Ancient Mind Technique Can Increase Your Intelligence and Self Awareness


One of the best ways to increase your intelligence, and your overall mental abilities is to employ what some call the “Drashta Effect.” This is a term and technique that comes from ancient Hindu tradition, but you don’t have to think of this as being tied to any particular religion.

Drashta is the Sanskrit word that means “seer.” What it refers to is the process of a person simply paying very careful attention to his or her own thoughts while they are thinking them.

In other words, frame the situation as if you have a kind of separate individual inside your head. This person is just sitting back, watching your mind play around, as if this observer or “seer” was watching your thoughts like a television show. Or think of your brain as the main stage where your thoughts are being played out, and your seer is sitting up in a balcony looking down at the show.

At first, many people will think: “But how is that possible? I am the one thinking my thoughts. I’m thinking them and immersed in them! How can I sit back and watch my own thoughts?”

All I can say is: Give it a try. Just take a few minutes right now, or after you get done reading this article to see if you can “watch” your own thoughts. I think you will find the experiment interesting. Some people may find it necessary to sit quietly in a chair or lie down. But others will soon discover that they can enable a kind of “inner observer” that will eavesdrop on everything they are thinking no matter what they are doing, even driving a car.

This inner observer should not be critical or making comments or forming opinions — just watching!

The fact is, everyone already as an “inner I” or “inner me”– another, sort of higher or separate self that is always watching. Most of us just don’t know. Notice how when a person gets very drunk, they can still think: “Holy cow! I’m really drunk right now!”

If you think about it, that “inner I” or “inner self” or “inner me” must still be sober, even while you are drunk! After all, how could it be thinking and making the sober observation: “Hey, I’m drunk!”

So how does the Drashta Effect increase intelligence? It does so by providing immediate feedback on your own thought processes. When you can observe your own thinking, you will quickly start to notice flaws, or ways that you are thinking poorly or sloppily. The more you observe your own thoughts, the more orderly they become — not in an uptight or anal way, but in a way that just makes you feel more clear and focused.

So try the Drahsta Effect. You have nothing to lose, and you may gain a stronger, clearer sense of self awareness.

Source by Ken Korczak

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