Performance Appraisal Phrases About Working Attitude


To a company in which meeting and interacting with customers are frequent, working attitude becomes one of essential factors in evaluating the qualification of an employee. No matter how good an employee is, his poor attitude should be the reason to fire him.

The following phrases shall come in handy when you are trying to describe an employee’s attitude at work:

1. Appraisal Phrases on Positive Attitude

· Bob likes to encourage his colleagues at work and easily builds up a working environment of trust within his team

· Ken’s working attitude is valuable to his management skills. With such an asset, he can continuously strengthen the connection among his subordinates and resolve difficult situations with an amazing manner. Also, he always looks thing in the bright side.

· Working as a company now means working under a great pressure. It should be easy if someone cannot stand it and give up. But Tim isn’t, he is firm, determined and confident. His working attitude cannot be affected under any situation. He is so strong-minded that we all appreciate very much.

· Penny can deal with internal pressure excellently as well as maintain a right attitude toward external relationship.

· Bill is such as cheerful person that everyone feels good with him around.

· Julia usually focuses her attention to the positive side of most problems.

2. Appraisal Phrases on Negative Attitude

· Normally, Ken is a courteous worker; however, under great pressure, he fails to maintain his attitude and often recourses to words of speaking and high tone to work.

· Under working pressure, one should have two options: close their eyes to the problem or not. Unfortunately, Jack usually chooses the former option.

· Danny is a good manager; however, his frequent changing mood may be a bit difficult for us to keep up.

· Jennifer’s talent is very valuable to the company; nevertheless, her working attitude is somewhat required more check.

· Bill always looks frightening and this often makes the team spirit down.

· Generally to say, Ben is a friendly guy, not until his mood turns against us. He needs to control his temper and working attitude and learns not to react too strongly toward negative situations.

· Bill seems to usually be the bridge of conflicts among his coworkers.

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