PROBLEM: at this moment (08/26/2019) the action to get pictures of a user NO LONGER works.

Send Instagram email postcards from your website

Instapostcards is a small php tool that lets you send Instagram email postcards. The script is very simple to use and can be used to add some features to empty sites.
It allows visitors to choose an instagram user or #hashtag, view it’s last photo posted, choose a photo, compose a message and send it via email.
It doesn’t require any external API to connect to Instagram but uses the Minibots PHP class, which is included in this package.


To run this software you need a web hosting with PHP 5 and cURL module installed. The cURL module allows you to fetch contents from other sites from PHP scripts.

Minibots PHP Class INCLUDED

When you download this software you download also Minibots PHP class, which is a PHP library to help developers in making spiders and use free web services around the web.
Instapostcards and Minibots come from the same author, Giulio Pons.


v.1.0 - 28 september 2015 - First release
v.1.1 - 01 october 2015 - Bug fixed, stops sanding multiple emails
v.1.2 - 02 october 2015 - New function to activate and deactivate SMTP check
v1.3 - 15 april 2016 - Added support for Instagram Tags
v1.3 - 19 march 2018 - Fixed the get instagram user pics method (Instagram has changed)
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