Sprout a New Attitude in the Face of the Hardship


Without a doubt, things have changed in the United States even for those of us that thought we were employed in virtually untouchable career fields. The unemployment rate as of May 2011 nationally was at 9.1% per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even though there have been steady but slight decreases in the unemployment rate, it has not been significant enough to notice a dramatic upswing in new jobs being attained and or the housing crisis improving.

Yet there have been some positives in the midst of the storm, there have been more home-based small businesses sprouting up. Asides from the convenience and lessened overhead of having a home-based business therein lies the question of; Why? I have a theory. From the ashes of despair there comes the opportunity for people who already may be in a bad way financially to throw caution to the wind and exercise their many varied talents to earn income. While in a better economy this might seem as a spontaneous and detrimental thing to do in normal circumstances, these are different times.

To clarify, while it’s definitely devastating to lose ones home, job and financial standing, there are many people who are able to change their mind about their situation by thinking positively about how this too can become a blessing in disguise. I know numerous people who have established blogs, written articles, self published their books and or became consultants to assist others in achieving these tasks. Not to mention I’ve seen more people getting into green business ventures whether it be the solar industry or sustainable gardening.

When inquiring as to why someone may have decided to get into a new career or focus of work, the resounding response that I hear the most is, “Well, I have always wanted to do it, so why not, what else have I got to lose?” And surprisingly they are finding slow but steady success while doing it. Of course not everyone is going to become a NY Times bestselling author although even that’s within reach if you so choose to set your sights on that as a goal.

I am talking about merely having the courage and faith to put forth the effort to do that which you normally wouldn’t have while you were still sitting comfortably in that corporate high paying job you may have once held. In doing so, people have started to get to know each other better, traded services in lieu of payment projects and simply volunteered on some occasions in hopes it would have a return at a later time.

So the lesson is to enjoy the slow down while and if you can. The stress over a particular situation doesn’t necessarily change the situation and it only further helps to create more angst for you.

Instead focus on the positive if only for one minute, hour or day at a time. Start with something small, like having a meal and being thankful for it and for what it provides you. Once you’ve done something small, build on it and be thankful for that new thing, and so on until you find yourself starting to analyze how you can more positively change your life and outcome for the better, even in the face of unyielding adversity.

Source by Michelle Lee Dixon

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