How to Get Server Melting Traffic to Your Website


If you want to survive in online business, you have to intimately know the secrets of building traffic. In this article, I am going to discuss key strategies that have been used by master webmasters for years, including few of the latest web 2.0 stuff. So let’s get started.

1. Link building – One technique that has never failed to bring success is link building. Almost all the techniques, tricks came and went, but link building is still here since the internet started. You should spend a lot of time to get any kind of incoming link to your website.

2. Article Distribution – Believe it or not, this still works. Even if you are not getting any traffic from the articles, the link juice will build up overtime and will help you get traffic in long run.

3. On page Search engine optimization – Basic SEO stuff still works, that’s why lots of webmaster optimize their tags and word on WordPress platform.

4. Building a WordPress blog – One of the SEO technique is about building a regularly updated WordPress blog. It has been noticed by web masters how WordPress blogs are in favor of Google since ages ago. It’s the structure of the blog that Google favors. It isn’t going anywhere. You can surely create a blog right now and start getting benefits from it.

5. Social bookmarking – In last few years, this technique fell out of favor. As they said “It’s been abused much”. But the truth is, social bookmarking still works, if you know what you are doing. Think about sharing some good stuff with others, then you’ll be able to create content that can be bookmarked.

6. Web 2.0 properties – Web 2.0 properties like, are another way to get traffic. You should think of them as Owning a Virtual real estate. Creating these properties will help you build link juice and also get traffic from these communities.

7. Publishing videos – Though not everyone can use this technique properly, it should not be overlooked. If you can create videos and submit, you’ll get traffic.

As you can see, Almost every single technique is based on building link one way or another. If you focus on getting links to your website, you’ll start build the kind of traffic you always desired.

Source by Andrew N Johnson

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