Time Management Strategies That Guarantee Success


We need to adopt a set of rules in our lives that will create an environment which will enable us make more money and achieve more in less length of time, with less stress. The difference between a rich man and a poor man is how they use their time daily. Every man gets 24 hours daily and also gets the freedom to choose how he utilises the 24 hours.

Good time and life management is a habit that can be learnt and so many successful people freely share their time management strategies that have brought them stupendous wealth. Below are some tips I have learnt along in life; I hope they are useful to you. Please regard them as ‘life-support’ rules.

Rule No. 1: Schedule time to answer phone calls or respond to emails

Answering every phone call or email disturbs your work and flow, and doubles the length of time to get stuff done. Have a particular time of the day for communication and let those who contact you regularly, know such times. This is the only way you can be quite productive during your working hours, achieve your business goals and have quality time to spend with your family and friends.

Rule NO. 2: Do not receive visitors without prior appointment

Value yourself, you are very important! What important person can afford to drop everything in order to receive unexpected visitors? If you are serious about accomplishing your what you have set out in your business plan, then you have to set your time management rules. Remember, if you don’t plan, others will plan you (yes, they will not only plan for you, they will plan you); so block your time and lock the door against intrusion.

Rule No. 3: Do not start what you can’t finish

You cannot keep giving people quick and easy access to you otherwise your business will not grow as it is supposed to. If you are just starting out, you might want to respond personally to emails and phone calls immediately, but it is not a precedent you should set.

Rule No. 4: Automate Your Day

At the end of every working day, you should list out what you will be doing the next day. You may have a template into which you can insert specific tasks; but you may also want to start simple and just write things down that you want to do the following day. Write them as they come to mind; you can rearrange them later, according to priority. You will discover that those tasks can get done as if on automation. I share example of what your scripting may look like

5.00 a.m. Morning Prayers/Bible Reading

6.00 a.m. Exercise/Fitness

6.30 a.m. Reading

8.00 a.m. Shower/Get Ready

8.30 a.m. What is the most important but no urgent thing you have to do today? Write it here and continue to fill your working day with reasonable time allocated to each task.

Writing down your daily action plan is a simple, easy but powerful exercise that will make you more productive and get you closer to your dreams, faster.

There will always be people who will get offended and grumble because you won’t drop everything to attend to their needs and whining. Don’t bother; it is your life and your dreams that matter. Be in control!

Source by Olakitan Wellington

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