Why Is Leadership Important? – 3 Reasons Why We Need Leadership


Leadership is important for a variety of reasons and will be explored further in this post. As you reflect on what leadership represents, as well as the significance of it, contemplate the role that you will play in your own personal development and leadership development.

Some people say that leaders are born, others say that leaders are created and others like myself believe that leaders are a combination of the two. Not everyone is a leader and that is alright. If everyone was a leader there would be no one to follow, but do be mindful of the fact that the most successful leaders are also good followers.

There is a reason for this, it is because leadership is a constantly evolving characteristic and it needs to be developed. As a leader you will follow those that are closer to where you want to be in your own life and in turn you will become a better leader.

Reason #1 Why we need leadership: Leaders help turn chaos into opportunity. They have the ability to organize a group of individuals and motivate them to achieve great results. Without leaders, change is difficult. Change happens when someone makes the decision to step up and say “It’s time for change” think about this for a moment. Think about the impact that people like Martin Luther King made during his lifetime. He rose to become a leader that inspired the masses. His “I have a dream” speech is still taught in schools today. He is a reminder of the importance of leadership.

Reason #2 Why we need leadership: Once the dust has settled the leaders are the ones that keep things moving. What that means is that even though the project is finished doesn’t mean the work is over. Take project managers for example, after the project has been turned in everyone is ready to call it a day but there is still work to be done. A leader will inspire their team to finish up unpleasant work so they can reap the rewards of their efforts.

Reason #3 Why we need leadership: This may sound odd but we need leadership because as human’s we want to hold someone responsible when things go wrong. No one wants to be the person responsible but a good leader will accept responsibility for not just their mistakes but in some cases, they may even accept the responsibility for the mistakes of their team. This is because a good leader understands that taking the time to develop and motivate their team to achieve favorable results is their responsibility. If they fail in that responsibility, they take the experience and they grow from it because of reason #1.

Remember, the world can be a chaotic place, leaders can play a vital and important role in helping us to navigate through this place. That is why leadership is important and it is why we need leadership.

Source by Jennifer S Benson

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