3 Stages of Complacency


“We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all those which we have at present.” Thomas Edison said that. When we start to live our lives in a satisfied state we basically come to a stop. Here are the three stages of complacency that you want to avoid.

No Goal. Not having a goal leads to a whole host of problems. Some of which are lack of direction, boredom and irritability. We start to wander from one activity to the next desiring to be satisfied. But when we have no goal we end up disappointed. Everything seems like a complete waste of time.

No change in personal growth. When you are not growing you are in effect dying. If you are not actively seeking out positive messages and taking them in then you are by default receiving negative. The evening news gives you a big dose of negativity every day. You must combat the gloom and doom by going to work on improving yourself. Otherwise you will be washed down the sea of mediocrity. Personal growth should be an ongoing process. The more you grow the more you help yourself and everyone around you. This increases your happiness and fulfillment.

A general feeling of self-satisfaction. You can look around at your friends and associates and say, “I’m not doing so bad.” But it is not wise to compare yourself to others. We are meant to be all that we can be. I t makes us happy to strive to live up to our true potential. When you are summing up your accomplishments measure them against your own personal best not someone else’s achievements. If we strive every day to become better than we were the day before then we can truly rest each night with a feeling of satisfaction.

Source by Anthony D Carter

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