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Project Creator is an ultimate tool to make a project from number of created modules. You can create a website in less than half an hour if you have its modules with yourself.
Also, you can use the technology of Project Creator in your PHP scripts if you have a website and want to implement module installer in it.

How does it work?
When you want to add something inside your project, what do you do?
Copy new files?
Edit existing files
Execute some SQL queries to create/update your tables
Project Creator does all of these actions for you!


  • Create a website in less than half an hour from created modules.
  • Create modules and put actions to do with projects (Copy new files, edit existing files, execute SQL queries) in it.
  • Unique XML-based module installer language
  • Online file manager and editor for modules/projects
  • Export modules after creating as a .zip file
  • Export projects after creating as a .zip file

Installation requirements
Supported OS: Windows, Linux
PHP version: 5 and later
MySQL version: 4 and later
Required PHP modules: zip (to export modules/projects)
Browsers: All major browsers (IE 7+, Firefox 4+, Google Chrome 7+, Opera 9+, Safari)

Help me
If you found any problems or errors (e. g. live preview not working), feel free to email me using the form on right sidebar of my profile page. Thanks!

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