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Do not let anyone tell you that getting free targeted traffic to your website is easy. Since you are doing it free you are going to need to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing because you are not going to out source your work. Also, free traffic does not include “Pay Per Click” (or PPC) advertising because that would mean you would be paying. The way I am able to generate free targeted website traffic consistently is by doing a number of things.

I have come to terms that the search engines praise the amount of links you have pointing back to your site. Also, the search engines like these links to be from a variety of different sources, and they like it to be gradual. Search engines will give you a high ranking on your targeted keywords if your site is optimized correctly and if you gradually make your site look like it is growing larger every week.

For example, point a couple of back links to your site the first day. After a couple days have passed point some more links to your site. The whole purpose of this is to make it look like your website is getting more popular. The search engines will love this. For my back links I like to use articles, social bookmarking, you tube videos, and forums primarily. Also, if you could find any “top dog” sites which already have good positions in the search engines for keywords that you are going to be trying to target it is recommended that you contact these sites and ask them to put a link back to your site. In exchange for putting your link to your site you can tell them that you will link back to theirs. This is a fair trade and most good internet entrepreneurs will be more then willing to do a link swap with you.

Yes, I mentioned forums. Some of you may be asking how can a forum be good for linking? Well, a forum is actually an excellent way to build targeted traffic to your site and here is how. When you go to a forum people are asking questions. Maybe you are selling a product that helps a guitar player play guitar. You notice a question on a forum that is asking what to buy an electric or an acoustic guitar first. This would be a great opportunity for you to spill some knowledge you have on the subject. Make sure you edit your forum signature so that it links back to your site before you make your post and write your answer. This is a great way to build credibility in your niche, and people will start to think of you as the “go to person” for their questions. This means more money for you because they will be easy sales. It is important to stay active on these forums so you can keep getting those links pointing back to your site along with gaining more credibility.

Articles, You Tube videos, and social bookmarking are all great ways to get traffic. All you need to do is take a second and write about what you are selling. You can either submit these articles to an article directory, to your own site, speak them in a microphone and turn them into a video, or of course all of the above.

Like I said it is important to not flood your links back to you site all at once because you want to make it look like your site is growing. So keeping that in mind, do not stress out if you can not write 5 articles each and everyday. Just try to stay active on those forums, and spread the word about your product to people on a personal level. Just be consistent and your free targeted web site traffic will increase.

Source by Jeffrey M Louis

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