What is the Best Method to Generate Targeted Traffic?


If you are confused and overwhelmed with so much information and need some guidance as to what is the best method to generate targeted traffic for your website so you can stay focused and not waste your time, below are the tips that could help you.

I understand where you are coming from especially when you have different methods to choose from such as ezine marketing, article marketing, viral marketing, search engine optimization, ppc, hubpages, blogging, YouTube and myspace just to name a few.

Regardless of what method you choose it really depends on the medium that you are comfortable working with. The medium mentioned above are some of the method that I am using currently to generate targeted traffic to my website.

I personally started with article marketing because I like to write and share information. I do research on the net on the topic of my interest such as internet marketing. I read about traffic generation using different mediums and I would implement some of the strategies and write an article about it.

Based on my experience article marketing is the best method to generate free targeted traffic because it allows you to brand yourself. You get to write the topic of your interest and publish your article so like minded people can read about it and automatically you are view as an expert. Article marketing is permanent when you post an article in article directory it last forever and if your article is good other private website will add the content on their site.

By sharing your information with like minded people you are helping them to solve their problem and adding value to people lives. This is the most important, when you add value to people lives and not expecting anything in return people are more likely to join you because they see the value that you have to offer.

The point that I want to bring across is not to just focus one medium to generate traffic. Pick one medium that you are comfortable working with and focus on generating traffic only with that medium. Once you become proficient with that medium and generating decent traffic you pick the second medium and focus on it until you become proficient and so on. You want to have traffic coming from different medium so if anything happen to one you still have traffic coming from other medium.

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