Text Reader – Text To Speech for jQuery



What is Text Reader?

Text Reader is lightweight Text To Speech solution based on jQuery and PHP.

Its super easy way for make Your product presentation or website more attractive.


  • Multilingual text reading (speaking) in 44 languages
  • jQuery and PHP based solution
  • Lightweight solution with integrated cache system
  • Automatic cleaning input text for optimize reading progress
  • Results preloading at background
  • HTML 5 based audio playing – no flash required
  • Callbacks for easy communication with Your website
  • Fully configurable
  • Voice volume, speaking speed, muting/unmuting – configurable on the fly

Easy usage


    $.textReader.read("Hello World", "en", function (){

        alert("Speaking complete");

Features & requirements

Supported languages list

Simple demo

Solution is based on Google speaking service.

If You have license to other text to speech service or You are interested other speech, paid service (Ivona for example) please contact with me.

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