How to Generate Traffic For Free


Traffic is one thing which is important to any website. Without traffic, a website is useless as no one will be able to locate, view the site and read its contents. No one will be interested to try and purchase the product or service being advertised – because no one saw it.

Marketers often hire virtual assistants or traffic specialists to help them generate more traffic. There are also others who buy marketing packages in independent advertising firms. Others purchase subscriptions for traffic generating software. The bottom line from all of these is purchasing the traffic generating items and services will definitely cost something. There is also no guarantee it can actually generate traffic as the marketer desires.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to generate traffic to a website without having to spend a dime. Here are some ways:

1. Create your own article.

Writing an article is easy. Just provide a neutral article of approximately 500 words in length. Be sure to include keywords related to the website you are promoting. Using links either in the body of the article or through the end of the article can make all the difference.

2. Submit on directories.

There are thousands of directories and submission sites on the internet to receive your submissions. Most of these directories accept entries for free. There are link, bookmark, article and press release directories which accept entries as long as they meet their editorial policies.

3. Use keywords everywhere.

Keywords are like the lifeblood of search engine optimization. Keywords make it possible for the website to be searched and to appear in the top pages of the search engines result pages. If the chosen keywords are appropriate, the marketing campaign is off to a good start.

4. Find forums and blogs.

Blogs and forums may look like a place for exchanging ideas and more but they can also be a good marketing tool. Find the right forums and blogs in the target niche. This way, they can be informed of your website. It must be remembered that most of these forums and blogs have moderators so be sure the comment or post does not just contain the link. It must also have good content to go with it.

These are just a few of the ways to generate traffic to a website without spending a dime. Use these techniques in order to improve the rankings of a site on a search engine results page.

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