What Do You Think Leadership Is?


A nice buzzword, but what does that mean exactly, leadership? What does it mean to be a good leader? We do not really know but we recognize it when we see one!

I regularly give a “lunch and learn” conference on leadership. The first thing I do is to put pictures of people on the screen and to ask the audience, is that person a good leader? The answers are always surprising. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what a leader or a good leader is. Intuitively, we know when we like to work “for” someone. We like their ideas, we want to follow them, we want to move forward with this leader. We don’t really ask why.


– Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or the hierarchical position in a company.

– Leadership has nothing to do with titles.

– Leadership is not being a manager.

Because you are a manager or a vice-president, people think you’re a leader, but that isn’t the key, not at all. Leadership is the ability to influence, engage and motivate others in achieving success of a common goal. Here is a basic list of desired qualities in a good leader.


– Competent, courageous, honest and credible.

– Energetic, dynamic, positive and full of vitality.

– Has the ability to translate their vision into reality.

– Helps people discover their strengths, while delegating and inspiring.

– Good communicator, knows themselfves well and trusts their intuition.

Before wanting to be a leader, ask yourself, why? Remember that you can be a top executive without being a leader. Should you want to become one, how does it work? First, you need to stop gossiping, stop bitching about everything that bothers you and above all else, stop being passive. A leader looks for solutions instead of complaining, a leader acts. Second, you must get to know yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What kind of person are you?

A test I know that is useful is the “360 review”. You fill out the test, your boss, your colleagues and your employees as well. The test is completely confidential and the results provide you with a view of what you think of yourself versus the perceptions of everyone else. There are questions like: Are you a good communicator, do you delegate, etc. You can type test 360 in Google and you will have multiple examples (free or not) of the test.

The Nova is also an excellent test to determine your personality type. It is based on the following types: organizing, directive, standard, coordinated, cooperative, easy, expansive, promoting. These types are separated into four colors: red, blue, green and yellow. This test demonstrates how to communicate as a leader, according to your profile versus the profile of the person you are with. Even if the other person has not been tested, we can assume their profile by using your knowledge of this person versus the test.

Then to develop leadership skills, we must continue learning to be an expert in our chosen field. It’s important to have credibility as a leader. We must also take risks and take our place, express our opinions and propose changes to improve our work environment.

Is everyone a leader? No. Can people who want to become leaders do it? Yes, in my opinion. But do not forget to ask yourself, why would you want to be a leader?

Source by Sophie Lamarche Barnes

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