Smakflakes – various flakes for WordPress




This is WordPress edition version for my Smakflakes – various flakes plugin.

  • 5 preset color modes
  • mode self-selection of color flakes
  • mode of flakes as images
  • you can specify size of the flakes and the number of
  • can also specify power of the wind and its direction, the falling speed
  • flakes rotation mode (when as images), clockwise, counterclockwise, to and fro, without rotation
  • there is a button that allows you to disable the flakes (if it is annoying to the user)
  • high speed with a lot of flakes, through the use of HTML5 Canvas tehnology
  • lot of settings allows you to make the effect for your site unique and ideally suited for your site
  • choose one or more pages which will be display effect


Version 1.2

  • new UI for settings

Version 1.1

  • now you can choose one or more pages which will be display effect

Version 1.0

  • release
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Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin


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Social Auto Poster Reviews

Social Auto Poster – A perfect choice for auto posting your content to famous social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube & Pinterest. You can configure your social accounts and post new content as well as repost your old content to keep it alive & reach to maximum audience. SAP provides an amazing feature for scheduling your content to post whenever you desired to. The plugin also works well with personal profiles, business pages, groups, etc.

What are the benefits for purchasing this plugin?

  • It’s a time saver – Automatically shares your Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types to all major Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube and pinterest).
  • It improves SEO of your website by having more links back from Social Networks.
  • It becomes your own Social Media Manager & saves your money.
  • It is a quickest way to generate more traffic for your site.
  • It is the easiest way to manage, schedule, and share updates to your configured social networks.
  • It is best solution in the form of Plugin for automated Social Media Marketing..

Looking for Instagram posting?

You can use our FREE Social Auto Poster – Instagram addon. You can download it from here.

Social Auto Poster – Instagram is a free addon of Social Auto Poster plugin. We neither provide support for Instagram nor approve any refund requests of SAP due to Instagram.

Answers to Common Questions

Posts made by the plugin don’t show image/correct image in the Facebook. Why?
Facebook API 2.9 update came with the deprecation of support for manual setting info of shared links. Facebook set the image automatically based on the open graph (OG) meta tags. For more details check here.

Will it work with my theme?
Yes, our plugins work independently of themes you are using. As long as your website is running on WordPress, it will work.

Who should use Social Auto Poster?
Social Auto Poster is a great solution for anybody interested to drive more traffic to their website, engage more people and help boost their site’s visibility. From Marketing Agencies, Social Media Marketers, bloggers, developers, e-commerce websites to all other small businesses – they all need Social Auto Poster as their Social Media Strategy.

What is required to use Social Auto Poster?
As this is a plugin built to connect your WordPress website and Social Media, you need to have a WordPress website in order for our plugin to work. You also need to have account for each supported social networks if you don’t already have one.

Does this support posting to Pages for Facebook?
Yes, This plugin support posting on Facebook pages but you must have to be an admin of that page.

Does this support posting to groups for Facebook?
Yes, This plugin support posting on Facebook groups. You should be an admin of the groups.

Does this support posting to personal accounts for Facebook?

Apologies, personal profile posting is restriced by the Facebook offecial Graph API so, plugin do not support personal account postings.

Does this support image posting for Facebook?
Yes, plugin support custom / feature image posting for Facebook but only if your facebook app version is below 2.9 otherwise facebook will randomly select image from the page. Learn more.

Does this support group posting for LinkedIn?
Groups are no longer supported via native LinkedIn API. We have removed this option in plugin from version 1.7.7.

Does LinkedIn support multiple accounts?
Yes, linkedin support multiple accounts from version 2.7.1.

Does this support company pages posting for LinkedIn?
Yes, This plugin support posting on LinkedIn company pages but you must have to be an admin of the company page. Also, required permissions rw_organization_social and r_organization_social approved from LinkedIn.

Is Social Auto Poster not working with any Frontend Submission plugin?
Plugin provides support for third-party plugins. To make it work, enable third-party plugins setting. If still it is not working then You can add delay in posting. To add 10 minutes delay, you can enable minutes scheduling with 10 minutes.

WordFence considering as maleware URL. Why?
There is no issue in Social Auto Poster. Plugin using official API for URL shortner. WordFence will show same warning for all plugin which are using api.

