Time Management and Luck


Are you lucky? Do you look at people who achieve all that you would like to and exclaim that they must be lucky? Did you know that you can create your own luck?

Seneca, the Roman dramatist, philosopher and politician, stated, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” This statement, too, has no value unless you truly understand how to be prepared and how to identify and exploit opportunities.

Let me address this from the time management angle, my sphere of expertise. I have asked many people what time management means to them or what they understand when they hear the term “time management.” Many of them think of time management only as prioritizing tasks and being punctual. In my view, time management includes not only doing the right thing but also doing things right. Doing things right requires preparation, analysis, planning and execution. These elements will also help you exploit opportunities and create your own luck. Thus, people who manage time well will turn out to be very lucky!

We normally prepare for the task at hand and for certain contingencies. It takes a different kind of preparation to be ready for opportunities. Before I address this kind of preparation, I shall explain a few things about opportunities. While we may encounter possibilities constantly, only some of them are opportunities. What do I mean? You cannot take a swing at everything that comes your way. There are things that you would like to do, things you don’t mind doing, and things that you would not like to do. Some of the opportunities are not suitable for you, and you are not suitable for some others. Only a handful can pass through both filters. Opportunities are possibilities that are appropriate for you.

In order to be prepared for opportunities, make a list of possibilities that you would be interested and those that you could be persuaded to. Learn to recognize these possibilities and have a loose plan for handling them. When the possibilities come your way, evaluate whether you can exploit it as an opportunity and if you have the time to do so. If you can, put your plan into operation. If the possibility is not on your list, see if you are interested in it. If so, quickly put together a viable plan and put it into motion.

Be prepared. Identify opportunities. Create luck.

Source by Prakash Rao

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