NLP, Mind Control, and the Arrogance and Downfall of Power


The internet is full of thousands of so-called gurus peddling courses designed to teach people how to use hypnosis, NLP, and other mind-control techniques for personal gain. And while these techniques certainly can be effective on those who are unaware of their power, the real harm is actually being done to the person who uses them.

The universe operates according to fixed laws. One of these laws is that true success, and true happiness can only come when we cease making selfish demands of life. It is true that a person can achieve high levels of material success while being selfish, and yes it is also true that psychological mind control can be quite effective for achieving material success as well. However, another fixed law of the universe is cause and effect. If you deliberately seek to control the minds of others to fulfill your selfish desires, there will be an eventual day of reckoning, as the negative intentions you are radiating into the universe attract negative right back to you. You will effect in your life the selfishness and deceit you cause towards others. It may not happen right away but rest assured it will happen.

Mind control, NLP, and hypnosis are new terms for what people used to call black magic. They are disguised as psychological methods, and are given the authority of being scientific, but they are basically the same, and their goal is the same as the ancient techniques of black magicians. They should be avoided at all costs. They all operate on the negative pole, and any perceived good they bring is very quickly replaced by even deeper and more perplexing problems. No good can come from using these techniques.

True success only comes when we align ourselves with the law of love. Love represents the positive pole of life, and by aligning or cooperating with this law, we radiate and bring to ourselves all the good the universe has to offer. But in order to cooperate with the law of love, we must train our minds to think of only the highest life has to offer, and to reject and deny the negative, selfish, and sensual desires of out hearts. Until we do, we may achieve great material success, but our lives will never be truly successful, and truly happy. For example, no one can deny that Charlie Sheen is a talented actor who has achieved great material and career success.

However, no one can also deny that the life he is leading will eventually destroy him if it continues in the direction it is heading. Another example of this truth is the fact that the so-called budget problems we are experiencing in this country could be quickly resolved if we ceased spending over 1 trillion dollars a year on fighting wars in Asia and the Middle East, which are designed to enrich the few at the expense of the many. The uprisings in the Middle East, and the brewing worker unrest in America and Europe, are all signs that the selfish materialism that characterizes our age is creating the seeds of its own destruction.

It is impossible to overstate this fact: unless we align with the law of love, the universe will continue to send negative lessons of increasing severity until we either change or are broken completely. Charlie Sheen likes to imagine he is different, that what has happened to others will not happen to him. Mind control gurus believe that they are protected from the consequences of their dark art because it is not illegal, although it should be. And corporations and governments believe they can bully and deceive the people into accepting things that are not in their best interests. There is an ancient saying that states that whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make blind. Perhaps we can all take this saying to heart before it is too late?

Source by David G Wilcox

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