Is the default WordPress cron is not working on your domain?
If default WordPress cron not working on your domain Add the following line to your wp-config.php file. Some servers disable the functionality that enables WordPress cron to work properly. To enable the cron, add following like to your wp-comfig.php file.
define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true);

Check more FAQ here

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Change Log:

= Version 3.6.0 (2020-06-18) =

* [+] New: Added a feature to auto post on Google My Business.

= Version 3.5.2 (2020-06-15) =

* [+] New: Added a feature to auto post on other WordPress websites.

= Version 3.5.1 (2020-06-11) =

* [+] New: Improved compatibility with WPML. 

= Version 3.5.0 (2020-05-20) =

* [*] FIX: Removed Facebook cookie method and Google My Business services in respect to Envato policy. 
* [*] FIX: Fixed an issue of LinkedIn grant extended permission not working
* [*] FIX: Fixed issue facebook APP method posting not working with image posting
* [*] FIX: Fixed UI issue for Twitter and Facebook setting tabs

= Version 3.4.1 (2020-04-30) =

* [+] New: Added support to grab multiple location under one Google My Business account. 
* [*] Fix: Updated new composer library for the facebook cookie and google my business posting.

See full change log here

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Advanced WordPress Email delivery




All in One email for WordPress is an extension for WordPress email sending that adds features missing natively:


  • “From” email field editor to replace WordPress defaults.
  • SMTP support to allow sending emails through an external server.
  • HTML emails with stylish template instead of plain text.
  • WYSYWYG template editor and previewer.
  • System emails editor (new user registration, password retrieval, comment notifications, etc)
  • WP-Ecommerce and BuddyPress emails theming.
  • Multisite compatible!
  • SMTP authentication and SSL.
  • Built-in test email sender to catch errors early.
  • Simple and sleek interface.

This plugin has been listed by WPArena!

Advanced WordPress Email delivery  - 1

Please note that Advanced Email delivery is an outgoing emails tweaker that helps you to send emails when you need mode flexibility than standard WP options provide. It is not a WordPress-based email client or mass-mailer.


The support for this item includes bug fixes / fixes for compatibility problems. Configuring it right is still your responsibility and may need some tech knowledge, so it is recommended to contact mail server administrator for correct options.

Advanced WordPress Email delivery  - 2

System requirements

  • WordPress 3.2. Probably, All in one email will work with older version, but was not tested on them.
    WordPress 3.3 is recommended to support WYSIWYG email template editor.
  • Minimum required PHP version is 5.2.
  • IE6 is not supported by the admin area.

Advanced WordPress Email delivery  - 3

Release history

  • v.1.5BuddyPress support added
  • v1.0.13Gravity Forms issue fixed
  • v1.0.6WooCommerce Compatible
  • v1.0.5 Bugfix release for encrypted connections.
  • v1.0.4 Bugfix release – settings page did not show right.
  • v1.0.2 – PHP 5.4 compatible.
  • v1.0.1 – Settings bug fixed, comments support added.
  • v1.0 – Initial release
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SoapBox Gallery For WordPress



SoapBox Gallery For WordPress - 1


  • Display all posts – query by category, tag, number of views, number of votes
  • Dynamically change the sort by dragging items.
  • Sidebar quickview with title, feature image, excerpt content, post gallery, avatar, author name.
  • Optional related scroll – show authors other items.
  • Set post per page.
  • Pagination is ajax loaded – the user does not leave the page when cycling through all the gallery pages.
  • All gallery images are loaded into prettyPhoto lightbox with gallery option.
  • Dynamically sort gallery items by date(ascending, descending).
  • Dynamically sort gallery items by amount of votes(ascending, descending).
  • Scrolling effect on top and bottom right sidebar elements mouseover and auto scroll of right sidebar when the gallery is above the window. Pins the right sidebar to the top of the window so its always in view.
  • Mobile ready – tap override for scrolling on mobile devices.

View Demo One

Check Out Our Free plugins at

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The Team Pro – Team Showcase WordPress Plugin



AWSM Team Pro is the most versatile WordPress plugin available to create and manage your Team page.

Team Plugin for WordPress

AWSM Team Pro comes with 8 cool presets and a number of style options. You can create a great looking team section on your WordPress site in a few minutes after installing the plugin.

