A is For Attitude of Simple Living


“Ability is what you are capable of doing, motivation determines what you do, and attitude determines how well you do it.” –Lou Holtz

Does the idea of simple living bring forth the vision of a monastic cell, a country home or a one-room cabin on Walden Pond? Do you wonder how anyone could possibly think about simple living in the midst of trying to make ends meet? We all share in the hustle and bustle of daily living-earning money, spending money, inside chores, outside chores, time here and time there. So, you ask, “What is simple living?”

Janet Luhrs, author of “The Simple Living Guide,” informs us that simple living is about attitude – attitude towards money, time, energy, possessions, family, friends and a whole lot more.

Simple living is deciding what is important and what adds joy to your life. It is about letting go of non-essentials and those items that are just in the way. The attitude of simple living revitalizes you each day. Is this the year to change your attitude?

Here is a challenge for you. Decide what your core values are and begin to align your lifestyle accordingly. Deliberately choose how to spend your time, money and energy as you filter these needs through your values. Free yourself of debt. Let go of possessions that possess. Learn to say NO to unimportant things in order to have time to say YES to something better. Live mindfully!

The attitude of simple living is a choice. Each day it is your choice to add joy, fulfillment, passion, and love to your very existence while eliminating those things that drain time, money and energy. Ask yourself these questions:

– How complex have I allowed my life to become and is it worth the price I am paying?

– Do family and friends take a back seat while I spend time, money and energy trying to elevate my social status?

– Do I seek instant gratification which has the potential to increase credit card debt?

– Is my schedule a constant hassle, pulling me here and there without satisfaction or accomplishments?

– Am I always apologizing for my forgetfulness or failing to keep my word?

– Am I constantly searching for something to wear while clothes spill out of the closet?

– Are my closets, attic, basement and garage crowded with gadgets that were once important but no longer hold my interest?

– Have I fallen prey to renting a storage unit to handle my overflow of possessions?

– Is “getting organized” a New Year’s resolution year after year?

Stop for a moment and look around. What things have you chosen in the past that are no longer pertinent today? Is it time to eliminate them from your life? Strive to keep life simple by establishing a new protocol. Change your attitude. Focus on core values and choices will be easier.

The attitude of simple living comes from consciously making wise choices. As Henry David Thoreau once said, “Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” Once you wake up and align your attitude with your values, you will find a new sense of control. Attitude is everything!

Source by Judith Kirk

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