, if you are willing to let mind meet action, face the challenges, do the work, and reap the harvest!

That’s when you’ll discover your personal Alpha Point. From that point forward, you will know how to manifest anything. The universe will literally roll at your feet in ecstasy.

And that’s no secret!

*Manifestation, or manifestation process, isn’t really something you do, exactly. It’s a result. You are in fact manifesting all the time. Your thoughts, actions, beliefs, intentions, and internal stresses all serve to create manifestations. Changing any or all of those things, positively or negatively, will create a new manifestation.

Source by Richard Kent Matthews

Law of Attraction – How to Attract Your Soulmate


All life is energy. We usually think of energy as a source for heating the furnace in our homes or making the engines in our cars work… like gasoline or electricity; but aren’t people, human beings, also driven by energy? Of course we are: we take in calories to that the body can process the food (the body’s gasoline) into a fuel to make itself go. These are all physical examples of energy at work.

The mind is also a machine of sorts: doesn’t it produce something? Doesn’t the mind produce thoughts? And just like the furnace produces heat through energy the mind produces thoughts through energy but this energy isn’t physical energy it is metaphysical energy.

Metaphysical? Meta indicates “things above” but in this sense of above we mean “before or first” things. Physical indicates the material things as we know. So Metaphysical indicates before the physical! We have to think about the things we want before we can have those things: it must be in the mind before it can be in the flesh!

What are some physical things that we want? To have wealth we need to think in a wealthy way, to have love we need to think in a loving way, to have peace we need to think in a peaceful way! The thought, the product of the mind, will always come before the product of the material.

And isn’t this something we know from our everyday experience? Before we eat Chinese food we have the thought of going to a restaurant, what type of restaurant, how we will get there, and what we will eat. If we want the shirt we first think about the shirt, decide to go to the store, get over to the mall, look through the choices and then pick… the thought precedes the thing (shirt in this case).

However, suppose one did not have the money to buy a very nice shirt they saw at the store. What is one to do? Well the act of seeing themselves mentally wearing the shirt and feeling how good they will look wearing the shirt will activate the law of attraction and draw the resources to buy the shirt into ones experience.

So why would wealth, love, or peace be any different? If you want to manifest any of these things in your life you need to see them first in your mind’s eye. This is the amazing metaphysical power of the mind. Your thoughts are the energy that starts the manifestation of things into physical form.

Every thought you think is like planting a seed and every seed brings after its own kind.

Therefore, how can one use the law of attraction in manifesting their soul mate? The first step is to get very definite about the type of person you want to have in your life what will they look like? What type of career will they have? Will they be very educated academically or will they be more practical and self-taught? What type of characteristics will they have?

Now does this mean you are attracting the person you desire and not your true soul mate? Well I believe this is possible, but I also know that desire in its root word means “of the father” so what you deeply desire is actually your souls perception of divine will. In addition, I would interject “this or the person of divine design” when thinking about your soul mate or once you have met a person that fits the bill and you think may be your soul mate.

I actually personally did exactly what I am writing about here otherwise I would not be advising on it. Unfortunately though, I settled for persons that were not what I had in mind prior to the manifestation of my real soul mate. This was a mistake that cost me to suffer in love for many years with the wrong people. But it did help me in many ways to cultivate the traits I needed to have a successful relationship with my real soul mate later on.

Once I was done feeling sorry for myself and done healing deeply from the damage that was created from several dysfunctional relationships I was ready for the real thing. Although I had kind of forgotten my ideas and visualizations of several years prior about my soul mate. My soul mate manifested into my life in one of my darkest hours like an angel sent from above.

Source by DJ Ownbey

Forgiveness: An Important Key to Unleash the Law of Attraction


Negative energy blocks the flow of positive energy; so in a similar fashion, negative emotions hinder positive events from entering into our lives. Realizing this, and the fact that it is impossible to prevent negative events (i.e. life challenges) from entering our lives altogether – or else there would be no point for a spirit to incarnate if it were never challenged – how can we limit the amount of time negative emotions have an impact on our daily lives?

