Happiness Comes From Within?


When one thinks of happiness what comes to mind? The next vacation, your dream home, a salary raise, the weekend, debt freedom, retirement? To some these external ideals are but an idea of what happiness is. But how many people have achieved their dreams only to find themselves still unhappy, still searching for that next rush that will bring them happiness. Is it lasting? Let’s seek to find how happiness comes from within.

When we think about our families and our children we want their happiness. When they are young we derive a sense of pleasure from their achievements; a soccer trophy, a good report card. Does it make us happy when we achieve our fitness goals? When we get to that perfect weight and can fit in to that outfit…will there be happiness then? Are these external factors for happiness or does happiness come from within?

One day you find yourself stuck in traffic, late for an engagement, feeling that all too familiar feeling rising up from your gut. You feel a tightening in your chest and all of a sudden you start to lay on your horn, angry and frustrated at all these things around you that are out of your control. Then by the time you get home the evening goes from bad to worse.

Is there a solution for this constant search for personal happiness? How could things have played out differently? Are you looking for happiness in all the wrong places? Can any one thing make you happy? What if the things around you never changed, but your response to them did? All the more reason to think that perhaps happiness comes from within.

Imagine for a minute that all of these “things” were no longer there. Where would your personal happiness come from now? Perhaps you could try this 21 day experiment…a fast of sorts. It takes 21 days to change a habit after all. Create for yourself a simple life. Take the time to look around you in thanksgiving. During this 21 days keep a journal and write down all of the things that you are thankful for every day. It might be that you woke up this morning. It might be your first cup of coffee, or that your car started. It might be that you woke to the gentle falling of rain against your window.

Next, start to listen to the proclamations that come out of your mouth. Then, ponder the statement “out of the heart the mouth speaks.” That is a true statement. It reflects what is being discussed here that happiness comes from within. If you watch what comes out of your mouth you will get a true indicator of what is going on within you; in your heart. Have you also heard of the term “believe till you will receive?” Well, try this…try speaking the things that you imagine for yourself. Make a choice for happiness. For example, as you hear the words come out of your mouth “I am sick and tired of always being ________”. This is a real core belief statement that just leaked out, most of the time unnoticed. Try instead saying “I am so thankful that I always receive_______”.

This is not an easy venture, but by the end of the 21 days you will discover some real core beliefs that you hold and then you have a decision to make. Will you choose to be happy? Will you become conscious of the thoughts and words that you speak? Will you choose to change your thinking? The question was “Does happiness come from within?” It is very evident that happiness does come from within; from the decision to create your own personal happiness and turn your life around. Perhaps it is the sense of inner peace and contentment. The choice is yours.

Source by Nicole Roberts

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