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Easy Email Management is a PHP script that allows you to force your users to verify their email addresses without any coding .You can easily customise this script to work with your existing script and start managing users using its powerful admin panel.It is very easy to integrate and well documented.

Live preview is currently removed and is moving to Official site.

Once you installed EEM on your existing script its all done.
It looks like this –
You install EEM in just one step

A user goes to your site and login/register

If his email is verified nothing fancy happens.

But if his email is not verified he will be redirected for email verificayion

User is now completely blocked and whenever he tries to login he will be redirected

Once he verified email using EEM wizard (On redirected page)

He will be automatically redirected to his/her home

On the other side EEM includes a non-public admin panel

You can log into admin panel and easily manage users

Features –

  • One step integration.
  • Powerful admin panel.
  • Easy to customise and setup.
  • Supports every user management system/script.
  • Block unverfied users.
  • Force email verification.
  • Automattically remove spams.

Admin features –

  • Verify emails
  • Expire verifications
  • View / Remove emails
  • Multi value search
  • Admin logs are added which alows admin to UNDO / view changes maded
  • Stats with percentage bars

Security features –

  • Prepared SQL staement only for admin settings
  • Double checked for SQL injections
  • Added a XSS attack protecting function
  • Complete CSRF attack protection
  • Admin panel is not public

Updated v 1.2.0 – 13/06/2016

– Added admin logs (Easy to undo/view changes maded by admin)
– Added Smart color tables
– Added a Filter for spams
– Added navigation on settings page
– Improved search(redirection removed)

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