Negative energy generally involves pain, and pain is often associated with anger and hard feelings; regret for having conducted some action or having been the recipient of a painful action by others. This usually means there is an event that we, as humans, did not like and our fixation on that event creates a well of negative energy that continues to affect our lives and blocks our ability to attract positive energy moving forward as we fixate on that negative event from our past (or present).

The best way to release the pain and negative energy we harbor from the past is to forgive, meaning we must forgive both those people and situations that hurt us, but more importantly we must also forgive ourselves. This may sound counterintuitive, but we cannot give to others what we, ourselves, do not possess. If we don’t forgive ourselves, then we cannot forgive others. Similarly, we cannot love others if we don’t love ourselves. (Sure, we might feel infatuation and desire or even jealous possession, but we won’t feel true, unconditional love.) You can extend this out to just about any positive emotion: We can only feel proud of others when we feel healthy pride of ourselves. And we can only feel respect towards others when we respect ourselves. In this way, we share good, positive emotions and energy by extending the positive feelings that we hold for ourselves to enrich the lives of the people and world around us. But let’s return to the discussion of overcoming energy blocks.

Just as our bodies will heal physical injuries, our consciousness wants to heal emotional injuries as well. We can heal those inner, emotional injuries by releasing the pent-up negative energy surrounding those injuries. We accomplish this release of negative energy by forgiving. In order to forgive, we must face the issue and own it. We must acknowledge that the challenge, no matter how painful, served a purpose for our soul’s development during our life plan. However, we assert that from this point forward the negative energy associated with that event, which we have been carrying around with us – perhaps for far too long – no longer serves our developmental needs. We therefore choose to leave the situation behind and, in doing so, we first THANK the universe for the lesson imparted, then forgive ourselves and the people or events surrounding the pain, and finally, we envision a release of connections between our current state and the past, both the event and the people. We no longer have a need to fixate on those painful memories of the past because they have served their purpose and we have forgiven and released the negative energy. By releasing the connections, we relieve our mind from continuing to fixate on the past and allow the negative energy block to be released (or at least bypassed) so positive energy can again enter our lives.

Forgiveness is a gift that we give to ourselves. It releases us from a pain-filled past, allows positive emotions to once again enter our lives, and enables us to shape our abundant and successful tomorrows. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of forgiveness.

Source by Wade C Wilson

Scarcity, Abundance and the Law of Attraction


How does scarcity and abundance affect the workings of the Law of Attraction? Am I working from a sense of lack if I am prudent with money? Am I being cautious or paranoid when I Google every prospective new partner I meet? Do I have a great work ethic if I work every spare minute to build up a really successful business or am I only doing it because I’m scared of being broke? When one analyzes the drivers behind a certain behavior, one can soon see if the moderator for the behavior is through scarcity or abundance. I’m not suggesting that success can’t be achieved from a place of scarcity – it can be a very powerful motivator, but it will affect the working of the Law of Attraction.

I very recently received a comment on my Law of Attraction blog from a reader who is doing everything she believes she can, yet not achieving the rewards or desires that she sent rockets out for. When a person starts exploring a law such as the Law of Attraction this is bound to happen. I went through it. I know others that have gone through it, and I feel certain most people go through it. Just like religion the Law of Attraction is based on blind faith. The crucial difference is that it goes against everything that we are socialized to believe. Deep inside most of us is an ingrained belief that it just CAN’T work. It can’t be THAT simple!

Most of western society is built on the model that we must work hard to achieve success – well, anything in fact. Why is that? Maybe because the system needs cheap labor. Whatever it is, there is a sense of fear built into western society and this creates the feeling of scarcity.

I recently allowed myself to go flat broke. Yes, overdrawn in all my accounts, late in payments – the lot. I had a couple of squeaky moments, but generally never allowed myself to worry about it. I kept saying, “Money’s easy to come by. There’s loads of money about. I’m good at this. It always comes good. I always have enough. Money is my friend, ” and so on. Guess what? Someone paid me back some money when they had previously told me there was absolutely no way they could (sure, I had to threaten them with court, but sometimes people need some encouragement) AND they actually gave me more than they owed me to cover my loss of time and for some work I did!

