Dynamic Blog with Jquery Ajax and PHP



Dynamic Blog with Jquery Ajax and PHP:

It is difficult to get a Single-page Application in PHP. By using this script you can feel like Angular application and Dynamic interaction with the database. This blog is developed in Jquery Ajax and PHP service calls to add and list the blog posts. By using this application we can create a blog and view blog posts without page refresh.

Everything run in single page by using advanced template loading approach.




Admin Login
username : admin@admin.com
password : admin

User Login
username : user@user.com
password : user



  • Admin Login
  • User Login
  • New user registration
  • Admin comment review system
  • Post comments
  • User comments
  • Dynamic blog posts listing
  • Ajax search for posts
  • Dynamic single post page without page refresh
  • Load more button for lazy loading


  • Ajax-based
  • JSON parsing
  • PHP API / Service calls to load data
  • JQuery Functions to play with DIVs
  • Ajax image upload using Jquery and PHP

Last update : 3-3-2020

Added User Login <br />Added AdminLogin
Added User Registration
Added Blog post comment system
Added Admin comment Review system


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