The Possibilities of Our Minds


If there was ever a time when the strengths of our minds are needed, it is today. Our minds have the power to accept the unattainable or encourage our possibilities. Possibility, is a gift that we give to each other, and to ourselves. Some people believe in possibility, while others believe in luck. I believe that we should give possibility the luck it needs to grow in our lives. Do not mistake what I am saying to you as a belief that luck controls possibility. You control possibility.

Possibility, is a vehicle that is sometimes encouraged by luck, but controlled by those thoughts that park in your mind.

To most people, safety is the largest parking lot of our minds. Very similar to the parking lots of our communities, our minds vary in their tenants. But there is one important difference, which is dissimilar to the standardized costs in the entry to the parking lots of our communities. The parking lots of our minds have costs that vary.

Often these costs are immeasurable in their effect and contribution to our lives. Though we may often believe that we are in full understanding and control of the effect and contribution of those thoughts that we park in our minds. I offer you a question, “How do you truly understand the effect and contribution of a mind that has the power to change its thoughts and acceptances instantly? While at the same time, being encouraged by the circumstances and actions of our lives”.

The answer is very simple, You Do Not!

It is an act of unfortunate thinking for you to even attempt to measure the effect and contribution of your thoughts. In its measurement you are imposing limitation on your minds development and opportunity in possibility.

I am sure that we can all agree that the minds development is a crucial factor in providing the maintenance of the parking lots of our minds.

Source by Russell Mosley

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