Building Long Term Traffic For Your Squidoo Lens


There has been a lot of hype around the internet about how easy it is to create a squidoo lens and the traffic and money will just start flowing. While many new lenses experience an almost magical high rankings in Google they are unlikely to keep it for very long without the proper promotion. In addition if you want to have a good lensrank within squidoo then you can’t just throw up some content and abandon it and expect any long term success.

In order to get long term traffic from the search engines and a good lensrank I recommend the following actions to give your lens staying power.

1. Join groups in squidoo about the same topics as your lens. This will give your lens traffic, links and also help boost its lensrank.

2. Update your lens regularly by adding quality content that readers will find helpful. This will bring three main benefits. First of all your lensrank will greatly improve if you regularly add new content. Secondly the Google spiders will crawl your lens more often resulting in ranking for more keywords and hence more traffic. Finally some of your visitors will keep returning to your lens to read the new material. This is very important because as many affiliate marketers already know you make your money on the return traffic.

3. Get links and traffic from other websites by publishing articles, using bookmarking sites, forums and blogs. You should vary the words in your links to rank for more keywords and it will also look more natural to google.

4. Use tags on your lenses. This will bring in more traffic. I recommend using no more than 20 tags though so you should choose your tags carefully. They should be less competitive keywords.

By doing these four things to promote and grow your lens it should ensure its long term success.

Source by Aaron Ballantyne

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