No Silver Bullets: 8 Maxims From Fran Tarketan


There are no silver bullets in business. Secret weapons don’t exist. You can’t wake up and hope you make sales. Oh yeah, you need sales. No business survives without selling stuff. I know guru’s promise you that you “Never” have to sell anything to make money. Their systems do the selling for you. If that was true you would be rich now.

Think about it. Athletes train for years before they cash in. Entertainers work side jobs for a long time before they establish a career. Furthermore, these people practice their craft for hours a day. Honing their skills through persistence, perseverance, and consistency. They “Work”. Then they look to improve on that work.

Work + Learning = Magic

I converse with people everyday. Most of them are looking for that secret formula that will cure their financial woes. People want a “Sure Thing” that can help change their financial future. Truth be told, the real question is, “How much can I earn with the least amount of time, effort, and money”. People are lazy. Most want the path of least resistance.

Work is the secret formula. Improving your skills, investing in yourself, and following successful systems are the ingredients that will help you become successful. Again I refer to Athletes and Entertainers. You see the tangible results when you hear about their contract and blockbuster deals. (Don’t envy them )imitate their work ethics, their drive, and the willingness to do what others won’t to cash in on their opportunities.

8 Maxims from Fran Tarkenton

Who is Fran Tarkenton? Look him up. Only a NFL Hall of Famer and very successful business man. Mr. Tarkenton says that there are no magic tricks. No silver bullets that will make you an over night success. Over night successes takes years to develop. Here are his 8 Maxims for business success:

Maxim 1 Help People

Be honest and transparent. Tell the truth all the time even when it cost you sales. The reason why you are in business is to help people solve problems. Those businesses that serve the most people make the most money.

Maxim 2 Learn From Successful People

Why reinvent the will? Talk to successful people. Read their books, watch their videos, buy their training programs. Imitate them then innovate on what you learn. Professionals have coaches and so should you. Accelerate your learning curve by using successful models.

Maxim 3 No Silver Bullets

As mentioned earlier there are no silver bullets. Work and preparation are the ingredients to you earning money in business. You don’t go from $4000 per month to one million dollars over night. Success comes in increments. But you must test marketing campaigns, try new promotions, and ask your customers what can make your business better.

Maxim 4 Reinvent Yourself

The best investment is in yourself. Always look for ways to improve. Technology changes and you have to recognize that. Don’t get stuck. Business models that stay the same get left behind. Always look for new ways to connect with your customers and how to acquire new customers.

Maxim 5 Sense of Desperation

Don’t rest on your laurels. Add a sense of desperation. It doesn’t have to be constant but stay hungry. You really never “Make It”. Change happens. Never assume that things will always remain the same. That something will always work and that something will never work. Errors of assumption can ruin your business.

Maxim 6 Learn More From Your Failures

You will fail more than you succeed. Don’t believe me. A major league baseball player can get 3 hits for every 10 at bats and be considered and all-star. He is only hitting 30% of the time. A quarterback can complete 60% of his passes and have a great year. A center can only hit 50% of his field goals and dominate a game. These professionals are failing half of the time.

People think failure is a sign to quit. No it’s a sign to get better. You know what doesn’t work. You can test and see what needs to be changed. What can I do next time so this will not happen. Embrace failure and get better.

Maxim 7 Sales = Cashflow

You have to sell stuff. Sales is the life-blood of business. Sales equal cashflow and cashflow keeps you in business. I have seen plenty of people go start a business and sales is in the back of their mind. Learn how to sale. Learn how to market to get more sales. Sales is the #1 priority. I don’t know how people miss this point. If you hate sales don’t own a business.

Maxim 8 Nothing Takes the Place of Work

You have to work. People who say making millions is easy are lying to you. Hard work then increasing your skills will lead to business prosperity. Don’t fall into the trap of using short cuts or looking for the next big thing. The deal of the century comes around everyday. But those deals require work. If you are looking for wealth without the work you will be greatly disappointed.

There you have the 8 Maxims from Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton. Considered the first dual threat quarterback. Also a successful business man for over 40 years.

Source by Charles Fitzgerald Butler

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