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Version v2.0 coming really soon. Stay Tunned! All updates are FREE of charge for all existing customers.

See how the phpRestaurant v2 looks now by checking this video:

phpRestaurant - Restaurant Script with CMS - 1
P.S: The only remaining things to be completed are:

  • Checkout submissions security checks;
  • User account verifications/checks;
  • Optimization of all php files;
  • Few small CSS tweaks.

Hope to release it as soon as possible.

phpRestaurant - Restaurant Script with CMS - 2

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phpRestaurant – Full list of features

  • This script comes with a powerful CMS;
  • Supports multi-languages (Default languages: ENGLISH and ROMANIAN);
  • Book tables online – interactive way to book a table;
  • Make catering orders with foods managed from CMS;
  • Interactive foods book;
  • Events;
  • Photo galleries;
  • Contact page with Google Map Build-in – can be modified from Control Panel;
  • Contact page with Contact form;
  • 2 User roles (Administrator / Client);
  • Access the control panel via Login/Register features;
  • Reports – (for admins and managers only);
  • Manage foods – Add/Remove/Edit foods – (for admins and managers only);
  • Manage orders and bookings (for admins and managers only);
  • Manage events (Add events) (for admins and managers only);
  • Manage users (Add/edit/remove users) (for admins and managers only);
  • Change restaurant informations (for admins and managers only);
  • My account page (for any user role);
  • Fancy page preloader;
  • Control Panel with My account area;
  • 100% Responsive – Made with Bootstrap v3.2.0;
  • Mobile friendly Gallery and Events sliders;
  • Made with security in mind (Stable version);

Functional demos:

Check out the Control Panel: Control Panel

Log in as: Administrator
Username: admin
Password: 123456

Log in as: Client
Username: client
Password: 123456

Change LOG

=== phpRestaurant - Restaurant Script with CMS - 5 – MAJOR Update v2.0 – Coming Soon ===

[NEW] - WYSIWYG editor;
[NEW] - Drag and Drop Booking Rooms builder - Add/Remove/Edit Table shapes;
[NEW] - New Login Page(layout);
[NEW] - New Register Page(layout);
[NEW] - Possibility to reset your password via email confirmation;
[NEW] - Possibility to confirm new user via email;
[NEW] - Drag and Drop Table Booking Builder;
[NEW] - Social Login(Facebook and Twitter);
[NEW] - Back to top button for each page;
[NEW] - Testimonials section was redesigned;
[NEW] - Clients(logos) + function to show them on page by number;
[NEW] - Chefs(Members) + function to show them on page by number;
[NEW] - Mailchimp Subscribe Newsletter feature;
[NEW] - Google Analytics module;
[NEW] - Multiple Frontend functions were implemented for easy page build;
[NEW] - Multiple Frontend functions were implemented;
[NEW] - Manual Photo Gallery Creation;
[NEW] - Multiple Gallery layouts(2/3/4 columns);
[NEW] - Added New Language Selector Style - dropdown view;
[NEW] - Added Back-to-Top button for all pages from the site(frontend only);
[NEW] - Sticky header was added;
[NEW] - Complete new UI to improve the UX was added;
[NEW] - Social Share Buttons for Product Pages;
[NEW] - Export orders as Excel, CSV and PDF;
[NEW] - Export users as Excel, CSV and PDF;
[NEW] - Export products(foods) as Excel, CSV and PDF;
[NEW] - Export categories(of foods) as Excel, CSV and PDF;
[NEW] - Multiple SKIN-COLORS;
[NEW] - Cart Page;
[NEW] - Checkout Page;
[NEW] - Search for catering products page;
[NEW] - Header search for catering products feature;
[NEW] - Mini-Cart section on header;
[NEW] - New shop engine added;
[NEW] - Catering shop have now structured data;
[NEW] - Added Product category pages;
[NEW] - Added Product single pages;
[NEW] - Added Product options(such us eg: Pizza size[small/medium/big]);
[NEW] - Added related products;
[NEW] - Added Category/Product sidebar with widgets;
[NEW] - Added more widgets;
[NEW] - Testimonials slider widget(for use on sidebars);
[IMPROVED] - !!! - Check the documentation when upgrading to v2] - Database tables were altered;
[IMPROVED] - Admin panel;
[IMPROVED] - Improved translations;
[IMPROVED] - Improved stylesheet + Responsive style;
[IMPROVED] - Security of the platform(Updated the login/register engine);

=== MAJOR Update v1.4.0 – 19-MAR-2015 ===

[NEW] - Customer Testimonials;
[NEW] - About us page (Editable via WYSIWYG Editor);
[NEW] - Contact page WYSIWYG text widget;
[NEW] - Enabled 404 not found page;
[NEW] - Added .htaccess to improve platform stability;
[NEW] - CSS Animations and Effects;
[NEW] - AddThis Social Sharer is now integrated;
[NEW] - New Control Panel Layout;
[NEW] - New design for gallery page;
[NEW] - New page loader;
[IMPROVED] - Homepage top slider design;
[IMPROVED] - Responsiveness of the platform;
[IMPROVED] - Translates (EN & RO);

=== Update v1.3.0 – 03-JAN-2015 ===

[NEW] - Responsive Email templates with company logo included;
[NEW] - Email notifications for Contact Form;
[NEW] - Email notifications for Catering Orders (Administrator is now notified when an order is made/Customer is notified when makes an order);
[NEW] - Email notifications for Book-a-Table Orders (Administrator is now notified when an order is made/Customer is notified when makes an order);
[IMPROVED] - Homepage Gallery Block CSS Stylesheet;
[IMPROVED] - Main CSS stylesheet;
[IMPROVED] - Translates;

=== Update v1.2.2 – 05-DEC-2014 ===

[FIXED] - File uploader engine.
[NEW] - Posibility to change food thumnail.
[NEW] - Posibility to change event thumnail.
[NEW] - New modal.

=== Update v1.2.1 – 18-NOV-2014 ===

[NEW] - Added possibility to set a Rest Day in Open Hours;

=== Update v1.2 – 17-NOV-2014 ===

[NEW] - Added possibility to remove an event;
[NEW] - Added possibility to edit an event;
[NEW] - New design for events(Homepage block and Events page);
[IMPROVED] - Main CSS stylesheet;
[IMPROVED] - Backend CSS stylesheet;
[IMPROVED] - Translates;

=== Update v1.1 – 21-OCT-2014 ===

[NEW] - Added PayPal payment method for catering orders;
[NEW] - Added Pay-on-Delivery payment method for catering orders;
[NEW] - Added multiple restaurant ROOMS support(for book a table page);
[NEW] - Added social media links - footer of the site;
[NEW] - Added control panel - STYLING SETTINGS - users can change any color from control panel;
[NEW] - Added control panel - LANGUAGES - enable/disable languages from header;
[NEW] - Added control panel - SOCIAL MEDIA - add/edit/remove social media links;
[NEW] - Added control panel - PAYMENT SETTINGS;
[NEW] - Database table 'informations' was upgraded;
[NEW] - Improved informations control panel page with new features;
[NEW] - Removed manager user role;
[NEW] - Only client users can register now via register page;
[FIXED] - Gallery thumbnails issue;
[FIXED] - Events thumbnails issue;
[FIXED] - Minor CSS issues;
[FIXED] - Minor CSS issues on smartphones and tablets;

=== Initial release v1.0 – 09-OCT-2014 ===

[RELEASED] - v1.0;
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