Law of Attraction Coach Debunks The Law of Attraction As Simply Wishful Thinking


You’re not going to get far in life without focus. If you are happy with what you have, then you don’t need to worry about focusing your energy on something worth having that you truly want. If you aren’t content, then you want something; if you want something, you’ll need to iron out the kinks in your vibration and your thoughts on manifesting what you want.

The Law of Attraction is always functioning as intended, even if you don’t believe in it or know about it. The Law of Attraction manages energy. If you aren’t consciously making the attempt to change the frequency of the energy you’re putting out, your mind will simply revert to the same way of thinking that you were using before. The mind and the Universe share a certain attachment to consistency. You’re not going to find many signs of improvement if you think the only thing you have to do is mope and wish that what you want will come to you.

If you want to add momentum to an idea you want to have manifest, add positive emotion. Create a clear vision. Include as much of your imagination and enthusiasm that it’s already here. Now you’re giving the Universe direct, clear and amplified information to replicate. You should also note that this is a practice, not a one-time order. Engage your mind and senses daily – the more often, the better. A lot of people find it difficult to fully understand the nuances of the Law of Attraction simply because it is such a personal experience.

“Well, that sounds like work.”

Thinking about this as work will conjure up your thoughts about how you feel about working, your job, career, then maybe family, maybe your inadequacies in those areas. You can continue with the same old unconscious thought patterns you have and continue with the status quo. You always have the opportunity to stop and remember how you want to live your life… and then do it. Remember, free will indicates that only you can think your thoughts and feel your feelings. So the choice is yours. Do you want to play life on a bigger playing field? You are always in control.

The conclusion I’ve come to with many of the people I’ve worked with is that personal responsibility leads to absolute freedom of choice. It’s fun to have ideas and bring them to fruition. That’s what being a deliberate creator is all about. We keep adding more and more to the unlimited and boundless universal mix. Give it a try. It takes some practice at first, but it’s very gratifying and it’s easier than you think.

Source by Nanette Geiger

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