Sound Meter Android



Sound Meter is a Professional sound level meter with attractive graphics for your android device.
It measures loudness or sound pressure (SPL) in decibels (db).


– Analog meter, digital value and graphical changes on a single screen with no extra use of buttons
– Screen Display for matching the Noise Levels like conversation, traffic, jet plane sounds
– 0db to 140db+ range
– max/min values display
– 5% max error (depends on device hardware)
– predefined calibration
– Level displayed through analog meter as well as with digital value in decibels
– Two different analog meters.


1. Due to microphone limitations on different android devices, the meter range is different, usually the low end of the scale cannot be achieved due to the microphone noise and the upper end of the scale is limited by the microphone distortion on high levels.
2. Devices employing AGC (Automatic Gain Control) will have significant measurement errors and limited range. This is not application’s fault.

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