Now, I’m not totally reckless. I didn’t lose my house. I worked a few hours here and there (at a good rate of pay that I demanded) and sent out rockets of desire about the type of work and the returns I wanted in the future. I also sold some things that were cluttering my life up anyway. It took a few months (of not worrying or thinking about it – just visualizing the work and the returns) and I can now report that I have been offered a contract and have just submitted 2 quotes to people that approached me for 2 very lucrative contracts doing exactly what I sent rockets out to do. I have not marketed myself at all! I don’t know if I’ll get them – and in some ways I don’t care because I know things will work out fine. Stop Press! Another request for a quote has just come in.

I know that if I had been worried about money or desperate for these contracts, I wouldn’t have got them.

The oddest side of all this is that, even though I have no doubt in my ability to deliver the service I am quoting for, I have never done it before for others and have NO track record. I just believe I can, have studied pretty hard and tried it on my own projects. Consequently, others seem to believe I can do it as well.

As you can see it’s all about belief. I don’t suggest that you sit around with a grin on your face, visualizing this and that and wait for everything you want to drop in your lap. I do suggest you wholeheartedly believe you can have anything you want and prepare well for that eventuality.

One big reason the Law of Attraction doesn’t work is because when we feel we need something, we create a resistance that the universe feels and this holds us in a sort of limbo. A positive and negative charge acting with equal force. Scarcity means I am scared. You can probably feel the resistance just from the sound of the word.

To successfully apply the law we only need to ‘be’, believe that everything will be fine, and forget about all the things society has spent our lifetimes imposing on us. Do the things you want to because you want to, NOT because you can afford to. I can report it is possible – I have been doing it!

Living a life of abundance and using the Law of Attraction to bring the things you want into your life doesn’t mean being stupid or irresponsible. It does mean being totally confident that everything will work out fine. It does mean being joyful. It does mean appreciation of all success because that state will bring more success to you. It does mean understanding we live in an abundant world and life is meant to be good. It does mean visualizing. It does mean meditating and it does mean being aware when there is resistance.

We attract what we think about. Why not think about wonderful things for yourself, your family and everyone else – it takes the same effort as worry does. Believe that there is plenty for everyone and that you deserve to be happy, and the scarcity or abundance debate can simply become old news.

Source by John Sammers

A Temporal Bliss of Attraction Is Not Love


We come across people who are physically, emotionally or intellectually attractive. Their immense self-confidence sometimes degrades us. But then again we keep on chasing them for no special reason. We try to copy their style so that we will get some kind of appreciation from them. Their attitude may kill you at times but still they have something that you don’t. There is a twinkle behind their eyes that speaks to us. It seems like they know some secrets that we don’t. They have this groundedness and stability. They are at ease in ways we wish were. You don’t find them good enough to spend your life with them, but at the same time you find no special reason not to spend your time with them. I don’t know whether they really know some secrets or they are good at lying about it. But the way they move through time and space is impeccable. The way they cover their imperfection is beyond our imagination.

We try to find faults in them only for our inner satisfaction. We tell ourselves that they are not someone they pretend to be. We try to chase people connected to those special ones. They may not be sexually attractive and it may be just an amicability, you may be just wanted to be their friends. At times when you are alert, aware and awake to some deeper truth of life, you taste the sliver of that self-confidence. You feel like you have reached their level of perfection. But that self-confidence is not stable, you still collapse back into your doubts and critical inner uncertainty.

On the other hand, when you get tired of thinking about them, you pray to get rid of these thoughts. You beg God to detach you from the scenarios that are never going to happen. But again, even when you manage to go out of their sight, they are never out of your mind. You push yourself again and again to that corner for your satisfaction. You always find them well enough in your imaginations. You do good things just to stay in their good books. Then at some point, their presence in your thoughts becomes a necessary part. You whole thinking process revolves around their personality aspects.

But then the time comes, when you come to know that these thoughts are just fraudulent ideas resulting in soul sickness and self-demoralization. Then you manage to reframe your thinking process and try to get rid of this shit. But when these scars leave you, they take some part of you with them. But again, these temporary attractions are part of human nature.

