The Law of Attraction At The Push Of A Button?


You have most likely heard of the Law of Attraction and it’s use as the ultimate mind power technique. The law of attraction is simply that you get what you focus on and think about. Thoughts are a form of energy and like energy attracts like energy. All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration. You receive what you put your focus and energy on, whether it’s wanted or unwanted. Focus on happiness and it’s yours. Focus on preventing unhappiness and you get unhappiness.

Your thoughts are a magnet to attract what you are thinking about.

Everything draws to itself that which is like itself.

Your mind has difficulty telling the difference between something you think about and want and something you think about and do not want. The negative, or lack of something, is a “void” concept to the mind.

The mind does not like void concepts so it interprets the void into the opposite of what you want.

While the concept of the Law of Attraction is simple and straightforward the implementation of changing your thinking can be a challenge. The power of the mind is a difficult force to tame.

Focusing on a new positive life is more than just accepting that you want it. Reaching a state of meditation where you can visualize what you want can take years of practice. Would it not be great if there was an easy way to reach that stage in minutes rather than months?

Well there is.

The brain sends out electrical impulses fired by the neurons that can be measured as brainwaves. Different levels of activity are associated with different levels of brainwaves. Your brainwave pattern looks very different when you are deeply asleep compared to when you are just dozing off.

The major brainwave states are:

Delta 0.5Hz – 4Hz Deep sleep

Theta 4Hz – 8Hz Drowsiness

Alpha 8Hz – 14Hz Relaxed but alert

Beta 14Hz – 30Hz Highly alert and focused

The Alpha state is the one that is reached during meditation. How can you reach that stage more easily? Brainwave entrainment is what your brain does naturally. If your brain is subjected to external rhythms that are the same range as its natural rhythms the brain will eventually respond to the external rhythms and begin producing similar brainwaves. This response is called Frequency Following Response.

One way you can reach the Alpha state is by listening to tapes or CDs that follow the Alpha state rhythm. You are not tricking your brain. You are just using what it does naturally to reach a state where you can visualize what you want. You can now put the forces behind The Law of Attraction to work for you. This is surely the easiest method to harness true mind power.

Source by Hanif Khaki

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