The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 1
The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 2

Team Plugin Video Demo


  • Responsive and Touch Enabled
  • Number of style options for each presets
  • Clean design
  • Detailed documentation
  • Icon font included

8 Unique presets

  • Drawer
  • Modals
  • Slide-In
  • Grid
  • Circle
  • Card
  • Table
  • List

Page Builder Support

AWSM Team PRO supports Gutenberg and popular page builder plugins to easily add your team layouts to your pages

  • Gutenberg
  • WPBakery
  • Elementor
  • BeaverBuilder

Showcase! See the plugin in action in these great websites!

Submit your team page to showcase

The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 3

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V 1.8.0 [9 June 2020]
  - Added: Deep linking options for Members and Team Filters. Template files need to be updated if overridden in theme.
  - Fixed: Conflict with some AJAX powered themes.
  - Fixed: JS based events added by other plugins in member content not working with Drawer preset.
  - Improved: AWSM Team module for Beaver Builder.
  - Other minor bug fixes and code improvements.

V 1.7.2 [30/03/2020]
  - Fixed: 'AWSM Team' Gutenberg block compatibility issues in WordPress 5.4.
  - Improved: Automatic plugin update handling.
  - Improved: Member edit screen styles.
  - Minor bug fixes.

V 1.7.1 [21 Feb 2020]
  - Fixed: Page reload issue in iOS when modal popup is opened.
  - Fixed: Members with Draft status appearing in Members dropdown under Team details.
  - Fixed: HTML content get stripped from Designation and Short Description fields.
  - Fixed: A conflict with NextGEN Gallery plugin that prevents a user from adding or editing member details in Gutenberg.
  - Improved: Modal and Slide-Ins presets animations.
  - Other minor fixes and style improvements.

V 1.7.0 [9 Dec 2019]
  - Added: Options to control the thumbnail image size for the team members.
  - Added: Drag and drop sorting for team filters.
  - Added: New icons in Links for members.
  - Fixed: Team members display issue when translations are applied for team filters.
  - Fixed: Flickering issue for team listing when team filters are applied.
  - Fixed: An issue in modal when a fixed header is used.
  - Fixed: Deprecated warning in the Elementor editor.
  - Improved: Post updated messages.
  - Other minor bug fixes and code improvements.

V 1.6.1 [14 November 2019]
- Fixed: Members reordering bug

V 1.6.0 [1 July 2019]
- Added: Elementor support
- Added: Beaver Builder support
- Fixed: Popup next/prev navigation bug when the teams are filtered

V1.5.0 [21 June 2019]
  - Added: Gutenberg block
  - Other UI and code improvements

V1.4.5 [18 June 2019]
  - Added: Automatic update feature
  - Fixed: Filtering not working when special characters added in the title

V 1.4.4 [12 June 2019]
  - Fixed: A bug not returning image size other than member featured images

V 1.4.3 [24 May 2019]
  - Fixed: URL escaping the issue of email addresses 

V 1.4.2 [20 May 2019]
  - Fixed: Bug that caused appearing of empty space while switching filters
  - Removed: Removed srcset from images
  - Added: Phone number detection from additional information and turned to link
  - Minor improvements

V 1.4.1 [26 April 2019]
  - Fixed: js error on iOS that prevented touch events

V 1.4.0 [24 April 2019]
  - Added: Sorting feature that will let you order team members by name, date etc
  - Added: Templating option that will help developers customize the team templates
  - Minor fixes and improvements

V 1.3.1 [27 March 2019]
  - Minor improvements 

V 1.3.0 [7 March 2019]
  - Added: Filter tabs feature 
  - Improved: Post thumbnail support for plugin
  - Improved: Member selection user experience

V 1.2.2 [30 January 2019]
  - Fixed: A bug that caused WPBakery Element not to work
  - Fixed: Drawer preset conflict in certain Ajax themes

V 1.2.1 [10 January 2019]
  - Fixed: A bug that caused a fatal error on WordPress 4.9.9 and earlier versions

V 1.2.0 [09 January 2019]
  - Added: New meta box under member custom post type to add team directly
  - Added: Team column in members' listing 
  - Added: Radom order option for team members
  - Added: AjaxComplete state to reinitiate scripts on ajax load for Ajax plugins and themes
  - Other overall improvements

V 1.1.4 [12 March 2018]
  - Added: HTML Support for fields
  - Minor improvements

V 1.1.3 [28 June 2017]
  - Fixed: A language localization bug

V 1.1.2 [15 June 2017]
  - Fixed: Typo in list preset
  - Fixed: Shortcode rendering on widget