Source by Aleeza Malik

Knowing More About The Law Of Attraction


Attitudes and the way you think about life and yourself have a great impact on your life. This is because when you think that you can do something, you indeed go ahead to look for ways in which you can do it and achieve the same. On the other hand, when you tell yourself that you will not be able to do something, then that will be the case. The law of attraction states that having optimistic ideas translates to constructive things in your life while negative ideas translate to harmful things in your life.

It has been noted that successful people are usually very optimistic and activist minded. There is no way you would have a great idea of how to better your life and you just sit back and watch it go to waste. The most likely scenario is that you will try to make it a reality since that is just human nature. However, in the event you are negative, you start feeling depressed and you will not get anything done.

You have to strategize about everything in your life and be organized about it too. Your thoughts shape your lifestyle and as such you need to control them positively for them to shape your lifestyle in a good way. If you are facing challenges doing this on your own, consult a psychologist on the same.

All great works that were done and are being done was as a result of the doer first thinking positively about the idea and that it could actually be accomplished. This is the same case with you, you must first have positive thoughts you would transform into real life experiences.

It is about time that people realize what a great impact that the kind of words you utter have on your self-esteem and life in general. When you say good things, you will believe in them and you will have the urge to actually do them. Moreover, stresses that come with negativity will not be a part of you anymore.

The mind has to get a chance to relax too. Exercises for the mind involve stretching its thinking capacity and being able to imagine till you cannot do so anymore. This is possible by being able to concentrate on one thing at a time only, having expectations about the environment you live in and being able to think about something exhaustively. These will make sure that your mind remains active all the time, great grounds for positivity.

Your subconscious mind is a very powerful part of you. It influences your mind and as a result, your way of doing things. This is the part of you that you need to take proper care of with positivity since it will reflect directly on your lifestyle. This affirmative energy is what you need to push you to do better in all aspects of life.

Psychologists use the idea that the power is all in the mind. When a patient comes to them with a brain disorder due to negativity or over thinking, they use the idea that you can reset the mind to positivity till it is back to normal again. It is actually very possible to heal with hypnosis by focusing on the good side in your life and learning how to take the negative aspects in a better way.

Source by Felicia Ransome-Stoute

The Law of Attraction and the Emerald Tablet


The Law of Attraction is the universal law that explains why our lives are the way they are. It states that the outer world we experience is a reflection of the inner world, which we create for ourselves. The Law of Attraction is the principle that we always attract to ourselves that which is in alignment with our state of being.

The Law of Attraction is related to an old esoteric document called the Emerald Tablet, which includes the words, “As Above, So Below.” The Emerald Tablet is

attributed to an ancient Egyptian sage named Hermes Trismegistus. Whatever its origin, As Above, So Below tells us that everything in the universe is unified, or one. We can even see the similarity in the words “universe” and “unity” or “unified” – “uni” simply means one. Some modern scientists have suggested that the universe is a kind of hologram, which means that every part is a perfect reflection of the whole.

This idea of the part reflecting the whole becomes very important when you remember that you are a part of the universe. This relates back to the Law of Attraction — everything you think and feel is reflected back to you in outer circumstances. In the saying, As Above, So Below, “above” can stand for the outer world, everything you see around you, and “below” can stand for your inner state, your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. There is one vital aspect of this formula to understand, however. While the inner and outer are perfect reflections of one another, you only have control over one of them -the inner.

Most of the time, people tend to assume the opposite -that their inner state is a result of what the outer world has made them. Mainstream psychology supports this, stressing the importance on the environment in forming a person’s character.

While there is no denying that the environment does have a powerful impact on us, especially when we are children, if we understand the Law of Attraction, we can begin to “turn the tables” on environmental influence. That is, instead of our environment creating us, we can begin to create our environment. This is actually the basis for the Hermetic teachings that came from the Emerald Tablet and have been practiced over the centuries by various groups. More recently, quantum physics has begun to prove some of this scientifically. It has been shown, for example, that subatomic particles are actually influenced by those who observe them.

