Traffic Kahuna – The Truth About Traffic Kahuna


Here’s the ideal scenario for any internet marketer – becoming part of a system where webmasters exchange work together in sending each other all the traffic they want, give each other all the one way links they can handle and publish each other’s articles on their websites whenever they want.

The best part is, they ask each other nothing in return. I guess it’s a dream many webmasters have each night trying to think of ways of driving traffic to their sites.

The Hawaiian term for medicine man is kahuna and more than 90% of webmasters are looking for a traffic kahuna to help them get their websites some traffic love.

Online Webmaster Co-ops

In this article, we want to suggest the idea of a webmaster’s co-op where instead of competing with each other for traffic fodder, they instead work with each other and promote each other’s sites.

Sounds a little far-fetched doesn’t it but when you explore this concept deeper, it starts to promote some very powerful benefits.

Let’s take a look at an example of a co-op in the offline world. Let’s say a group of fruit growers in a particular area banded together and formed a co-op.

It makes sense because instead of trying to out do each other when it came time to sell their crops, by banding together, it gives them greater leverage at the bargaining table when it’s time to negotiate with buyers who’s main aim is always to buy the fruit at the lowest price.

But if they were suddenly confronted by a co-op situation, their bargaining power would be diminished, the fruit growers would all be getting their fair share of the spoils instead of having to bargain separately and in the end, most would see an improved bottom line.

The Traffic Kahuna Effect

It’s a similar scenario for internet marketers. By leveraging off each other’s articles, blog posts and linking strategies, instead of fighting each other for traffic, each would be utilizing one another’s assets to build their own.

It’s a cure any traffic kahuna would be proud to come up with. The thing is, such co-ops do exist online and getting a back door invitation is actually harder than the art of driving traffic to your site.

Source by Dean Caporella

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