Telepathy and Telepathic Psychics


A telepath is a psychic who possesses the ability to sense the thoughts of others and know what someone else is thinking. This kind of psychic ability is similar to empathy, which is when a psychic is able to sense what someone else is feeling. Telepathy focuses on the inner thoughts of the mind, while empathy focuses on the instinctual “gut” feelings of the body. Telepathy is usually discovered at an early age, usually during childhood.

Telepathy works such that it is always easier to sense the thoughts of those who are closest to you physically. In other words, the nearer somebody is, the clearer their thoughts will be. On the other hand, if someone is farther away, it will take a greater effort to reach them telepathically. The same is true with emotional distance. If a psychic is spiritually or emotionally close to someone, it will require less effort to sense their thoughts, even if they are physically a great distance away.

Telepathy is a unique psychic ability because a telepathic interaction can have a sender, and a receiver. This is rare, and is unlike most other psychic abilities. For a telepathic interaction of this kind, both individuals must be able to communicate telepathicly. The sender will focus their mind on the thoughts they wish to send and will then direct this energy to the psychic receiving the telepathic communication.

To be able to do this successfully, telepathic psychics practice exercises such as alpha-state breathing, lucid meditation, and deep concentration exercises.

Alpha-state breathing is an exercise where the psychic practices slow, controlled breathing for extended periods of time. This is done in order for the mind to enter it’s alpha state, in which the mind is focused, alert, and open. When a psychic uses telepathy, they should be in this state of mind.

Lucid meditation is actually a common yoga practice. It involves relaxed, passive meditation during which the individual is fully awake and fully aware. During lucid meditation, a psychic will allow their mind to wander freely, focusing and contemplating at will. Lucid meditation lets a psychic’s mind to explore the channels of energy immediately surrounding it.

Lastly, a telepathic psychic will practice concentration exercises. This is done to help telepathic communication, as strong concentration is required to direct one’s thoughts to another person. To practice concentration, a psychic will choose something to direct energy at, such as a candle flame, and practice sending energy to that point.

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