True Happiness Begins in the Mind


Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Happiness is a choice, not happenstance. It doesn’t come with material wealth or a “stable” life. It doesn’t come with the perfect spouse or the ideal job.

True happiness is from within. When you really begin to pay attention to yourself, your thoughts, and your reactions, you will realize just how often you choose negativity over happiness. It’s so easy to be miserable, sad, and negative – especially when tough circumstances trigger those emotions. It requires greater effort to be positive. And making that effort consistently can drastically change the quality of your life.

I challenge you to consciously choose everyday how you feel and how you respond. Become acutely aware of what’s happening on the inside of you at every moment. Choose to overcome negative emotions, like fear, anger, sadness, anxiety. Acknowledge when you feel them and then make the conscious decision to work through them at that very same moment they surface. Be present in the moment and guard your thoughts. Strategically search for reasons to be grateful, to be peaceful. Decide to be positive. You control your mind. Your ability to do this effectively affects your spiritual, emotional and physical well being!

Within all of us there is a light at our center called the “solar plexus.” It’s the place where your life energy emanates. Positive energy brightens this light. Negative energy dims it. When this inner light shines brightly you experience health, prosperity, and good relationships. Great opportunities come your way.

But when this light is dim from negativity, you experience dis-ease, disharmony, contention and strife. Like the sun in the sky that gives life to all things on this planet, you need the sun within you to shine bright for vitality, well-being and growth. It’s imperative that you fill your mind with positivity – it creates your happiness.

Don’t seek externally for what must be created internally. Abraham Lincoln is right: If you want to be happy, make up your mind to be so! Be conscious and take purposeful action, and you’ll find that true happiness is much closer than you thought.

Source by Molesey Knox-Brunson

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