The Key of Happiness (Poetic Prose)


Have you ever felt so happy, that you thought the world was perfect and that nothing could ever dim your joy? Have you ever felt so alone, that may be a shy and tremulous tear appeared in the window of your soul? Have you ever wonder why? Why cannot we those feelings control? They attack us by surprise, overwhelming our world, submerging us in a sea of confusion and endless gloom. We all dream about a life without pain, sadness or stress; most people think that it is a utopia taken from a fiction movie or from a poet’s mind.

The key of happiness is real, are you ready to pay the price, to unveil the mystery, to track the treasure, kick the stones and make your way out to the light?…follow me, it is not so far… will tell you what all is about; step by step I hope to guide you to a more pleasant life; just read and meditate about these golden rules I am pointing you out: Please get out of the shell, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop longing for what you do not have. Forget about the past, either good or bad. Stop thinking about the days yet to come; stay right here right now. Do not lock up yourself at home, watching the hours running away from the clock. Stand up and live, this time it is worthy to strive to the most. Start enjoying the things that are in your hands. May be the precious happiness you still cannot find, but for sure you will… live an easier life.

Take my hand let’s think together, dream like a child do not be shy…I have a bicycle I do not have a car, I will go for a ride in the park. I have no money, but I do have someone who can lend me a few bucks. May be I have no beauty, but I do have a bright mind. I have no family, but I do have many kind friends, who can give me a good advice. May be you are lacking of many things…even health, but you do have a life. You always have something, just watch the positive side. Suddenly some keywords came across my mind: faith, patience, wisdom, deep-thinking, self-confidence and never give up. You don’t need to be beautiful, rich or a genius; you don’t even need much health, friends, family or even love, to be happy. Happiness is inside of you and you can feel it anytime. The key of happiness is in your heart, and it’s not a fairy tale, or magic or a piece of fine art. You can get it easily, no need to be very smart.

Source by Patricia Schiavone

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