If we understand that the inner and outer, or above and below are perfect reflections of one another, we then have a choice. We can allow the outer world to determine every aspect of our lives. Of course, following the Hermetic principles, it is also true that at some point we ourselves have created these outer events, but we will probably not be aware of this most of the time without making an effort to understand this. If we choose this option, or choose it by default by not making a choice, our lives will tend to be repetitive, as we will be reacting to the same kinds of events over and over, not realizing our own part in creating them.

The other, more empowering choice is to take control of the “below,” that is, our thoughts and emotions. Then we can gradually understand that the external world will reflect what we create in ourselves. This is the intention behind those who have taught both the Law of Attraction and the Hermetic wisdom of the Emerald Tablet over the centuries.

Source by Gary Evans

The Attraction Marketing Concept


Have you heard of the term “attraction marketing” along your travels before? Many people have come across this concept and tried to implement it into their business, unfortunately with little to no results. In today’s post, I’ll be taking a closer look at attraction marketing in the hope that you can yield some positive results from implementing the concept into your online business.

How cool would it be to have prospects lining up to get at what you have to offer, instead of having to chase them for their cash? That’s what attraction marketing is all about, it’s simple, yet very effective strategy that can elevate your business onto a whole new level.

Attraction Marketing Concept:

The concept of attraction marketing begins when you lead with value, instead of with your products, business or opportunity. Your goal is to position yourself as an expert when people come searching for what you have to offer. You then aim to provide value to that person above everything else.

People come online each day in search for experts, mentors and/or authority figures. When you came online to make money, did you search for an authority figure to learn the ropes from?… it’s called mentor shopping. You need to position yourself as a leading expert in your field and have people searching for what you have to offer. The truth is though, attraction marketing is a skill that must be learned, but, if you do put the time into learning and implementing this approach to marketing within your business, you will skyrocket your income with very minimal effort.

The Basics of Attraction Marketing:

The basics are pretty straight forward in theory. In practice though, it can be a little tricky for most marketers, simply because the whole concept of giving value before looking for anything in return is alien to them. Your number one goal should be to ALWAYS provide your prospects with value. Anything else is just going to get in the way. Think of all the big name marketers out there at the moment. Are they providing value? Are they fulfilling a need? Are they experts in their niche? Do they over deliver? Have they got raving fans willing to buy their next product as soon as it’s released?

When your goal is to help people get what THEY want, you will see the very same thing being attracted into your life/business. If I sell a crappy product, I can be sure that customer is not coming back. If I give advice that’s useless and helps no one, I can be sure I will not be attracting people to come listen to what I have to say. I know this all sounds very simplistic, but let me tell you, most marketers out there are looking to make money. Their goal is nothing more than that… and they’re failing big time.

I would much rather give incredible value away for FREE to help people get to where they need to be. Only then can I expect them to come back to me for more advice/services further down the road. Think about the power of this. People are naturally attracted to authority figures and people they know can help them. This is why attraction marketing is very important in your online business. If you are just like every other marketer out there selling products, you will find it very difficult to rise above the noise and stand out from the crowd. You MUST have people searching for what you have to offer, instead of YOU searching for them. Imagine that, having people actively searching for what you have to offer… what a contrast to how I see so many others doing it.

If you provide enough value to people they will come back, tell their friends/family and share your stuff within their social communities. People love to buy stuff, they just hate being sold to. Just give them what they want and over deliver every time.

Important: Attraction Marketing is NOT just about providing great products to your prospects. It has a lot more to do with “YOU” as a person. You need to be a person that others are attracted to. Like I mentioned earlier, people look to authority figures for guidance. You must position yourself as that authority figure. If people trust you, they will listen to you, follow you and buy from you over and over again.

Source by Declan O Flaherty

Musi Tour: A Waterway Tourist Attraction In Palembang


To those of you who are not familiar with waterway transportation, a Musi Tour is possibly the most exciting tourist attraction in Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Musi River is one of the major rivers in Indonesia and the longest river in the Island of Sumatra. It divides Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province, into the Upper (Ulu) Area and Lower (Ilir) Area of Palembang. On this river stretches one of the longest bridges in Indonesia, Ampera Bridge, which connects the Upper Area and the Lower Area of Palembang.

