Musi Tour: A Waterway Tourist Attraction In Palembang


To those of you who are not familiar with waterway transportation, a Musi Tour is possibly the most exciting tourist attraction in Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Musi River is one of the major rivers in Indonesia and the longest river in the Island of Sumatra. It divides Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra Province, into the Upper (Ulu) Area and Lower (Ilir) Area of Palembang. On this river stretches one of the longest bridges in Indonesia, Ampera Bridge, which connects the Upper Area and the Lower Area of Palembang.

There are several ways of exploring Musi River from the upper to the lower part of the river. If you want to do it individually, you can take a speedboat or an ordinary boat called jukung. But if you want to do it in a group of more than 40 people you had better hire a ship called KMP. Putri Kembang Dadar. You may need to book the ship in advance during holiday season. A package costing around US $750 to $1,000 includes insurance, tour guide, live music + singer, mini bar, mini podium, and fully air-conditioned deck. The Musi Tour on KMP. Putri Kembang Dadar is a 4 hour-tour starting at the harbor near Kuto Besak Fort (KBF) or more popularly called Benteng Kuto Besak (BKB) by local people.

What can you see during the tour? The tour offers a sightseeing of the life a long both sides of Musi River banks and the transportation on Musi River itself. You can see how local people make use of Musi River not only as their source of drinking water, as most citizens of Palembang do, but also how they use the river as their source of income to support their lives. The most conspicuous destinations of the tour, among others, are Home on the Raft (Rumah Rakit), Fertilizer Plant of PT. Pusri, Oil Refinery Plant of Pertamina, Bagus Kuning Area, Lawang Kidul Mosque (Mesjid Lawang Kidul), Ki Merogan Mosque (Mesjid Ki Merogan), Kuto Besak Fort (Benteng Kuto Besak), and Kemaro Island (Pulau Kemaro) with its legendary love story.

The taste of Palembang and South Sumatra Province can be intensified by the serving of traditional foods, Empek-empek of Palembang and popular local fruit of the South Sumatra Province, namely sweet Duku fruit. Along the trip on Musi River, you are accompanied by small home band consisting of an organ ready to entertain you with its home singer. And if you are fond of singing, the organ player is ready to play the music for you. If you want to sing but you do not really memorize the song that you like, do not worry, they provide several songbooks for you to choose your favorite songs from. The 4-hour tour will quickly run without your realizing that you have spent another 4 hours of your life.

Source by Majelis Abu Hamid

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