Goal Setting – 7 Advantages Having Someone to Be Accountable To!


When we set goals generally our enthusiasm, motivation and energy to achieve our goals is strong but all too quickly distractions can take over and our goal tends to come off second-best. It’s important to find ways to keep our motivation and enthusiasm strong… one of the best ways is to have someone to be accountable to in terms of our goal.

Here are 7 advantages of having someone to be accountable to:

Keep on track — when distractions, obstacles and problems come your way knowing you will be reporting to someone what you have achieved keeps you on track. Most people prefer reporting they have accomplished certain tasks rather than reporting on all the distractions which have prevented them from doing what they said they would do. You are less inclined to allow distractions to take over when you will be reporting your progress to someone.

Focus — knowing you will be reporting to someone about your actions in terms of your goals, focuses your attention even for a little while to take action towards achieving your goal. Small accomplishments move you in the right direction towards achieving your goal

Actions are more deliberate — thinking about and planning what you are going to accomplish in the next week or so helps you to focus on what actions you need to take to accomplish what you have committed yourself to accomplish. You are more likely to find the most effective ways to accomplish your tasks

Get support — we all need support and having someone to be accountable to provides you with this support. This is important whether you successfully accomplish your tasks or not. Knowing you have got someone who cares about your progress is essential particularly when difficulties and obstacles arise

A different perspective — being accountable to someone has the potential to expand your possibilities to achieve your goal by providing different ideas, thoughts, ways of doing things from another person

Feedback — we all respond to feedback, whether from ourselves or from others. Feedback lets us know how we are going, what we need to work on, what we need to change, what we are doing that’s moving us towards achieving our goal

Talking or writing our plan to someone is beneficial — personal development experts agree writing out your goals is an essential part of achieving them. So too is talking your plans and progress through with someone else.

Take a look at your goals… and ask yourself if you could benefit from having someone to be accountable to.

Source by Jeanne May

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