There are several ways of exploring Musi River from the upper to the lower part of the river. If you want to do it individually, you can take a speedboat or an ordinary boat called jukung. But if you want to do it in a group of more than 40 people you had better hire a ship called KMP. Putri Kembang Dadar. You may need to book the ship in advance during holiday season. A package costing around US $750 to $1,000 includes insurance, tour guide, live music + singer, mini bar, mini podium, and fully air-conditioned deck. The Musi Tour on KMP. Putri Kembang Dadar is a 4 hour-tour starting at the harbor near Kuto Besak Fort (KBF) or more popularly called Benteng Kuto Besak (BKB) by local people.

What can you see during the tour? The tour offers a sightseeing of the life a long both sides of Musi River banks and the transportation on Musi River itself. You can see how local people make use of Musi River not only as their source of drinking water, as most citizens of Palembang do, but also how they use the river as their source of income to support their lives. The most conspicuous destinations of the tour, among others, are Home on the Raft (Rumah Rakit), Fertilizer Plant of PT. Pusri, Oil Refinery Plant of Pertamina, Bagus Kuning Area, Lawang Kidul Mosque (Mesjid Lawang Kidul), Ki Merogan Mosque (Mesjid Ki Merogan), Kuto Besak Fort (Benteng Kuto Besak), and Kemaro Island (Pulau Kemaro) with its legendary love story.

The taste of Palembang and South Sumatra Province can be intensified by the serving of traditional foods, Empek-empek of Palembang and popular local fruit of the South Sumatra Province, namely sweet Duku fruit. Along the trip on Musi River, you are accompanied by small home band consisting of an organ ready to entertain you with its home singer. And if you are fond of singing, the organ player is ready to play the music for you. If you want to sing but you do not really memorize the song that you like, do not worry, they provide several songbooks for you to choose your favorite songs from. The 4-hour tour will quickly run without your realizing that you have spent another 4 hours of your life.

Source by Majelis Abu Hamid

Law of Attraction Coach Debunks The Law of Attraction As Simply Wishful Thinking


You’re not going to get far in life without focus. If you are happy with what you have, then you don’t need to worry about focusing your energy on something worth having that you truly want. If you aren’t content, then you want something; if you want something, you’ll need to iron out the kinks in your vibration and your thoughts on manifesting what you want.

The Law of Attraction is always functioning as intended, even if you don’t believe in it or know about it. The Law of Attraction manages energy. If you aren’t consciously making the attempt to change the frequency of the energy you’re putting out, your mind will simply revert to the same way of thinking that you were using before. The mind and the Universe share a certain attachment to consistency. You’re not going to find many signs of improvement if you think the only thing you have to do is mope and wish that what you want will come to you.

If you want to add momentum to an idea you want to have manifest, add positive emotion. Create a clear vision. Include as much of your imagination and enthusiasm that it’s already here. Now you’re giving the Universe direct, clear and amplified information to replicate. You should also note that this is a practice, not a one-time order. Engage your mind and senses daily – the more often, the better. A lot of people find it difficult to fully understand the nuances of the Law of Attraction simply because it is such a personal experience.

“Well, that sounds like work.”

Thinking about this as work will conjure up your thoughts about how you feel about working, your job, career, then maybe family, maybe your inadequacies in those areas. You can continue with the same old unconscious thought patterns you have and continue with the status quo. You always have the opportunity to stop and remember how you want to live your life… and then do it. Remember, free will indicates that only you can think your thoughts and feel your feelings. So the choice is yours. Do you want to play life on a bigger playing field? You are always in control.

The conclusion I’ve come to with many of the people I’ve worked with is that personal responsibility leads to absolute freedom of choice. It’s fun to have ideas and bring them to fruition. That’s what being a deliberate creator is all about. We keep adding more and more to the unlimited and boundless universal mix. Give it a try. It takes some practice at first, but it’s very gratifying and it’s easier than you think.

Source by Nanette Geiger