Goal Setting is Arguably the Fastest Way to Achieve Business Success


In December many people prepare and write their wish list to Santa. Amazingly there are many similarities to this, and the process of effective Goal setting for your business. You see, with Santa you write out what goodies you want him to deliver down your chimney on Christmas Eve. Well, the great news is that the process of goal setting is exactly the same. However, one main difference is that you don’t just get your presents on Christmas morning. There are also some techniques that will increase you chances of getting them. Writing your goals is probably the most important factor in the whole process. In fact Brian Tracey states that “committing your goals to paper increases the likely hood of achieving them by 1000%”.

The first step of the process is to get a pen and some paper. Get your creative juices flowing and quickly brainstorm a list of 50 goals. This list should include things you want in the next 12 months but others may be more long term goals. A word of warning here, be careful what you wish for as there is a good probability that you will get it. Albert Einstein stated that “your imagination is your preview of your lifes future attractions” How cool is that, just by spending some time thinking, planning and deciding what you want increases the chances of it becoming reality. What would you wish for if you knew you could have it all? Nevertheless, the sad reality is that most people spend more time planning their vacations than their life.

For many people the process of designing a life is new and not a natural habit. Therefore, group your goals into specific categories, this should help the creative flow. Jim Rohn suggests focusing on three things. Things you want to have, things you want to do and the type of person you wish to become. Another way to help you write the list is list goals that are Spiritual, Financial and Health related. Once complete, go through the whole list and ask yourself why you want to achieve that goal. Why is very important because the bigger this is the easier it will be to stay focused. Next take each goal and apply the following SMARTprocess. Smart refers to specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time.

Make each goal very specific. For example don’t just say “I want to earn more money”. Instead specify in the present tense exactly how much money you wish to earn. For example “I now earn $50K per month”.

Measurable relates to knowing exactly when the goal has been achieved successfully. Such a goal would be “You want to generate 30 new prospects every day” As opposed to “You want more prospects”

An Achievable goal should cause you to stretch sightly but you should feel beyond doubt that you can attain it. An achievable goal may be to send out 30 friend requests on Facebook every day. Whereas an unrealistic one may be to have a million friends in two hours but as things stand right now you only have 2.

Realistic means that you must be able to devise a plan of action to get there. Maybe you will need to learn new skills along the way. For example you may be an Internet ‘newbie’ and you’ll need to earn all about web 2.0 and how to use it in order to generate your 30 new prospects that you want every day.

A well formed goal should have a Time for completion. When that time arrives you will know whether or not you have been successful.

These steps will result in well formed goals. According to Brian Tracy the next, and most important step is to write them down. Be proud of your goals – don’t scribble them on an old scrap of paper. Rather buy a nice new journal or note book and write them in there. Always write them out in the present tense, as if they have already been achieved. Many people suggest that you refer to your goals first thing in the morning and last thing at night, just before bed. This gets your subconscious mind working for you 24 hours a day, spotting opportunities that can help you reach them.

You should also write the main ones out on focus cards and carry these with you at all times. Look at them and read them out to yourself whenever you get the chance through the day. A goal or dream board is another method of increasing momentum. Collect and stick up pictures of all the things you want. Most people hang the board somewhere at home where they will see it often, maybe in their home office.

Good luck with your lists and happy shopping.

All the best,

Grant Thomson

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