Android RSS Reader




Read all your favorite Websites, Blogs, News Sites, Videos and more all in one place.
Easily enter and manage RSS Feeds and read all your articles, news, Videos or posts at one place.


Add / Delete RSS Feeds
Users can add their favorite sites or feeds based on news, entertainment, blogs, articles, videos etc and view updated posts

Add / Delete Categories
Users can organize RSS feeds or websites in category based sorting like News, Articles, Recipes, Movies, Jokes etc for easy sorting

View feeds Offline with Photos and Text
Download articles and view content, photos etc even in offline mode and the content is formatted for mobile screen

Share posts via Email, Facebook, Twitter
Users can share posts with friends using social networking sites, email and can even bookmark posts

Supports Popular News Feeds, Video feeds etc
Users can add several types of news and blog formats including not limited to RSS and ATOM etc

Automatic Notifications and updates
Automatic download Articles option and get notifications after update is complete; always get updated content and latest news

Add banners or Admob code
Monetize your Android App by adding banners or Admob code

Mobile friendly appearance
Swipe left/right or using navigation buttons to view previous/next articles, mark as read, auto mobilize articles to view and search content

Full Source Code
We provide full source code with video help file

Live Demo:

Installation Video:

Add Action Bar:


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