Spider – PHP Website Crawler



This PHP script allows you to search for files in ANY website. All you have to do is specify what website you want to search, the kind of files you are looking for then click Crawl to watch spider handle the rest.

It comes packed with more than 150 file types pre-installed and multiple ways to view results, Spider is the tool at heart for people building crawlers and web scrappers.


  • Over 150 file tpyes included
  • Accepts custom file types
  • Crawler Depth Managemment
  • Preview and export HTML
  • Saves results on server
  • Crawling Time Limits
  • Exports to SQL File
  • Bootstrap 3.0 Ready
  • Responsive Design
  • Excel CSV Ready
  • Eports to JSON
  • Much more…


29/08/2013 v1.0 – Updated Documentaion. Improved code comments. Fixed php errors and warnings.
30/08/2013 v1.0 – Updated to support PHP 5.3.
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