Attitude Matters a Lot More Than Appearance


In our daily life, we usually face different kind of people. Few of them, we remember because of their attitude not their appearance. Although appearance matters a lot but it exists for a little bit and right attitude accelerate for eternity. In every stratum, it may be in your job, in your business, or in your professional life, attitude makes a great impression.

I remembered one of my school teachers, my history teacher. His teaching process was different. He did not even open the book, instead of that, he used to tell the story, historical story which was not in my syllabus, but you need to know to get into it, to realize the meaning of your reading. And amazingly, I remembered them all.

I did not forget his attitude, the way he taught me. I was impressed a lot. When I selected history as my main subject and later I was a history teacher in my professional life, I followed the same way as my teacher taught me. I forgot his face and even I forgot how he was but I did not forget his attitude.

Attitude matters a lot. It does not matter what type of job or which kind of work you are doing. If you generate the right attitude, you can have a better world not for you but for those who are following you.

I had the opportunity to meet a pediatrician for my child who was looking like an average people we use to meet in our daily life and nothing much impressive. But as a pediatrician he was remarkable. Every time I met this gentleman for my child, I surprised to see his kindness, his tolerance. It looked as if I was in front of my Almighty and He solved them all. Whenever I needed his helping hand, I got instantly and without any complain or any excuses. I remembered him not for his appearance but for his attitude.

Attitude could be build up by practice if you really really want to change your world.

Few steps have been discussed here under:

1. Positive mindset:

You need to be positive in your life. Everything, every moment you confronted, take positively. It teaches a lot. This is not an easy task. Actually we are very much familiar with negative attitude. From our childhood to our professional life we are accustomed with some words like “don’t do that, don’t do this, don’t go there, you can’t do this or that or similar to this. We grow up with these negative auras. And unquestionably it affects our attitude also.

2. Need to be engaged with some Social Work:

You need to be attached with some social work. The attitude ‘you expect nothing’ could help you to do anything liberally and your attitude is like that you can do anything without any helping hand. It molds your attitude a lot. Many deprived people are there in our surroundings who suffered a lot. They need our help. We often fight for some pointless, for some valueless matters in life. In return we lost many valuables like peace, time and mental calmness and not last but the least our earnest relationship.

3. Try to find out the qualities in you and the way out of its execution:

If we are in trouble we often looking for the flaws we have rather than our qualities we have. It makes us dependent all the time. We never ever boost our self esteem. Always find out the qualities you have, work on it and try to find out the ways to implement it. In this way you can handle situation.

4. Solution or problem is not your intention to look, your only goal is to reach the destination for which you are working for:

We often set our mind to solve the problem and gradually we are in trap in between ‘solution’ and ‘problem’. First of all we need to clear it that, our motto is not to solve the problem rather to reach the destination.

This is our life and we have every right to live life as we want. And it would be possible if and only if we have positive attitude.

Source by Koushik Banerjee

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