Pursuit of Happiness, It’s an "Inside Job"


When it comes to life, we all want and embrace happiness whenever we get it. Many people are seeking happiness from all sorts of things and places. Happiness by its very nature is based on circumstances, whilst joy is not dependent on circumstances. Joy is internal and can’t be touched by the outside. This is why many people in seemingly worse circumstances can be full of joy whilst those in seemingly better circumstances are miserable.

Joy springs forth from within. Its an ‘inside job’, the movies tell us. That phrase is applicable to many things. We have seen a global shift over the last few years and we shall continue to see it. Its a shift for people to stop dwelling on the external things so much, but turn inward. Meditation is now a key element across all religious platforms and its definitions varying from one spiritual belief to the next. To some meditation implies sitting down and closing their eyes and focussing on an image of their choice etc to taking a passage of scripture and pondering on it. Either way, all these things foster the idea that after all, what we are seeking for is not found in the hustle and bustle of life but on an inside place.

One key I have found in the steps of living a life of joy and finding happiness is knowing oneself. Finding who you really are from the core. Step further being to identify your purpose, this is often easier said than done, but its doable. In many cases its a journey of self discovery. Turning the tables from figuring other people out to figuring yourself out.When one lands in a place of purpose, its a spring of life, a person comes alive.

If you take a fish out of the fish tank or from the body of water, it becomes life less. A fish was born for water. its fins, its tail, everything about the fish screams “I BELONG IN WATER”. When you do throw the fish in water, oh my goodness, it springs alive. Its ability to be a genius emerges, this is because it has found or has been connected to its turf. There is a turf that has your DNA, it knows your voice. The issue is never that you don’t have a calling, but the real deal is will you answer.

So when it comes to the pursuit of happiness. The journey starts from the inside, identity and purpose. Joy versus external circumstances. Be empowered, and always remember you have an UNCOMMON DESTINY!!


Source by Wisdom V Mupudzi

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