Time Management – Apply The 80-20 Rule


Everybody knows that 80/20 rule can help you to improve your time management. So, what is 80/20 rule? An Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto had found an unequal distribution of wealth that 20% of man own 80% of the money. This principle can be applied to other industries. This principle is also called “vital few and trivial many.” 20% of something is always responsible for 80% of the results.

So, what does this mean to you? And what is the 80 20 rule in time management? Consider this way: 20% of your work may cost 80% of your time. It looks like a lot waste energy, all right? Meanwhile, we can consider at another angel, which is 20% of the tasks you do can result in 80 % of the result. Bingo, this is the 20 80 rule in time management! So, to use your time effective, you must focus on the 20% of the tasks which can result in 80% of the result.

By this way, you can get more effective work result by focus on those 20% work there. Once you’ve find out the task belong to 20% which bring you high benefit, you must concentrate on them. And, here the question is coming. How to determine what kinds of task will belong to 20%? Here is some question you should ask you yourself: do you usually working on urgent tasks? Do you cost a lot of time to work for other people, and those people have no priority for you? Tasks take too much time than you expect? Are you complaining during the most time of your work? Is the tasks you are doing is not what you are good at? And it takes too much of time? Well, if the answer above is yes. It can determine that you are doing tasks within 80% and they can only result in 20% effectiveness. You have to do a reveres here:

The task you are implementing is really what you want to do? The activities you are doing now will lead you to your goals? Do you feel happy during your working? If here is some task you have to do, but you are not good at it, do you delivery those tasks to other people? Is it highly relatively to your long-term goal that if the task you are doing is not what you like? Ok. If your answer is positive, well, your task is belonging to 20% and which will result in 80% result. Right now, you should make list to write down your entire task that you are going to do during next week. And divide them into two parts. One is 80% and another one is 20%. Here now, all of your good working time should be cost on the 20%. By this way, you can achieve greater than before.

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