V 1.1.1 [15 March 2017]
  - Fixed: Conflict with Flamingo plugin

V 1.1.0 [12 November 2016]
  - Added: Support for Ajax themes
  - Added: RTL Support
  - Fixed: Custom CSS issue when added multiple teams in a page
  - Fixed: Modal issues with Divi theme

V 1.0.5 [4 November 2016]
  - Fixed: Icon conflict issue
  - Fixed: Modal issue for Divi themes
  - Added: emailto: support for icons
  - Removed Modernizr to fix conflicts

Ver 1.0.4 [28 September 2016]
  - Fixed: Members limit issue
  - Improved: Overall CSS 

V 1.0.3 [2 September 2016]
  - Fixed: Custom CSS issue with page builders
  - Fixed: Scrollbar issue for mobile devices
  - Added: More icons

V 1.0.2 [26 August 2016] 
  - Fixed: Minor CSS issues

V 1.0.1 [25 August 2016] 
  - Added: 5 column option 
  - Improved: Responsive layouts 
  - Fixed: Various minor bugs

V 1.0 [17 August 2016] 
  - Initial release

The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 4

The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 5The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 6The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 7The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin - 8

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EP Advanced Testimonial – WordPress Testimonial Plugin



Best Testimonial Plugin in market. Most modern and Advanced Testimonial Plugin for WordPres

EP Advanced Testimonial Plugin for WordPress is the most powerful and user-friendly plugin that helps you to show elegant, modern, minimal style testimonial on your website. It featured with multiple layout types: grid, masonry, carousel, slider. We have 80 + premium pre-build style for you to choose from. We have specially styled video, and audio type testimonial too. You can easily customize any element of the testimonials to meet your overall site design style. You can choose the same style to any layout types. All Layouts are fully responsive and use a small amount to javascript. The best part of our plugin is the shortcode. You can use our shortcodes to show testimonials on posts, pages, widgets, and many more. It works perfectly with all page builder plugin.

EP Advanced Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

EP Advanced Testimonial Features

EP Advanced Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

You can easily switch between layout, style in shortcode generator and build perfect testimonial showcase for your website. This plugin support unlimted shortcode generate and save then in a Custom Post Type so that you can use them on multiple page, or multiple time and keep them store for future use as well.

EP Advanced Testimonial Plugin for WordPress
EP Advanced Testimonial Plugin for WordPress


  • Custom Post Types
  • Dedicated Shortcode generator
  • Save and store shortcodes
  • Easy customization
  • Display Latest Testimonial
  • Display testimonial from specific categories
  • Display specific testimonial items in a shortcode
  • Order Testimonial ascending and descending order
  • Order by Date, Name, Author, etc.
  • Multiple Testimonial Layouts.
  • 80+ Premium Testimonial styles.
  • grid, masonry, carousel, slider style
  • Testimonial Navigation style.
  • Google Font support
  • Responsive Design Layouts
  • Customizable font property
  • Multiple columns in layouts
  • Set specific columns for specific devices.

How to Get Started

1. Download the plugin from Enavto.
2. Go to Plugins>Add New>Upload
3. Select the file you just downloaded
4. Click On Install Now and Then Activate.
5. And You got it. create some nice testimonial and show it to world.

Want to add Extra custom and condition fields to WooCommerce checkout, Add extra fees based on field option? then check our new EP WooCommerce Advanced Checkout Addons

EP WooCommerce Advanced Checkout Addons

Change Log – History

Current Version – 1.0.0

1. Initial Release
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Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin



First Cashback Affiliate plugin for WordPress

Do you have Affiliate Website and want to push it on next level? Cashback model allows to track user’s purchases from network’s shops and send part of commission to user. This gives more reasons for visitors to make purchases on your site instead of direct visiting shops.

Owners of popular affiliate websites with cashback pay thousands of dollars to developers, because this requires API connections, user database and points, live tracking. We didn’t find any ready solution for cashback sites on WordPress and we decided to make own plugin because it was top request from our clients.

And now, you can create own cashback community on WordPress.

