Proof of the Amazing Power of Your Mind


Your mind is powerful. Probably a statement you have heard many times. No doubt it is a statement with which you agree. But have you stopped to think about what this might mean in practical terms?

I went to a seminar recently and when I sat down there on the table in front of me (and every other attendee) was a piece of string with a metal washer attached. I was curious as to what it was for. Turns out it was the material for an object lesson, and it taught me something I will never forget.

We were asked to rest our elbows on the table and hold the piece of string with the washer hanging down so that it was several centimetres above the surface of the table. Keeping our hands and arms still we were told to think about the washer swinging from side to side, left to right. To my amazement my washer began to move in response to my thoughts. I quickly had a look at my hand to make sure it was not moving. My hand and arm remained perfectly still.

The washer continued to obey my thoughts as I stopped it, made it swing side to side in the opposite direction (from right to left), then towards and away from me, stopped it again, and made it swing in a circle clockwise, and then finally anti-clockwise. I was amazed. This really blew me away. I had no idea of the immediate physical response my thoughts could manifest. Every other person in the room was also able to make their washer obey their thoughts. Get a washer and a piece of string and have a go yourself – it’s really cool.

It seems that when we think our brain cells vibrate and send off electromagnetic waves. By concentrating on our thoughts we can increase the vibration of the brain cells and thereby increase the strength of the electromagnetic waves sent out. Hence I could make my washer swing in wider and wider circles just by thinking about it.

This is why it is SO important what we think about. Negative thoughts will bring negative emotions and we will start to attract what we don’t want into our lives. I was aware of the importance of thinking positive thoughts and even aware that my thoughts (positive or negative) have a physical consequence in terms of my health and wellness. But prior to doing the exercise with the washer and the string I had not appreciated the direct physical effect of my thoughts on the world around me.

Remember that it works both ways. Positive thoughts send out positive energy and attract the things that I want in my life: health, abundance, peace, love, prosperity.

I assert that “success is a choice” and the basis for this is largely the fact that I can choose what I focus on, thereby choosing my results. The little object lesson with the string and washer brought home to me just how true this is by demonstrating the very direct and powerful effect of our thoughts.

What about you? Will you choose success?

Source by Suzi Morris

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