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password: admin

Full Specifications

  • Material design and color Standard
  • Relatively clean design and codes
  • Minimum external libraries
  • Simple, powerful and customizeable backend panel using ReactJs
  • Support multiple categories and #tags
  • Support HTML webview content with customizable styles
  • Support customized content paging using infinity scroll
  • Support RTL layout (Android and Web admin)
  • Save news for offline reading
  • Support Firebase push notification integration
  • Support Firebase analytics integration
  • Multilingual support – English, Arabic, Spanish, Portugese and Indonesian (Android and Web Admin)
  • Support pull to refresh layouts
  • Complete API documentation for further customization

What’s Included?

  • Full android source code (Java & XML)
  • Full web admin source code (Reactjs Project)
  • Full core service source code (Nodejs + MongoDB Project)
  • Full project and API documentation
  • Firenews-Demo.apk


- Added pull to refresh layout
- Added save news for offline reading feature
- Firebase analytics integration is now available
- Firebase cloud messaging push notification is now available
- Added language support for Arabic-SA, Spanish, Portugese and Indonesian
- Added Notification settings
- Several bug fixes
- added RTL layout support
- several bug fixes
- initial release


- Added RTL layout support
- Added language support for Arabic-SA, Spanish, Portugese and Indonesian
- Set featured image from gallery
- Send push notification to app
- Login issue when password is empty
- Several bug fixes 
- several bug fixes
- initial release

Additional Note

  • Before buying this item, please check whether your hosting provider supports Node.js and MongoDB services.
  • We would recommend you to use VPS or Cloud services such as Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, AWS, etc.
  • All of the images used as dummy contents are from Pexels

External Libraries

- Glide -
- Retrofit -
- React CK Editor - 
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