Cashback Tracker WordPress Plugin - 1

How it works

Cashback Tracker plugin has two main functions: Order tracking and integration in MyCred point system plugin. Next options are available in plugin:

  • Auto Sub ID. If you use shortcode from plugin for affiliate links (or our plugins Content Egg, Affiliate Egg) plugin will assign special Sub ID to each logged user.
  • Order tracking. When user purchases any product, plugin will track his order. By default, it will be pending. Once you get commission, order will be completed and you can share part of commission with user
  • Auto Creation of Advertiser’s pages. Plugin will take all your approved programs in affiliate network and will create Shop pages on your site, which can give you more traffic and sales
  • MyCred Integration. Plugin can create few point types. Each order status can be converted to points. MyCred plugin has a lot of extensions, you can pay users real money for their points or allow them to spend points on your site

Supported affiliate networks

Not all networks can be used for cashback and tracking, because network must have good feed and tracking API. Currently we made next modules:

  • Admitad Admitad

You can suggest other and we will review it

Affiliate Egg and Content Egg Integrations

CE + AE + CTracker bundle offer

All offers, links and deals which you added via CE and AE plugins can be converted to links with tracking support

Limited time offer! This plugin is available in Content Egg Pro + Affiliate Egg Pro + Cashback Tracker Pro bundle pack.
Check prices.

What are not included in plugin

  • Withdraw system. You can make payment request forms as described in our documentation, but we don’t include ready system, because it can be very different for each country
  • Profile pages. Plugin doesn’t have own profile pages, because we recommend to use Buddypress for this purpose or any other Membership plugin with support for Mycred
  • Coupons and deals generation from networks (we will work on this)

Multi Author Sites

Cashback tracker plugin can be used not only for Cashback sites. We also added special option which will enable sub ID to authors instead of users. This can be useful when you have several authors on your site and you want to pay part of commission to authors or track their conversion


We recommend to check documentation how Cashback tracker plugin works

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ZF WordPress Category Accordion



ZF WordPress Category Accordion plugin allows to show all categories as WooCommerce category accordion, WordPress category accordion, also support pages, WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Jigoshop, MarketPress Lite.

It supports shortcode vs widget with many options. So you can easily configure plugin to display what you want.

It is fully customizable to display categories with 7 color schemes. of course, you also can add more existing colors.

Key Features:

  • Support WooCommerce category accordion
  • Support WordPress category accordion
  • Support WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Jigoshop, MarketPress Lite.
  • Pages accordion ( accordion menus )
  • Translation ready
  • Support ShortCode vs Widget
  • Toggle Accordion
  • Arrow alignment (left or right)
  • Expanded first level child of active category/page
  • Open default any parent categories/pages
  • Highlight current categories while viewing a single post
  • Allow link to parent category
  • Support ‘click’ or ‘hover’ event
  • Change speed when expanding/collapsing categories.
  • 7 default color schemes.
  • Support ShortCode vs Widget
  • Show/Hide items count
  • Hide empty category/page
  • Exclude category/page
  • Include category/page
  • Limit number of categories/pages

Classic color sheme

ZF WordPress Category Accordion

Change Log:

14.03.2020 - Version 2.2
* Fixed hide empty categories for WooCommerce if the product is out of stock
04.01.2020 - Version 2.1
* Work with WordPress 5.3
* Fixed order by ID
* Added choose IDs to open default for widget
02.10.2019 - Version 2.0
* Work with WordPress 5.2
20.08.2015 - Version 1.9
* Added google ripple effect when clicking on link
* Added choose IDs to exclude for widget
* Added choose IDs to include for widget
28.06.2015 - Version 1.8
* WordPress 4.2.2 ready
* Fixed duplicated arrow on widget in some cases
10.02.2015 - Version 1.7
* WordPress 4.1 ready
* Allows only include certain Category/Page IDs
* Fixed 'order by' field
20.12.2014 - Version 1.6
* Improved open categories while viewing a single post
18.12.2014 - Version 1.5
* Added a shortcode button to the TinyMCE editor
* Open categories while viewing a single post
09.12.2014 - Version 1.4
* Fixed arrow css
* Fixed small bug of active category/page
05.12.2014 - Version 1.3
* Added arrow alignment (left or right)
* Expanded first level child of active category/page
* Open default any parent categories/pages
* Added german translation
06.11.2014 - Version 1.2
* Added pages accordion
* Fixed the antivirus doubts js file
* Support Jigoshop, MarketPress Lite, Easy Digital Downloads category accordion
* Support WP eCommerce category accordion
24.10.2014 - Version 1.1
* Fixed duration when entering the number value.
* Fixed not found '' file
* Added classic color scheme.
* Added level class to each category link.
* Put javascript to footer of page for loading the plugin faster.
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