Attitude Equals Altitude


This is one of those TOPICS I referred to in a past post Article. Attitude equals Altitude is a key TOPIC for your success when you first start out. You need to check your Attitude all the time in life, not just in Business. The meaning between Attitude equals Altitude is the more positive your Attitude the more Altitude you will have in life and business.

This saying is the key to Attraction Marketing. Depending on your Attitude depends on how many people you attract to you.

Ask yourself this – Do you know someone who is always negative? If so and I am sure you do know many, how many people do you see hanging around them?

Now lets take it one step further, have you ever ran into anyone with a poor attitude at any business?

Once again I am sure you have, I know I have ran across that a lot. So let me ask you “How did you deal with that person?” Some peoples Attitudes are so low that when you see them coming you try to do everything to avoid them the best way you can without making a scene. I am sure that has happened to you sometime or another in your life time!

So most likely if you are reading this either you are already involved in some kind of HOME BASE BUSINESS or you are actually active looking for a way to solve some of your life issues.

When it comes to business you can not run and avoid every person that does not have the best Attitude. Remember when you first meet people until you build a relationship with them you really do not know their past history.

Plug them into your training system and work on their SELF-ESTEEM. There are tons of self help books you can offer them to help them out.

Remember yourself that any type of Business is hard work. By taking on the Business of a people base business you will have to watch your Attitude all the time to make sure it equals your Altitude.

The neat and rewarding aspect of this is the reward to see a partner of yours take ACTION. Once they take action and do a Check up from the neck up their Attitude will equal their Altitude. That is a reward you will never forget and your Positive Attitude will be very infectious to your Organization.

Just remember this is a journey and you will have ups and downs. As long as you check your ATTITUDE to your ALTITUDE and keep it in check, people and things will start to attract to you.

Live life to the fullest and most of all have FUN!

written by mark wezyk


Source by Mark Wezyk

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