Some Medicinal Moments of a Spiritual Bliss


The only common thing in all human beings is that no one is born with a sin. We are born innocent and pure. Spirituality is something that takes you into a new paradigm of thinking. A Spiritual person is more concerned about others problems than their own. Some may find that their spiritual life is linked to their association with a temple, church, synagogue or a mosque. We as Muslims believe that we have a Creator in above heavens, who is watching and taking care of us always. In our perspective, Spirituality means that you spent your life for God’s Happiness. Allah Almighty has ordered us to help others in every possible way without expecting anything in return because HE Almighty rewards us in unimaginable ways. Spirituality is a broad term which can be seen from different perspectives. Soulful talks often lead to spiritual bliss. Compassion, strong sense of understanding and forgiveness are major factors in the nature of any spiritual individual. Spiritual experiences are mystical events of transformation. These moments reconcile you back to your actual purpose of existence. It is not just confined to mosques and temples, but connected to something beyond sacred places. Meditation is one of the ways to reach some levels of spirituality. Remaining close to nature like plants, birds and heavenly bodies are ways of reaching closer to spirituality. These spiritual individuals understand the fact that everything is temporary and most importantly, gratitude is their attitude.

Types of Spiritual behaviors:

There are two basic types of experiences, i.e. Permanent and Temporary

Permanent Spiritual Behavior:

There are some transformational moments in life when the person is changed completely. When the person’s whole concept of life gets imploded. These moments may include some sudden incidents like the death of any close one; manage to survive in disaster situations like the earth quake or water flood or loss of something very special to you. These moments remind us that nothing lasts forever. Some people are so moved by these incidents that they dedicate their remaining life to spirituality. They become alert, aware and awake to this deeper truth that nothing is going to last. They create their association with flow states of mind. They are always at peace. They neither think about their past nor future. They live in the present and they live for the present. They get connected to some deeper veracity of life.

Temporary Spiritual Behavior:

There are some experiences called temporary spiritual bliss. These moments temporary change your inner critic that results in temporary transformation of the thinking process. These moments do something to us, they are medicinal. As long as the impact of that experience disappears, the person goes back to normal routine. These experiences may include random visits to a mosque, temple or church, soulful talks, meditation, visit to any beautiful place.

Source by Aleeza Malik

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