The Fears of a New Client


Several times recently, when I have signed on a new client, they express their fear about making a commitment to a 12-month program and it seems that they are afraid of more than just one thing. I’d like to address these fears so that if you are a client who has just hired a coach or is thinking of hiring a coach, you will understand your emotions around your decision and what to do about them. And if you are a coach, this will help you understand a client’s fears so you can help them work through them and follow through with the program.

Clients can fear a long-term commitment just because 12 months seems like a long time. They think, “How can I make that long of a commitment when everything is so uncertain?”

Of course, in the life of a business, a year is not very long. And it certainly isn’t a very long time to learn all the ins and outs of running and marketing a business.

Nevertheless, they can be afraid that something might happen to prevent them from finishing the program. This could be a downturn in finances, an accident, a family emergency, or an acute health problem. But what’s the focus on here?

The focus is on what could go wrong. People tend to get stuck in that mode when purchasing something—i.e. what if something goes wrong? It may seem natural to react that way, but actually focusing on the negative is unnatural. When hiring a coach, the natural feeling should be one of excitement, enthusiasm, and anticipation. Their investment in a coach is going to move their business forward. Shouldn’t that feel exciting?

Another new client’s unexpressed fear is, will they get results? Will it be worth the investment? Or is this just another bright, shiny object they should have avoided? This may just be because they don’t actually know the person they are hiring. They may be familiar with the coach from being on their mailing list, seeing videos of them, and learning from them. But it may still feel risky.

However, hiring a coach to help with a business is an investment. Yes, it’s also a risk, but so is starting a business. You are at risk every day of going out of business. And yet you still work your business every day. So you have to take on some risk when you hire someone to help you.

Still another fear that I see in new clients is that they are afraid that they may not be able to take the necessary actions to get the prescribed results. They might fail. They may not make it after all. They may lose interest, or get overwhelmed, like they have in the past. And this program will just go on the shelf with all the other unfinished programs.

But this fear is mostly based on a lack of confidence in their own abilities. The reality is that they are in control and they get to decide what they will complete and what actions they will take. That’s also why they are paying the coach they have hired. Shelling out hard-earned money is a strong incentive to do the work.

So if you are thinking of hiring a coach to help you with your business, be prepared for these fears to surface and here’s how to deal with them:

· Make a long-term commitment to your business

· Feel excitement and anticipation when you embark in a new program

· Be willing to take a risk and if it doesn’t work out, be willing to keep trying things

· Have the confidence that you can do anything if you put your mind to it

If you have this kind of mindset, you’ll be able to experience much more enjoyment when you hire a coach, and you’re more likely to get results!

And if you have clients who have these fears, you can help them work through them by:

· Supporting them in their decision to hire you

· Helping them feel the excitement of getting involved in your program and show your enthusiasm—it’s contagious

· Reminding them of past clients results and/or case studies to give them evidence that you are trustworthy

· Reassuring them that you believe they can take all the necessary actions to be successful in your program and get the results they desire

When you incorporate these points into your enrollment conversation, you will instill more confidence in your clients’ decision to hire you.

Source by Jeannette Koczela

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