Which Industries have the Most Solo Professionals?


The other day someone asked me what a solo professional was, so I explained this to them and then they asked me a question which made me stop and think a bit. Their question was simple enough and it was indeed a very good one as well; Which industries do you think have the most solo professionals. Well after a day or so of considering this let me tell you what I have come up with.

You see it is not necessarily the industry, which has the most solo professionals in it, but rather the type of work they do within their industries. The types of people who are solo professionals are in legal, financial, consulting, speaking, writing, training, programming and thinking. And what industries are they specializing in? Well you will find these types of folks in every industry because every industry needs legal professionals, financial professionals, consulting professionals and so on.

Currently with labor supply tight many superstars of industry sub-sectors just cannot find the people they need to duplicate their abilities and rather than beating their heads against the wall to try, they simply go it alone. I can tell you this however, generally it is those solo professionals who behind the scenes are making it happen and if you are working with one or many of them, you are smart cookie indeed.

Source by Lance Winslow

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